Establishment Politics playing out in Michigan’s 1st District?

Reported by Tom Jefferson

Hoekstra Stillings Hoffa

One of the current Vice Chairs of Michigan’s 1st Congressional District, Tom Stillings openly endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Pete Hoekstra, early in 2012 during an open primary race, which is against the 1st Congressional District Committee’s rules.  Later it was discovered that Stillings had received monies from connections to the Hoekstra campaign, for his efforts.

I’ve been told that not only did Stillings endorse Hoekstra, but attended many events as his surrogate and spoke on his behalf, while publicly attacking the other Republican candidates.  Additionally, Stillings posted numerous public comments on his Facebook page, again attacking the other open primary candidates and their supporters.

Just prior to the August 7th primary vote, Stillings alleged that Clark Durant had committed a felony as a result of his fund-raising activities for Detroit’s Cornerstone Schools, which Durant founded.  While at a public event, Stillings in front of many witnesses even suggested that criminal charges should be brought against Durant.

To further this frivolous charge, rumors have it that Stillings conspired with the 1st District’s Chippewa County’s Republican Chair – Tony Stackpoole to pressure Nathan Chesebro, former Chippewa County executive committee member to file a demand for investigation with the Internal Revenue Service against Durant and Cornerstone Schools, just prior to the primary vote, which made statewide headlines.

Stilling’s plan worked to perfection, and his candidate Pete Hoekstra defeated Clark Durant in the August 7th, 2012 open primary.

So now, look who has endorsed Stillings which he prominently displays on both his website and e-mail blasts to the 1st District, none other than Pete Hoekstra.

How can the Republican delegates vote to basically promote someone to be their 1st District Chairman, when he uses union like strong arm tactics to garner support for his chosen candidates and to attack other good people who are running for political office?

Does Stillings deserve to be promoted to Chairman of Michigan’s 1st Congressional District?  I don’t think so, just sayin!

Tom Jefferson

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