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Opinion: By R. Al Bain
Recently “trumped” up charges were “falsely” leveled against one of the Directors of the Conservative Caucus of Monroe County for their outspoken criticism of State Senator Randy Richardville. The complaint was filed on August, 16, 2010 by Glenda Carol Kennon vice chair of the Monroe County Republican Party and Senator Richardville’s mother. The complaint alleges that Mrs. Kennon was afraid for her and her son’s life from second and third hand hearsay that supposedly was said on April, 30, 2010 at a rally for Dr. Steele in Flat Rock. If I was afraid for my life I don’t think I would wait three and a half months to file a report! This is all about silencing the critics of Senator Richardville and nothing more period. How much taxpayer money and resources were wasted here in Monroe County through this personal effort to silence the critics of Senator Richardville? Resources (taxpayer money) were used through the Michigan State Police Department, the Monroe County Prosecutors Office, Monroe County Courts, and the Monroe County Clerks Office. When the court date arrived only the accused showed up therefore the charges were dropped! So much for being afraid for their lives! Because of hearsay the Monroe County Prosecutor William Nichols did not feel there was enough to proceed with these “trumped” up charges, so Michigan State Police Detective Sergeant David Meyer of the Monroe post coordinated with the Prosecutor’s office to have the accused called before the Monroe County Concealed Weapon Licensing Board so they could pull his Concealed Pistol License (CPL). The accused showed up with his Attorney a former Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) agent who specializes in weapon cases. The board which was stacked against the accused because records indicated they were all Senator Richardville campaign contributors and were ready to pull his CPL. Mr. Nichols was at the first meeting not the second. Sheriff Crutchfield had a representative at both meetings. Lt. Mary Kapp was at second not first meeting. Sharon Lemasters sent a representative but she was not present at either meeting. An interesting note is that all are Democrats! The Monroe County Concealed Weapon Licensing Board consist of  William Paul Nichols (D), Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney (Chair), Tilman Crutchfield (D), Monroe County Sheriff (Member), F/Lt. Mary Kapp, Michigan State Police Post Commander (Member), and Sharon Lemasters (D) (Clerk). Also of note is that the Michigan State Police (PAC) also made political campaign contributions to Senator Richardville’s campaign coffers! This is your tax dollars at work by your elected officials! If anyone would like to view this police report email me and I will provide it for your viewing pleasure.

State Representative Kathy Angerer’s time in Lansing comes to a close?
Not so fast! Angerer the term limited outgoing House Majority Leader has accepted a position with AT&T as a Lobbyist and she’s heading back to Lansing! Lobbyists can be found on the staffs of corporations, industry trade-organizations, unions, or public interest groups. Lobbyists are employed to help “influence legislators” in favor of the industries they represent. Median Income for the telecommunications industry is $88,700. Salary Range $66,192 to $117,836. The salary ranges are from I would assume that a three term State Representative who achieved the House Leadership position would be at the high end of the scale given the “contacts and clout” obtained in Lansing! What happened to the reason that she didn’t run for public office was because she wanted to champion the children with autism issue? State Rep. Kathy Angerer, D-Dundee, said she wouldn’t seek another political office this past fall, but doesn’t rule out the possibility in the future. Representative Angerer is so devoted on the issue of autism she decided it was more important than to run for office. She said she had considered running for a Senate seat, but wanted to focus on getting legislation passed that would provide insurance coverage for autism treatment. There had been talk about other elections. At one point, many assumed Rep. Angerer was going to challenge state Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, and run for the state Senate in the election that just passed. She didn’t. “I did consider it, but I feel this legislation is more important than my being a “lifetime career politician,” she said. If she had sought the Democratic nomination for the Senate, it could have pitted her against incumbent Randy Richardville, R-Monroe. Research of election results and campaign finance disclosures show her party already supports Senator Richardville! It will be interesting to see if she runs for Senate in 2014 when Richardville will be term limited? Speaking of her time in Lansing she said, “This is a relationship business, “It’s like an adult fraternity here.” That reminds me of a quote from the late George Carlin who said, “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it”

Politician Staffs: Your Money, Their Secret
Where’s the transparency and accountability to the taxpayers who pay their salaries? There are reasons to believe that Michigan’s new Governor and Legislature will soon repeal this secrecy perk. I am especially interested as to see how Senator Richardville handles this one! If you recall his District Director John Manor was omitted from the report that the Senate Fiscal Agency released to the Mackinac Center earlier this year. My research shows John Manor working for the Senate Majority Communications Office at a salary of $53,000.00 per year of taxpayer money. This is just another end around as to hide the facts and truth to the taxpayers of Michigan and I do not see any meaningful change going forward. On May, 3, 2010 Richardville was Honored by the Michigan Credit Union League at a Jackson Chapter Breakfast. The article acknowledges John Manor as working for Senator Richardville in the capacity of District Director so why was this omitted from the report that Senator Richardville submitted? So does Mr. Manor work as Richardville’s District Director for free or is this payment made for services rendered for the Senate Majority Communications job? Whether right, wrong, or indifferent this just doesn’t pass the smell test to me! Mr. Manor shows up at all public events and Government functions as Senator Richardville’s representative in his absents.

