Liberal Republicans Masquerading as Conservatives

“RINOS” Need to Take Back their GOP by Kathleen Parker

Kathleen Parker & Eliot Spitzer

Kathleen Parker made news during the 2008 U.S. presidential election when she called on the Republican vice presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, to step down from the party ticket, saying that a series of media interviews showed that Palin was “clearly out of her league.” Kathleen Parker received over 11,000 responses, mostly from conservatives criticizing her and rightly so she is a liberal masquerading as a Republican.

Aren’t we almost in 2012? Yet there’s Kathleen Parker, still gushing over Barack Obama like a member of the liberal media in the deepest throes of 2008 Obama-adulation. After extolling Obama’s foreign policy approach as “cool” [mangling a basketball metaphor along the way], Parker defiantly declares: “I know everyone’s going to say [I’m] an Obama lover. Whatever.” Parker put her crush on display on Chris Matthews’ weekend show.

Kathleen Parker, once half of the duo on CNN’s 8pm show “Parker Spitzer,” with the disgraced former New York governor once caught in a prostitution scandal, will continue with the network on a new show. Read her article by clicking the link below as to see how the Republican Party has been infiltrated by the liberals and their attacks on conservatism.


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