Letter to Editor: Politics Interferes with Autism Care Autism Care & Politics Don’t Mix

AutismThis letter to the editor (click link below) was published in the Detroit Free Press (The recent coverage for treatment for autism is a good first step, but it is sorely lacking in its depth).

This is my take on this letter: While I personally feel for parents with children affected by autism it should not be the responsibility of all citizens to bare the financial burden. This legislation should have never been passed!

As this letter clearly shows that the few who will benefit from this legislation are now suggesting even more coverage that will effect each and every ratepayer in the state though higher medical insurance premiums.

With the passage of this law any “charlatan” (a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses; quack) can hang out a shingle for a diagnosis and or cure.

As for a cure to this disorder according to the renowned Mayo Clinic and other medical organizations there is “no known cure” for this is a neurological disorder.

This should not be a Hillary Clinton (it takes a village) mentality whereas all taxpayers pay for the good of a few! Many professionals in the field of autism opposed this legislation from the onset.

What will be the next decease or disorder that will be legislated costing the taxpayers of Michigan? What about cancer, multiple sclerosis and a host of others when we the taxpayers will have to pony up for those as well.


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