MIGOP Change in Leadership Paramount for Party

A GOP Corruption and Cronyism

By Tim Bos
It’s Convention Day, and the latest polls show that the Chairman’s race is so tight that less than a single point separates them.

The two biggest issues are fundraising and maintaining the status quo vs. Courser’s plan to Re-Brand, Re-Tool and Re-Build.

For those who are unaware, Courser has been discussing the cash issue with major GOP donors and professional GOP fundraisers. Both groups will remain supportive of the state GOP, regardless of who wins the race. Available cash will not be an issue for 2014 statewide races.

However, all who donate expect a good return on their investments in the Party, and past performance raises concerns about future returns, and new leadership allays those fears considerably in the eyes of the people who make a living from raising donations. They have agreed to support Courser’s GOP, and are willing and able to raise more cash than the current Chair did last year.

In addition, FEC campaign donation reports prove that Mr. Schostak has made personal donations to Democrat presidential candidates over and above donations that he made as Treasurer for his family’s PAC, in addition to those made to Nancy Pelosi, Jennifer Granholm, and Detroit’s Rep. John Conyers.

Schostak’s most recent explanation is that those donations were done to promote his business interests, which begs the question “What type of business were you hoping to do with Pelosi, Gore, Lieberman, and John Kerry after their radical Left wing elections?”

While Courser has laid out an extensive plan for decentralizing the State GOP assets and resources to assist the grass roots with identifying voters never before approached with the Conservative solution to their concerns and issues, Mr. Schostak has countered with a plan to add another layer of top-heavy GOP controls in the Ivory Tower with an all new Coalitions Dept in Lansing.

In it’s simplest analysis, the difference between the two plans boils down to investing heavily in Lansing or in the congressional districts where the rubber meets the road.

In reality, this race personifies the struggles between Conservative ideals and principles against the Establishment desire to maintain the middle of the road, go along to get along demands viewed widely with a jaundiced eye- in every single state and even more so at the Federal level.

I urge everyone to go above and beyond their personal comfort zones and get to Lansing by any means necessary- without fail.

A vote for Courser is an affirmation in our belief in the strength of our Founding Principles, the message of hope and opportunity that results from using those concepts continually in the face of this onslaught of liberalism, and a clear message that we are absolutely fed up with the Democrat-lite Establishment and won’t take it anymore.

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