The Bain Report: “Special Pre-Primary Edition” for Monday, August, 2, 2010

Republican Senators accepted donations from SEIU, MEA, (ACORN FAMILY) Unions
Kahn, Nofs and Richardville have each received political donations from the MEA in recent years. GOP Bill Authorizing State Money for SEIU Introduced Following Union Campaign Contribution [Mackinac Center] also see The MEA Money Tree [Mackinac Center] also see 2009 Senate Bill 731 (Authorize unionization of home personal assistance providers ) Michigan Votes also see Analysis: Government Employee Political Clout Obstructs Budget Reform [Mackinac Center] Also see  School Pension Reform Stalls in Senate [Mackinac Center] Also see  GOP Bill Authorizing State Money for SEIU Introduced Following Union Campaign Contribution [Mackinac Center] On Aug. 5, 2009, Sen. Jason Allen, R-Traverse City, introduced Senate Bill 731, which would give statutory cover to a scheme transferring approximately $6.6 million in taxpayer money annually to the SEIU government employee union, one of the parents of ACORN. Richardville onboard with this as a sponsor!
Composition of the Senate: Most Conservative and Most Liberal In 2009
As of November 2009, Republicans hold a majority with 23 seats, and Democrats hold 15 seats.  Sen. Randy RICHARDVILLE (R-Monroe) had the most liberal voting record finishing 21st out of 23 Republican Senators! Only Mike Nofs and Jim Barcia finished below him. “subscription required” If not subscribed to MIRS the Mackinac Center for Public Policy gives a great explanation in their article “The Lowdown”
Here We Go Again With Our Elected Officials in Lansing
This should shock no one. Lawmakers did nothing over their 14 day 4th of July recess to resolve the budget impasse. Didn’t they say some of the committees might meet? They did. Didn’t they say progress would be made? Right again. Did that happen? Nope. Our elected officials were to busy campaigning for re-election as to retain power, control, and to continue feeding at the public trough!
Richardville votes in favor of drivers license renewal for unpaid tickets
Senator Randy Richardville votes in favor of banning drivers license renewal over unpaid parking tickets. 2009 House Bill 4726 (Ban drivers license renewal if three unpaid parking tickets ) (Senate Roll Call 338). The majority of Republicans in the Senate voted against this Bill but not Richardville who voted in favor of it! with unpaid parking tickets would have to pay before the Secretary of State will renew a driver license. In addition to the tickets a person would have to pay a $45 “clearance fee.” This representative is all about fees, surcharges, mandates, and tax increases, SAY NO TO RICHARDVILLE IN 2010!
Leadership, Race in Senate in The Shadows – Opinion By R. Al Bain
While everyone realizes that no one wants to talk about leadership races in the House and Senate in the midst of an election year. Contenders will all tell you it’s the farthest thing from their thoughts. Oh really?
Sen. Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) is putting money into key races; which is always a pretty good sign that someone is serious about running for leadership. It’s not unusual for caucus members and would-be caucus members to tell more than one side that they’re “onboard.” Let’s take a look at some recent revelations in Senator Richardville’s desire for more power and money at the expense to the taxpayers!
Michigan Legislators Salaries are the second highest paid in the country! Alarming is the fact that Senator Richardville as a State Senator receives $79,650 per year plus a $12,000 expense account. He also receives supplemental salary for each committee he sits on such as Speaker Pro Tempore $5,513 per year, $184,500.00 for staff salaries not counting his “District Director’s” salary. Now he’s aligning himself with leadership behind the scenes as Senate Majority Leader which is an additional salary of $26,000 per year on top of all the current salary as well! This would amount to, assuming he gets the Senate Majority leader position to $295,675.00 per year at the cost to Michigan taxpayers! WOW! Is he or any other representative worth that? You make the call?
Consider the condition of our State of Michigan and the “Dire Straits” we are in, plus the fact that the same ones have been in office who have guided and helped to create the mess we are in, I think a change in leadership is warranted! I am of the mind that this current Senator is more in tune with his own political future and the advancement of it than with what’s in the best interest of his constituents and state! Can you say self serving?
Michigan Senator scorecard out Richardville 4th from bottom with 29%
Common Sense in Government is a non-partisan organization that works to hold politicians accountable by educating their constituents about what they are up to in Lansing. Click the link below to see just what your getting from your Senator.
