“Bain Report” Republican Establishment Attacks “Conservative” Candidates

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Opinion by R Al Bain

What the Republican establishment is trying to do to Kerry Bentivolio for US Congress with their write-in candidate and now special election to fill the seat left vacant by Thaddeus Mccotter is unconscionable that will now cost the taxpayers dearly for a lousy couple of months. The Republican Party has lost several long standing political figures not just in Michigan but around the country as well and it appears they are stopping at nothing to retain power and control all the while losing membership at an alarming rate.

It all goes back to the leadership or the lack thereof along with adhering to the founding principles of the Republican Party that has been ignored by the current crop of so-called Republicans that only care about re-election and personal gain. Here in Monroe County we have a Conservative Republican Commissioner in Mary O’Neill that has been targeted by the Richardville machine. For the past two years she has voted on the side of the taxpayers’ interest and not the friends and family giveaway’s that have become the norm in the political arena! In these troubling economic times she has voted “NO” against higher taxes on the citizenry, pay increases for those who are supposed to serve the citizens, and a host of non essential spending.

A Monroe County Republican Party insider along with a Democrat has confirmed that Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville and his minions have orchestrated a scheme to oust this Conservative Republican. The unnamed long time Monroe County Democrat who is a member of one of the local boat clubs here in Monroe confirmed this to a fellow member who just happens to be a Republican. This Democrat was approached by the good Senators’ mother who is also the first vice chair of the MCRP Glenda Kennon along with her Republican Woman’s club friend Patty Braden to see if they would run against Mrs.O’Neill. When this Democrat wasn’t interested they found a fellow liberal Republican to run against her!

This is very alarming what is being perpetrated by those within perceived power of the Republican Party establishment that they would go to any and all lengths to abuse and retain this right given to them by the voting Republican citizens. What the Republican establishment is trying to do with Mary O’Neill and Kerry Bentivolio is just two examples of a Political Party gone wild and has lost sight of its intent of representation.

Senate Majority Leader Richardville the Saving Grace for Union’s in Lansing

It’s not a stretch to say that having Senate Majority Leader Richardville in that position is the one, unlikely saving grace that could prevent some or all of the anti-union bills from reaching the desk of Gov. Rick Snyder. As majority leader, Richardville is given wide discretion by his party to decide what bills go to Senate committees, if and when they come out of committee, and if and when they are placed on the Senate floor for a vote.

Richardville, from Monroe, was invited to speak to the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council Legislative Conference on March 2. Building trades leadership had heard signals in media reports that Richardville wasn’t a kindred spirit with many of the anti-union proposals coming out of the Republican caucus in Lansing, and he (very briefly) affirmed as much during his speech.

While he has recently signaled support for the unions side in matters concerning prevailing wage repeal, and implementation right-to-work zones, Richardville has offered no specific pledges to the building trades concerning what he will do legislatively. In fact, in the Senate, the sheer volume of anti-union bills may mean that he will have to compromise with members of his caucus to allow some bills to go up for a vote, while he and other moderate Republicans quell others.


Hoekstra Pay’s “Convicted Felon” to get on August Primary Ballot

Is this the type of representation the citizens of Michigan expect and deserve? I think not! Hoekstra’s petitions show Keith Moore of Grand Rapids was a circulator in his petition gathering. A June 7 article by the Washington Examiner about a Maryland police union using felons to gather signatures cited Moore as one of the circulators hired by California’s PCI Consultants to collect signatures for a police ballot measure to protect collective bargaining.

Hoekstra, the former congressman from Holland, previously told The News he didn’t pay anyone to gather the more than 15,000 signatures of registered voters needed to qualify for the ballot. “We didn’t pay anybody to collect signatures,” Hoekstra said this spring after turning in 22,000 signatures. “That was a purely volunteer effort.” The establishment types will go to any and all lengths to feed at the public trough. Dishonesty, Deceit, and Deception is the name of the game for these self serving candidates just to get elected.


Michigan Republican U.S. Representative Thaddeus McCotter Abruptly Resigns Leaves Congress

One down and many more to go! The Michigan Republican Party with it’s “failed” leadership is watching as the Party implodes. The Michigan GOP is bleeding membership at an alarming rate because of all the “RINO’S” that have infiltrated the Party along with the scandals. Dele-gate, A Mortgage Bill for the Chairmans Brother, and the “Moral Infidelity” that has caused the Divorce of Sentor Randy Richardville from his wife of some 30 years just to mention a few!


Alabama Governor on how they snagged Airbus: We’re a right to work state!

Michigan’s job market sure could have used the 1,000 job’s that will be provided to Alabama’s citizens! “We know in aerospace, when we create one job, there are about four related jobs so we could bring as many as 5,000,” Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier said.

Other big manufacturers have found homes in right-to-work state’s in the South. Boeing has a plant in North Charleston, S.C., and Alabama is home to plants owned by Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Hyundai and Toyota. Many of these companies looked to Michigan as a top choice to build their plants but our elected officials in Lansing could not provide guarantees against “union” interferance!


The Scam Wall Street Learned From the Mafia

This is a must read for the taxpayers to see how your dollars are being robbed!


Republican Governor Rick Scott: Florida Won’t Implement Medicaid Expansion of Obamacare

What’s wrong with this picture? We have a Republican governor saying no to Obama Heath Care Exchange and Michigan’s governor Rick Snyder pushing for it! We have a Republican governor praising right-to-work in Alabama for bringing much needed jobs there from Airbus announcing they will build an aircraft manufacturing assembly plant because it’s a right-to-work state. Michigan’s Rick Snyder thinks right-to-work is to divisive. The citizens of Michigan do not want a “New Government Bridge” but Snyder finds a backdoor against the wishes of the legislature who voted it down. The top agenda item of the failed Democrat Granholm administration was a “New Government Bridge”! I say Michigan desperately needs a True Conservative Republican Governor.


“Politicians and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason” ~ Mark Twain

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