Richardville Parallels General Custer’s Dilemma at Little Big Horn on RTW Issue

Capitol Lansing Michigan

For over 10 years Senator Randy Richardville has received Democrat Union support along with campaign contributions as their chief advocate in the legislature on a variety of Democrat interests. Has the Michigan Senate Majority leader’s union support dried up with the passage of right-to-work here in Michigan?

He fought hard to block the freedom to work legislation until the “right” side of the Michigan Republican Party finally stood up and would not allow him to block it any longer! Mr. Richardville has consistently advocated, voted for and introduced union favoring legislation over his years in the legislature.

Another example of Mr. Richardville’s advocating for Democrat interest is the Movie and Film Producer Taxpayer funded subsidies. The brain child of Michigan’s film credits is businessman and Democratic Party power broker Linden Nelson.

Nelson came up with the idea of film credits after getting to know then White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as a result of contributing tens of thousands of dollars to the National Democratic Party and meeting Rahm at various DC political fundraiser’s.

Nelson then cashed in a favor with Rahm Emanuel, asking to be introduced to Rahm’s brother Ari Emanuel, who is a big shot in Hollywood. Linden Nelson then asked Rahm Emanuel, who at the time was President Obama’s Chief of Staff and arguably the most influential Democrat in the country, to call then Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm and press her on the idea of “best in the nation” film credits.

Governor Granholm was only too happy to support best-in-the-nation film credits. Granholm was also interested in getting a job in Hollywood after her governorship in which she did with the show (The War Room) on cables Current TV.

The players in this taxpayer money scam included one billionaire Al Taubman and three multi millionaires John Rakolta, Linden Nelson and Ari Emanuel. This powerful, wealthy and influential foursome went to work to secure near total public financing of their movie studio using their political contacts.

Rakolta’s construction firm, Walbridge, built the studio and made money doing so. Again, the money used to build the place was taxpayer money so even if the studio were to close, Rakolta made money on the deal. Rakolta stood to benefit from building the studio, so he agreed to be the Republican “heavy” on the political front.

These film studio folks have hired a slew of lobbyists to cut a deal with Senator Richardville. John Rakolta is paying Scott Romney and the Honigman law firm substantial money to lobby Governor Snyder and the Republican State Senate. This is the Republican strategy to keep this Democratic deal alive.

According to an article by MIRS, a Lansing subscriber based publication in an interview with Mr. Richardville he is currently working on either a movie or TV pilot based on his experience in the Legislature. Richardville has a family connection to the film industry, as his daughter, Amanda Richardville works in Hollywood. Can you say conflict of interest at the taxpayers’ expense?

This all smacks of a situation that requires a choice between options that are or seem equally “unfavorable” or mutually exclusive for personal benefit and not in the best interest of the taxpayers of Michigan!

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