American Tax Dollars, Bailouts, JP Morgan Investigation and Richardville

JP Morgan & RichardvilleExcuse me but didn’t “We the Taxpayer’s” bailout out these to big to fail Bankster’s back in 2008? A Senate panel has issued a scathing assessment of JP Morgan’s $6.2 billion trading loss last year.

JP Morgan Bank of New York contributed $808,799 to the Obama campaign in the last election cycle alone. So this begs the question why would this same bank make significant campaign donations to Michigan Republican State Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville? Hmmm…

The investigation found that bank executives ignored growing risks and hid losses from investors and federal regulators. Missing from this report was the “millions” JP Morgan has contributed to various politicians since the bailouts in 2008. Essentially “your” tax dollars went to politicians you didn’t necessarily support.

In a recent article Senator Richardville was quoted as saying he will travel to Washington to talk to leaders about possibly running for the US Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Democrat Senator Carl Levin here in Michigan. Is it a coincidence that Levin is the chairman of the committee that is investigating the bailed out JP Morgan? Again Hmmm…

The big shooters at JP Morgan would love to have a guy such as Richardville knowing full well that he would be their go to guy just like the Democrat heavy hitters realized with the Movie Producer and Film Studio subsides here in Michigan. Richardville has not only been a friend to the Democrats and “unions” but big corporation interest as well!

It’s a crime if you are an athlete lying about using steroids. But if you are a Billionaire or Corporation that donates to politicians campaigns that’s a different story. Gutless politicians look the other way when it means money for re-election. A career self serving opportunist such as Richardville would be the kind of guy that JP Morgan would love to have on their team.

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