The Bain Report: Articles that Affect You and Your Family for December, 20, 2010

Opinion: By R. Al Bain
In regard to the Wikileaks controversy, if the government really wants to avoid worldwide embarrassment and keep confidential documents secret, they should keep them in the same place as Obama’s college transcripts and birth certificate! 
Follow Up on last weeks Article: Richardville, Whitmer On Same Page
In last weeks article “Republican Richardville & Democrat Whitmer On Same Page” I noted that Senator Randy Richardville was teasing Senator Gretchen Whitmer on the Senate floor after she was named number 8 on the worlds most “Hottest Politicians” list. I commented that you or I could be or would be fired for this type of comment at our place of employment let alone our elected officials wasting taxpayer time and money with this type of behavior! Turns out I was right according to the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual Harassment is unacceptable conduct in the workplace and will not be tolerated. Mandated, as part of Title VII Civil Rights Act of 1964 under the Sexual Harassment section, each and every working person has the legal right to work in an environment free from harassment on the basis of sex. Sexual harassment is a violation of section 703 of Title VII. Unwelcomed sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment! So it appears we have an elected lawmaker breaking the law! Is this what the citizens of Monroe County and the State of Michigan deserve? I think not. Whether or not it’s welcomed or unwelcomed that’s not what we send our elected representatives to Lansing for!
Last Ditch Union Power Grab
In the waning lame-duck hours of liberal power, there is a huge push to bring back and pass SB 1072. In its current form, SB 1072, supposedly a reform of binding arbitration that has been strangling local governments for 40 years, will actually expand union boss power! Sadly, the bill’s sponsor is Republican (?) Senator Randy Richardville, (the self proclaimed conservative) who has put nothing regarding a local governments ability to pay for outrageous arbitration awards in the bill. In fact, he voted against an amendment offered by Senator Bruce Patterson to require the arbitrator to consider the financial ability of the community to pay and other general financial considerations when making their determinations. Is it any wonder unions support this so-called labor “reform”? Just another example of the UNIONS FAVORITE LEGISLATOR from across the isle!
Sinking Film Subsidies in other State’s
They should be eliminated here in Michigan as well! Film Producers Subsidies are and has been a complete and total failure to the taxpaying citizens of Michigan. Once seen as a way to bring Hollywood glitter to your state, some states are now having second thoughts about film tax incentives. Iowa is canceling its program as the state owes movie makers more than $200 million, a spokesman for the incoming governor said. And a Missouri State commission recommended ending their program in 2011. One report stated: “This tax credit serves too narrow of an industry and fails to provide a positive return on investment to the state.”
Monroe area candidates for state office kept wallets shut, OH REALLY?
By historic standards, the six Monroe County area candidates for three state offices in the November general election were tightwads, together spending less than $300,000 in their pursuits of victory. Perhaps surprisingly, the single greatest amount of spending by any local candidate for state office “leading up to” the November general election occurred in the race for the 17th District Senate seat. State Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, spent far less than usual in the quest for ballots. This is a misleading article in that according to state campaign finance filings, Sen. Richardville spent $81,027 between the primary and general election and not what he spent leading up to the Primary against his Republican opponant! According to state campaign finance filings he spent more than that total if you count what he spent leading up to the primary! Also left out of this article is the cost of lobbying fellow Republicans for the Senate Majority Leadership position which was documented by MIRS a Lansing based political publication.
At Monroe County Community College, it’s often back to class again & again
State of Michigan auditors have raised concerns after finding nearly 700 students had repeated many classes at Monroe County Community College. Auditors last week said they found 186 students took an English class at least three times and some enrolled eight times. Two-hundred fifty students repeated political science or algebra or basic math at least three times. Auditors looked at records of students who were enrolled from fall 2007 through spring 2009. Auditors say allowing students to repeatedly enroll in the same class is not a wise use of tax dollars.
Is Michigan’s Department of Human Services Hiding the Evidence on Forced Unionization?
Michigan’s Department of Human Services considers home-based daycare workers to be state employees, and this means that the state can take union dues out of the subsidy checks used by parents to pay the daycare providers. But, an online daycare worker application mandated that applicants agree to the following condition: “I understand I am considered to be self employed and not an employee of DHS.” And now, an application and another similar one have been removed from the DHS web site as the state is engaged with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy in a lawsuit over the matter. Patrick Wright, the director of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation, wonders if the state isn’t trying to cover its tracks.
MEA still broke, but its leaders certainly aren’t
So much for our children! Hypocrisy remains a key word in the ongoing financial tale of the Michigan Education Association. Last year we broke the news that the MEA had lost millions of dollars, yet its leadership continued to live large. Despite the obvious budget problems, the MEA administrative team in East Lansing continues to rake in big bucks. The union’s “Million Dollar Quartet” – Executive Director Luigi Battaglieri, President Iris Salters, Vice President Steven Cook and Secretary/Treasurer Margaret McLellan – made a combined $938,872 in 2008, an increase of $36,057 over last year. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot more six-figure salaries in that group, but we only have so much space.
How to eliminate Michigan’s personal income tax in its entirety
Michigan governments would save $5.7 billion if the employment benefits of Michigan’s state and local government workers were set at private sector averages. Click the link below to see how Michigan could accomplish this. Now we have to find a way to eliminate the property tax as well!
RFID Chips allows thieves to Electronically Pickpocket your Credit Card Number
Thieves can now get your credit card number using an electronic device! This is as good of a reason to not have these chips on your (enhanced) drivers license, passports, or credit cards.