Outrageous promises, pandering, and distortions in Michigan’s election
With a little more than a week before the primary, it’s kind of like a sad version of the runup to Valentine’s Day. Instead of offering chocolates, roses or adorable teddy bears, candidates try to woo voters with empty-calories promises or crack-like distractions. Michigan is in the toilet and has been for the last 10 years. Our current politicians have been a huge part of the problem with only self serving solutions and not what is in the best interest of their constituents or the State of Michigan! If it weren’t for the Michigan Economic Development Corp. and its tax incentives for Jennifer Granholm’s love affair with green jobs at the expense of real small business, we’d still be in the boom from the ’90s. Senator Randy Richardville in on board with Jennie on this one!
You Do It in Michigan? They Have a Tax For It
Septic tanks. Toll lanes. Vacant houses. High school athletic contests. Marriage. Beverage bottles. Nurses. What do they have in common? All were pitched by state legislators as a way to raise money for state government. Since 2009, Americans for Prosperity has tracked 39 different bills that would levy a fee or tax on variable aspects of life. “Lansing has a spending problem. Politicians have spending problem,” said Scott Hagerstrom, director of the Michigan chapter of Americans for Prosperity. “The only way they can spend money is to find it from somewhere else. What they’ll do is try to find a little money here and there. What they don’t understand, anytime you take money out of the economy, that’s less money for citizens to spend.  Politicians feel they have first rights to those dollars.” “That’s just not acceptable anymore.” If we keep electing the same ones over again and again this will continue!
Michigan: Auditor General Sees Dead People… Getting Paid
This is what we as taxpayers get for re-electing the same incumbents over and over again and expecting a different result! They are so concerned about campaign contributions from the lobbyist and special interest, their career’s, and moving up the political ladder, they aren’t watching out for their constituents and taxpayers best interest!
2009 Senate Bill 500 (Authorize Industrial Plant “Rehabilitation” tax break for existing facility ) (Senate Roll Call 579)
Authorize Industrial Plant “Rehabilitation” tax break for existing facility
This Bill is to authorize the granting of an Industrial Plant Rehabilitation personal property tax break for a particular “existing facility.” Under current law such tax breaks may be granted to new and speculative buildings, and to replacement facilities. Article: Richardville faces R. Al Bain in Primary, Disgusting
In an interview with Jackson Citizen Patriot reporter Chris Gautz published Monday, July 19, 2010, “Senator Randy Richardville faces Monroe resident R. Al Bain in 17th District State Senate GOP primary.” Senator Randy Richardville try’s to discredit with snide comments about his “United States Air Force” Veteran opponent R. Al Bain which should show the voting public that his focus is more on slanderous comments about his opponent than moving Michigan forward in a positive direction or on what accomplishments he has had in his 10 years in politics. This just shows why we need better representation out of our elected officials! Vote out this incumbent!
2007 Senate Bill 622 (Allow privatization of prison mental health services ) (Senate Roll Call 396)
Passed in the Senate (22 to 16) on September 30, 2007, to concur with the House-passed version of the bill, which “tie bars” it to a state income tax hike (House Bill 5194) and a new 6 percent tax on many personal and business services (House Bill 5198), part of a deal to avoid spending cuts in the Fiscal Year 2007-2008 budget.
Find Out Who Works for YOU in the Michigan Legislature
Richardville’s staff members salary’s reveled, at the taxpayer’s expense! The Freedom of Information Act does not apply to our Michigan legislators. However, In late June, Michigan Capitol Confidential requested this information from the Michigan House, Senate and Office of the Governor. The House and Senate voluntarily and promptly provided the information during the first week of July. Notably missing from this report was District Director John Manor of Senator Richardville’s staff! Does anyone thinks he works for free? Wonder why this was omitted? This is on and above what the good Senator receives in the $79,000.00 per year salary, the $12,000.00 per year expense allotment, and the various extra additional salary that comes with each committee he sits on and he sits on several! Oh, lets not forget a medical and retirement package that we citizens can only dream about!
