Michigan Citizens Lansing Legislators want a ……Gas Tax Hike – SAY HELL NO!

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We pay more in gas tax than Ohio but they have much better roads! Gas in Monroe, Michigan at the Speedway gas station was $3.89 per gallon but 9 miles down the road in Ohio it was $3.22! Now with my Kroger Card and using the $.30 credit on it I paid $2.92!

I have a little advice for those Lansing Republicans who are seeking re-election in 2014. You are already facing a huge monumental task with getting re-elected as it is so don’t even think about passing a gas tax increase or even putting it before the “sheeple” for a vote!

Cut the size and scope of Michigan government with it’s many “failed” entity’s such as the MEDC and Film Subsidies which are just two that come to mind there’s your road tax money!

Republican legislators who introduced Bills to RAISE YOUR GAS TAX in 2013
Sen. Randy Richardville, Sen. Tom Casperson, Sen. John Pappageorge and Sen. Roger Kahn!

Which State Pays Most In Gas Taxes? Michigan is in the top ten but Ohio isn’t! State Gasoline Tax Rates
as of January 1, 2013 (Cents Per Gallon) Michigan 38.7 Ohio 28. Michigan is ranked the 6th highest in the country while Ohio is ranked 21st!


Take one look at Detroit with the “friends and family” pay to play corruption arraignments that former State Senator and former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his close friend Bobby Ferguson had with businesses.

The same thing goes on in Lansing with politicians! They are all involved in a criminal enterprise that bilks the taxpayers of Michigan all for personal gain.

In Lansing it all has to do with real estate, real estate development and construction with the politically connected. Research and you will clearly see a majority of these politicians are involved in the above mentioned entity’s.

“Men cannot be made good by the state, but they can easily be made bad. Morality depends on liberty.” ~ Lord Acton

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