Snydercare and MIGOP has ties to Democratic Congressional Candidate!

Is the MIGOP Corrupt or just Incompetent? Bill Runco MIGOP & Democrat Dr. Syed Taj

Just when you think the political arena couldn’t get any worse along comes this information. Does anybody remember the Democrat – Doctor Syed Taj from Dearborn that ran against Kerry Bentivolio? It seems he has a close personal relationship to the MIGOP Budget Chairman Bill Runco!

What a small world in the political arena isn’t it?

United Outstanding Physicians Management Team – William Runco
Mr. Runco serves as Chief Operating Officer of United Outstanding Physicians. In his role as COO, Mr. Runco is is responsible for the daily operations of the organization and responsible for contracting with health plans. Previous to serving in his present capacity, Mr. Runco was a Judge of the 19th District Court for twelve years and a member of the Michigan Legislature for 6 years. Mr. Runco is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School.

Dr. Syed Taj is the Chairman of the United Outstanding Physicians Board of Managers. Dr. Taj made Obamacare a key platorm of his run against Kerry Bentivolio for Congress in 2012 and supports Governor Rick Snyder’s decision to implement Obamcare in Michigan by setting up a healthcare exchange.

We have some serious issues within the MIGOP with integrity and principles among the Party Leadership! We have a chairman that was just re-elected in spite of the “facts” that he has a “proven history” of campaign contributions to Democrats and ‘HIS” State Party Budget Committee Chairman who has a very shady past as a former Judge in William (Bill) Runco who was censured by the Judicial Tenure Commission along with shady real-estate dealings.

How in the world can the membership and voters of Michigan’s Republican Party support these kinds of relationships with Democrats who support Obamacare and MIGOP leaders along with Governor Snyder?

One Thought on “Snydercare and MIGOP has ties to Democratic Congressional Candidate!

  1. Marilyn Curry on April 8, 2013 at 11:27 pm said:

    Keep up the good work. This true “Conservative Republican” agrees with you 100%.

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