Is the Tea Party Over? The Danger from Within

Is the Tea Party Over

Several examples have surfaced of the Conservative Tea Party movement being attacked, co-opted, vilified and trampled on in this march to reclaim our Freedom and Liberty from an overreaching government. This can only be slowed or even stopped by those “quislings” from within who betrays the cause, state, country and principles for self serving purposes. A quisling is a traitor who serves as the puppet for a political party.

The Republican Party was chosen by the Tea Party movement as a vehicle for change because it was viewed as the weaker party and more closely aligned with their views or at least it’s original intent was. The GOP establishment soon caught on and sent in their operatives as to infiltrate, divide and conquer and co-opt so-called Tea Party leaders and it’s membership. The carrot was dangled to these individuals with perceived access and positions of power within the “good ‘ole boy’s club” and they took the bait!

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