Michigan the second-most governed state in the nation
Big government, the salaries and benefits of state and local governments should be more of an issue for Michigan taxpayers. There are 52,600 federal workers in Michigan compared to 177,100 state employees and 400,100 local government employees, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. State Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, called Michigan the second-most governed state in the nation. He said there are 40 chiefs of police in Wayne County. “I don’t think people think of ‘big government’ when they think of local government,” Richardville said. “Where do you think your tax dollars go?” Richardville has been in Lansing for over 10 years either as a state representative or state senator and has done nothing to change this! In fact, his legislative record tells a different story of creating bigger government not cutting the size and scope of it!

Coming Soon: Higher Business Payroll Taxes
The state of Michigan owes the federal government $3.8 billion in unemployment insurance loans and will have to start making $150 million a year on interest payments if Congress doesn’t extend a waiver by Friday. In Michigan, businesses pay for the first 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. After that, it’s a mix of businesses and the federal government that fund the various extensions. “Barring any changes, employers are going to see significant increases in unemployment insurance payroll taxes,” said Charles Owens, the Michigan director of the National Federal of Independent Businesses. Some business could pay hundreds of dollars a year per employee in taxes to pay off that debt.

Michigan Unemployment Payments May Fuel More Unemployment
As of February 2010, Michigan owed the federal government $3.5 billion it has borrowed to help pay unemployment benefits, according to the state. Michigan paid $7.1 billion in benefits to the 680,000 unemployed Michigan residents in 2009 and had to borrow $2.4 billion to cover that year’s expense. That state’s unemployment rate was 14.6 percent in December 2009, the highest in the nation. Businesses will be taxed more to pay back the billions they owe the federal government.

Impacts of Illegal Immigration: Diseases
Is Illegal Immigration Bad for America’s Health? The simple answer is YES according to Dr. Manny Alvarez who is a board-certified OB/GYN in Hackensack, NJ. He is also a managing editor for Dr. Manny Alvarez completed his medical residency and fellowship training at St. Joseph Hospital & Medical Center and Mount Sinai Medical Center. Legal immigrants are required to have medical screening to ensure that they do not bring any contagious diseases into the United States. Illegal aliens are not screened and many are carrying horrific third world diseases that do not belong in the USA. Many of these diseases are highly contagious and will infect citizens that come in contact with an infected illegal alien. This has already happened in restaurants, schools, and police forces. See the facts on illegal immigration and it’s effects below.  As unfortunate as it may be, the US cannot bear the financial burden for treating the world’s sick, ill, and infected populace, but the Government should be protecting American citizens from the diseases being brought in by illegal aliens. Why is this issue never mentioned in the political arena and discussions on illegal immigration reform?

Muslim Student’s True Opinion
Neoconservative thinker David Horowitz was put on the spot by a Muslim student during a speech at the University of California San Diego. His comeback revealed her true goal. A Muslim Jew-hater and supporter of genocide is flushed out by David Horowitz at a speech during “Israel Apartheid Week at the University of California San Diego. Horowitz was hosted by Young Americans for Freedom.

Medicare in Fiscal Crisis as Boomer Retirement Wave Hits
Consider an average-wage, two-earner couple together earning $89,000 a year. Upon retiring in 2011, they would have paid $114,000 in Medicare payroll taxes during their careers. But they can expect to receive medical services from prescriptions to hospital care worth $355,000, or about three times what they put in. This scenario is Totally Unsustainable!

Estate Tax Compromise Impacts 65,000 Small Businesses and Farms
Congress has a habit of passing legislation without getting the facts straight. The recently-passed tax relief compromise, which temporarily reinstates the estate tax at a 35% rate and $5 million exemption, is a great example. Some people claim that the $5 million exemption will protect small business from being hit by the tax. They are wrong.

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words
The chart shows the comparison of two different economic recoveries from the 1981 recession (Reagan) and the 2009 recession (Obama).

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“If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.”
Thomas Jefferson


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