Conservative Candidate Smacks Allen On SEIU
We’ve been hearing for weeks that Sen. Jason ALLEN (R-Traverse City) could be vulnerable on the so-called Service Employee International Union (SEIU) forced unionization issue. The brain trust for Allen’s top opponent in the 1st Congressional District race, physician Dan BENISHEK, apparently thinks the issue is worth exploiting. Senator Randy Richardville (R) Monroe is on board with Allen’s legislation! The Benishek campaign sent out a mailing that refers to Allen as “the SEIU/ACORN’s favorite Republican.” The mailing is a slick, glossy red-and-white foldout covered with acorns and photos of Allen. In 2009 Mr. Allen accepted a $2,000 campaign contribution from that infamous architect of ACORN, the Service Employees International Union. This gift arrived suspiciously close to the time frame in which the SEIU asked Allen to introduce a bill (SB 731) that would have unionized some 42,000 bewildered Michigan home health care workers.
Lawmaker Says Special Tax Favors Are ‘Cronyism’
State Rep. Justin Amash, R-Kentwood, recently called out his colleagues for submitting bills that created tax advantages for single businesses. “Essentially, it’s just cronyism,” Amash said. “It’s an abuse of legislative power. We are not supposed to be passing bills that help one person or one company at the expense of everyone else.” But it’s not an uncommon occurrence, according to “Both parties have abandoned any pretense that the growing state corporate welfare empire doesn’t include funneling favors to the owners of particular firms,” said Jack McHugh, senior legislative analyst at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Senator Randy Richardville of Monroe voted if favor of this legislation.
Excellent Article: America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution
This is a must read for all! This sums up what we citizens are truly faced with an out of control government! This article explains why your current elected officials would spend million’s of dollars to get elected!
Michele Bachmann Forms ‘Tea Party Caucus’ in Congress
Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has officially formed a congressional caucus for the Tea Party movement, giving the small-government movement a formal presence on Capitol Hill. Bachmann has been a leading advocate for Tea Party activists in the halls of Congress.
Pete Hoekstra joins Michele Bachmann in House Tea Party Caucus
What a joke! A black eye for the Tea Party movement! Pete Hoekstra who was just recently endorsed by a “republican in name only” here in Michigan (Senator Randy Richardville) Hoekstra said of Richardville that he was pleased to stand with a principled and conservative leader. Everyone in Lansing knows Richardville is a liberal left leaning RINO but is liked in certain circles, yea, Union and Special Interest circles! These center left politicians keep trying to associate themselves with the conservative Tea Party movement in order to retain power and control and do not in no way represent the ideologies of this group! This is no different from what the RINO’S did during the 90’s with the “Contract for America.” We all know how that worked out, they used us then ran up the debt and abandoned our concerns.
Primary “Phone Propaganda”
With reference to this misappropriation of the Tobacco money:
What did Randy Richardville know and when did he know it?
Legislators Move to Water Down Your Rights
House Bill 5319 would take this valuable property right from the landowner and transfer it to the state. “This bill would place groundwater in the public trust and would be the single biggest taking of private property in Michigan’s history. The result: government ownership of groundwater, overturning a century of Michigan water law.” Senator Richardville on board with this!
Note: Michigan has already taken a first step toward this change, with the passage of Public Act 33, Senate Bill 850 of 2005.
Richardville Votes to Transfer Road Tax Money to other purposes
It’s no wonder we have terrible roads! When the money we pay in taxes specifically for roads is diverted for other state spending! In a Monroe Evening News article in 2009 Senator Richardville stated the problem was with how the funds were allocated in the formula of Public Act 51. What he didn’t tell you was that he voted in favor of robbing these funds! Passed in the Senate on October 20, 2009, to reduce the amount of infrastructure project spending from the transportation economic development fund by $12 million in the Fiscal Year that ends Sept. 30, 2009, and another $12 million in the next fiscal year. House Bill 5073 diverts this money to other state spending without specifying where it’s going.
Hotel claims Visiting Film Crew Walked Out on $37,000.00 Bill
Here’s another feather in the cap for our Michigan legislators who voted to approve the Michigan Film Producers Subsidies. By the way, Senator Randy Richardville (R) Monroe voted if favor of this subsidy! This is just many of the examples we have heard of lately of the failures of such government entity’s such as the MEDC scandal not long ago. Not only is this a waste of taxpayer dollars under the guise of job creation but to the businesses who loose out such as in this example! Not only are the few jobs gone once the movie is shot, the local business community suffers right along with the taxpayers of Michigan. Actually they get hit twice!
To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.
Thomas Jefferson

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