In Detroit Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway Sentenced

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Is Justice Really that Blind? It is if you’re Politically Connected!

In the political arena the lobbyist say’s to the politician are you for or against a certain issue. The politician say’s to the lobbyist which way should I be? The lobbyist say’s it doesn’t matter to him he’s got money for that politician which ever side of the issue he’s on!

Which begs the question that I’m having a real hard time with. Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway was sentenced to 12 months and one day in federal prison in a bank fraud case in Detroit and rightfully so, she broke the law.

I guess it really does matter if you are politically connected! I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican or any other political affiliation, black, white, orange, purple or red something just doesn’t pass the justice smell test here.

What is the difference in what David Schostak did and Diane Hathaway? Not a dam thing! When the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that Schostak’s loan agreement made him personally liable for the $2.1-million difference between the value of his foreclosed property and the outstanding loan balance he found himself in a pickle.

Well Mr. Schostak did what you and I might do in the face of such a judgment assuming that one of our brothers was the chairman of the state Republican Party, and that our family’s real estate company had contributed generously to that party’s elected officeholders.

He enlisted his friends in the GOP Legislature, who quickly adopted a bill excusing him from the terms of the problematic mortgage. Poor Diane Hathaway she wasn’t politically connected! When the law is changed in your favor life is good! Read more…

One Thought on “In Detroit Former Michigan Supreme Court Justice Diane Hathaway Sentenced

  1. Blake on May 29, 2013 at 2:46 pm said:

    Then jail the entire Legislature ……. that would be a BLESSING to America.
    When the BANKERS forged signatures, lied and stole, they got bailed out by YOUR taxes and got 6/7 figure BONUSES for being such great financial geniuses.
    Americans need to get very, very, angry, throw the football/hockey/basketball crap away, and TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS.

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