PulteGroup Pulls Out of Michigan Headed to Atlanta

Aco Pulte JC Penney St John Providence

Snyder Disappointed by Pulte Homes Move to Atlanta. I thought all the big tax cut’s for big business were supposed to bring jobs? It was nothing more than a big tax increase on we citizens of Michigan who could least afford the tax increases!

The PulteGroup homebuilding company’s decision will cost Michigan roughly 300 jobs. But this isn’t the only recent jobs losses! This comes at an awkward time for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his allies, who portray his policies as the cure for years of economic illness.

ACO to close 14 of 66 Michigan stores; 140 jobs affected
So much for the false recovery!

J.C. Penney, Bleeding Cash, Seeks to Raise $1 Billion
Bond analysts don’t think Penney’s operations will be able to generate enough cash to cover the company’s needs beyond a year.

Michigan St. John Providence Health System lays off 160 workers

Word from around the state there are many businesses that have closed their doors or are about to and many buildings where businesses used to prosper are abandoned and empty. The politicians and news media paint a false picture that we are in a recovery but the real truth our economy is still in deep trouble. Several people I talk with can’t find a decent job and complain about the cost of goods and services such as food and gas.

Since 2006 here in Monroe Michigan the list of businesses shuttering their doors is very alarming to say the least! From big brand name retail stores to restaurants these building sit empty. Sears, Elder-Beerman, Farmer Jack, United Furniture, Block Buster, Hallmark, Fashion Bug, a Burger King, a Bob Evans and at least several dozen other restaurants. I know I’m missing some!

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