The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and your Family” for July, 19, 2010

Does SB 1072 amendment serve the public in the best way?                                   

It’s not what’s in the best interest of the citizens in Monroe County, the 17th District, or the State of Michigan. Senator Richardville introduced Senate Bill 1072. Republican Senator Mike Bishop put together a “reform” proposal that would alter P.A. 312, reduce the healthcare benefits, lower the pay by 5% AND freeze it at that rate for 3 years. Bishop put together a panel of legislators including Senator Randy Richardville which he handed off his proposed amendment to review those initiatives. What benefit does this provide for Michigan’s citizens? Senator Richardville scraped Bishop’s amendment completely and wrote his own to the benefit of union institutional interest and to the detriment of the local municipalities and ultimately the taxpayers. On the Secretary of State’s campaign finance website,  these contributions show that this only serves to a very limited number of groups such as, The DEPUTY SHERIFF’S ASSOC. OF MI, TROOPERS PAC, DETROIT FIRE FIGHTERS PAC, and IBEW 526. Michigan politicians need to make sure that ALL Michigan tax payers benefit from their decisions, not just a select group that contributes to politicians campaign funds. Business Leaders of Michigan oppose this amendment and local government groups and business groups say this will actually extend binding arbitration to groups beyond police and fire.  “subscription required” After carefully considering these concerns, we believe them to be valid and we respectfully ask that the House not act on the bill. Senator Patterson’s amendment would have put some consideration for the taxpayers. As a voting citizen it is important to be aware of your elected officials voting record on issues that are important to you.  They are elected to be your voice, support, share, and carry out the ideals that are important to their constituents.  House Republicans were livid and saw the bill as a Senate Blunder in that, it gave House Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford Twp.) the ability to have his caucus pass the bill without amendment, meaning that it would go to Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s desk without the Senate Republicans having a chance to stop it. Does SB 1072 amendment serve the public in the best way?


Richardville votes in favor of  Internet Tax                                                                            In Favor 2009 Senate Bill 883 (Revise “Internet tax” system detail ). Passed in the Senate (31 to 6) on January 27, 2010, to revise details of the “Streamlined Sales Tax” project being pursued by Michigan and most states, which if allowed by Congress would create a centralized system for states to collect use or sales tax on out-of-state Internet or catalog purchases. The bill would exempt from the tax the “core charge” or recycling fee paid on vehicle batteries, and also similar fees on heavy earthmoving equipment batteries or parts.  This tax increase would be passed onto the consumer!        Richardville votes in favor of  Internet Tax

