Michigan GOP Establishment Elitist Plan for Victory

Colbeck Schostak Shirkey

Oh the webs they weave! It has become clear that the power brokers of the MIGOP has put a plan in place as to marginalize those True Conservative Patriots of Freedom and Liberty who would speak out against them and their plan. A Democrat tactic!

It would appear that the “sheeple” members of the Party, along with some activist/grassroots and aledged Tea Party faithful, are falling in line with this plan along with some of our elected Conservative officials. The recent endorsements of current MIGOP chairman Bobby Schostak by Gov. Snyder and Lt. Gov. Calley were expected but not some of those within the Conservative ranks.

How in good conscience could State Representative Mike Shirkey (R) – Clarklake and State Senator Patrick Colbeck (R) – Canton come out and endorse Mr. Schostak? These were two that I “respected” and thought were true representatives of We the People. They were instrumental in the legislation and passage of Freedom to Work in Michigan.

This begs some questions; Were they bought off with Schostak money? Were they promised leadership roles within their respective chambers? While I don’t know the answers to these questions with their endorsements it has to be asked, doesn’t it?

We have already seen certain so-called Conservatives who have admitted taking money from Mr. Schostak to make post on facebook advocating his re-election as State Party Chairman. It’s said that money can’t buy you love and admiration and it surely can’t buy you principles and integrity!

It’s also said that money is the root of all evil yet many are willing to forsake this for personal gain. What should be important is our state and country not party partisan politics for the elitist establishment power brokers. Political interest should never be separated from moral right.

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