Richardville spends our tax dollars for Pure Michigan Advertising
In Favor 2009 Senate Bill 619 (Earmark certain use tax revenue to tourism industry promotion ). Passed in the Senate (37 to 1) on March 3, 2010, to authorize spending $9.5 million on tourism industry subsidies in the form of state ads paid for with use tax dollars. The money would otherwise go into the state general fund and be available for other state spending. Previous tourism subsidies have been paid for with long term borrowing, pledging future tobacco lawsuit revenue to repay the debt. [Vote Details and Comments]. This only satisfies the sweet tooth of the tourism industry. Their own study said that they shouldn’t do this themselves because it’s not cost effective! This is a total waste of taxpayer funds!                                                                                                           Richardville spends our tax dollars for Pure Michigan Advertising
Richardville votes to taxpayer money giveaway
This is just another form of the Federal cash for clunkers deal. That deal spent $300 billion to make $300 million! The states version is giving away $140 million to generate $50 million? How much longer can the citizens of Michigan put up with this type of representation? I think it’s time we handed our incumbent legislators their Pink Slips! Scroll down and read Senator Switalski’s statement.
Richardville votes to Transfer Borrowed Revenue to Cobo Hall Authority
More of our tax dollars funneled and transferred to a failed entity all on borrowed money to the tune of to $6.6 million! In Favor 2009 House Bill 5120 (Cobo Hall Regional Authority “re-do” ). Passed in the Senate (37 to 0) on November 12, 2009, to transfer $6.6 million in “convention facilities fund” money (which comes from past borrowing, and some hotel and liquor taxes) to the state general fund to cover other state spending in Fiscal Year 2008-2009.
Richardville votes to increase Tax Dollars for electric car subsidies
In Favor 2009 Senate Bill 857 (Increase electric car subsidies ). Passed in the Senate (31 to 3) on December 3, 2009, to expand from four to five the number of refundable, $100 million, capital investment Michigan Business Tax credit agreements that could be entered into with makers of plug-in traction battery packs used in electric cars, the first of which was authorized by a 2008 law. This bill would authorize an additional $100 million in subsidies. “Refundable” means that the state will send a manufacturer a check for the amount that the credit exceeds the firm’s tax liability. [Vote Details and Comments] See Subsidies for ‘Free’ Golf Carts the revelation by Fox News’ John Stossel.
Richardville in favor of more taxpayer subsidies for certain private Business
Why should the taxpaying public be on the hook to subsidize certain private business? Will the taxpayers share in the profits? We cannot and should not continue to pick winners and losers in the private business community at taxpayer expense! The state cannot continue to be the Bank for private industry! In Favor 2009 Senate Bill 777 (Authorize $100 million renewable power conversion manufacturer subsidy ). Passed in the Senate (33 to 2) on September 10, 2009, to give a four-year, $100 million subsidy to a joint venture of the “Xtreme Power” and “Clairvoyant Energy” corporations, which would make “large scale power systems designed to convert variable renewable power into firm dispatchable power” at the fomer Ford Wixom assembly plant. The subsidy is structured as a “refundable” tax credit, meaning the state will send the company a check for the amount that the credit exceeds its tax liability. [Vote Details and Comments]
Sen. Bruce Patterson proposes Taxing Bloggers, Journalist, Reporters
What’s with the our legislators especially Republicans in the Senate that advocate Bigger Government, fees, and taxation to the detriment of their constituents? Their voting records are now brought to the forefront whereas in the past the news media never even mentioned a Bill number as for the citizens to look up the information on how they were being represented. Unfortunately, he applies it to the wrong institution. Instead of imposing a 25 cent deposit on each newspaper, I propose a 25 cent tax on each word in any proposed Bill. And instead of registering journalist to make sure they have “good moral character,” I propose we apply those requirements to politicians. If passed, the income generated from the tax would easily balance the budget while the new registration requirement would drastically reduce our bloated full-time and overpaid legislature!
Kate Ebli from Monroe holds up reform Bill on Special Tax Perks for Filmmakers
Ebli is holding this reform of wasted taxpayer money up in the House. Ebli didn’t return a phone message left at her office or an e-mail. The proposed reform has spurred legislators to propose bills to make the film tax credits more transparent. The Michigan Film Producers film subsidy is a failure to the taxpayers of Michigan!
Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick indicted by feds on 19 mail fraud, tax counts
Just like it it’s not only a Washington problem in the political arena, It’s not just a Detroit problem with our elected officials! I’m sure with some digging they could find corruption in the same manner with most of our elected officials and lawmakers in Lansing as well.
Biden touts Recovery Act at Midland battery plant site
More propaganda from the Obama administration! What recovery? Government shouldn’t subsidize private industry gain either on the Federal or State levels by using taxpayer dollars in subsidies in which our own Senator Richardville voted in favor of this subsidy in Lansing! This looks like our good Senator is helping in the advancement of the Obama agenda!
NRA Betrays: Colludes with “Incumbent Politicians” on H.R. 5175
Once again, free speech and political liberty are under attack in Congress. In a move that has dire consequences for our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and for Campaign for Liberty’s ability to fight for our freedoms, incumbent politicians have colluded with a super-sized establishment lobbying group, the National Rifle Association, to push H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE ACT, or as we like to call it, the “Establishment Protection Act,” through the House of Representatives as soon as this week.
Michigan smoking ban snuffs out Local Business profits
When a local Monroe Farmer said to me I guess my property is mine until the government decides they want to do something with it, he hit the nail right on the head! That analogy rings true with the smoking ban on private property owners. It is not right for the government to dictate or mandate law on private business for something this is a legal product in their own private business.
4 in 10 in Michigan uninsured, on public plan
The impact of the state’s sour economy is clear in a new report: More than 3.8 million Michiganders — nearly 4 of 10 people who live here — were uninsured or covered by a public program.
Ron Paul endorses state Rep. Amash for US House
Texas U.S. Rep. and ex-presidential candidate Ron Paul has endorsed Michigan state Rep. Justin Amash in the Republican race for western Michigan’s 3rd U.S. House district.
CBO: Fannie and Freddie to cost taxpayers $389 billion
According to new findings by the CBO, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–the nanny state federal housing entities that needlessly destroyed the housing market and shouldn’t even exist under the Constitution–will now cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars more to cover their staggering, insurmountable losses. Some estimates now even go as high as $1 trillion.
Retail sales drop 1.2% in May
Retail sales plunged in May by the largest amount in eight months as consumers slashed spending on everything from cars to clothing. The big drop raises new worries about the durability of the economic recovery.
Housing Starts Drop to Five-Month Low in May
U.S. housing starts fell more than expected in May to their lowest level in five months, a government report showed on Wednesday, as a popular homebuyer tax credit that had buoyed construction activity over the past two months expired.
Obama mortgage aid plan loses growing number of borrowers
Drop may mean new wave of foreclosures, slower U.S. recovery. A growing number of homeowners who sought help from the Obama administration’s main mortgage aid program are in danger of losing their homes. The result could be a new wave of foreclosures that could weaken the housing market and hold back the economic recovery.
Al Gore Accused of Unwanted Sexual Contact
Is this the reason for the recent breakup of Al and Tipper? Authorities in Oregon have confirmed a tabloid report that former Vice President Al Gore was investigated four years ago after a masseuse accused him of “unwanted sexual contact” at a Portland hotel.
The Constitution is not a menu and cannot defend itself. As a set of rules and principles to govern the government it is all that stands between the People and total Tyranny and despotism.
Bob Schulz of “We the People”

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