Granholm Offers Nation Advice on Job Creation
This is from a governor that has overseen the loss of 609,000 jobs during her eight years in office and her state leading the country with the highest unemployment rate for 49 months.  “In 2006, Gov. Granholm told the state of Michigan that it would be ‘blown away by the strength and diversity of Michigan’s transformed economy.” Unemployment in Michigan has since jumped from 6.8 percent to almost 13 percent. It’s bizarre that she would now write an op-ed entitled ‘How to Win the Race for Jobs.’ Granholm says that the solution for the country’s economic problems is more government subsidies aka TAX DOLLARS and BIGGER GOVERNMENT with industrial planning. This is a recipe for failure a word that also sums up her tenure as governor.”
Camp, Upton to chair U.S. House committees
Two Michiganders will chair House committees when the new Congress comes in next month. In their caucus meeting on Wednesday, current and incoming Republican House members confirmed the Steering Committee’s selection of Dave Camp of Midland to be chairman of the Ways and Means Committee and Fred Upton of St. Joseph to be chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Republican success in the November election gave the party a majority in the U.S. House. I hope they do a better job at bringing in federal dollars to Michigan than their predecessors. Michigan ranked last in the nation per capita in federal jobs and payroll and 39th overall at bringing in federal dollars. With our economy near or at the bottom in the nation and having some of the most senior members in Congress, that seems counter-intuitive, but it’s true. Michigan’s congressional delegation has not been taking care of our own state. Here’s a report from the Senate Fiscal Agency with the numbers.
Fed Data Reveals Trillions of Taxpayer Dollars in Bailouts to Big Foreign Banks
Secret Federal Reserve System data released December 1 reveals that the banking cartel (the Fed and its member banks) bailed itself out to the tune of more than $10 trillion in “emergency” funds, with trillions more going to line the pockets of big European and foreign banks. “The $700 billion Wall Street bailout turned out to be pocket change compared to trillions and trillions of dollars in near zero interest loans and other financial arrangements that the Federal Reserve doled out to every major financial institution,” said self-described socialist Senator Sanders after learning about the Fed data.
Why You Should Care: By Derry Brownfield
I began a recent presentation before a large group of cattle producers (R-CALFUSA) by showing a paper dollar bill and a silver coin. The words “one dollar” is inscribed on both the coin and the paper, yet the paper dollar will only pay for about one quart of gasoline at today’s prices, while the silver dollar will pay for well over five gallons. I explained to my audience that consumer prices are not high – the paper dollar has lost most of its value. It makes no difference how high the price of gasoline goes, a silver dollar will continue to buy gas for 20 cents a gallon, exactly the price gas was during the Great Depression. Based on 1940 prices, a paper dollar is worth about two pennies.
Is the DREAM Act a Nightmare for Americans?
Last week, the Department of Labor reported that unemployment in America rose to 9.8 percent.  Joblessness has now topped 9.5 percent for 16 straight months, the longest stretch since the Great Depression.  Yet in the 11th hour of the 111th Congress, Democrats are attempting to pass legislation that would grant amnesty to an estimated two million illegal immigrants. The DREAM Act subsidizes education for illegal immigrants, grants them mass amnesty, encourages more illegal immigration and inevitably takes jobs from American workers.  Simply put, the DREAM Act is a nightmare for the American people.
Outline of a Platform for Constitutional Government
If this is where we are, then it is easy to see “what to do, and how to do it.” We must return to the principles and institutions of the founding of our country. We must revive constitutional rule. To do so, we propose the following four pillars of constitutional government. Click the link below.
Contract with America, Part 2 on Steroids
President Obama’s fiscal commission supposedly offers an “aggressive prescription” to reduce the federal deficit. It’s not just the debt and deficit, stupid. It’s the size, scope and bloat of the federal government. Click link below for the plan.
Swindle of the Year to the American Taxpayers
The Republican leadership should have insisted on a permanent extension of the tax cuts and required cuts in other federal spending to fund additional benefits for the jobless. Conservatives say Republicans in Congress should have not negotiated with a president reeling from his party’s electoral defeats last month. But with what that’s going to cost and if it happens with Republican participation, then you have to ask yourself, what was the point of the election? This will be the biggest stimulus in American history, larger than the $814 billion 2009 stimulus package.
The No. 1 Issue for Republicans in 2011
Forget tax cuts, gays in the military and even immigration. In 2011, the hot-button issue for newly ascendant Republicans will be the health care law.
What to Make of the Obama-GOP Tax Deal
The Obama administration and Republican Senators have come to an agreement to extend current tax rates for all Americans. This compromise is not a good idea. The Bush-era tax cuts are only to be extended for two years, which will not provide the same economic boost as a permanent extension, which would give Americans strong, clear incentives to save and invest knowing that tax rates will remain stable. Heritage’s Center for Data Analysis recently noted that a temporary extension could cost the economy jobs as compared with making current rates permanent. Under the new deal the death-tax will be reinstated, a step that Heritage has shown is a disincentive to savings and a setback to job growth. Additionally, unemployment benefits will once again be extended without a plan to fund the additional 13 months agreed upon. These benefits will lead to further long-term unemployment, rather than solve the nation’s unemployment crisis. These flaws in the compromise can and should be fixed now or in the new year.
If we want our sovereignty to prosper, we can no longer sit idle while the very fabric that made our Country great is torn apart. The place to begin is the profound words of our Founders, and in the Declaration of Independence itself.
Elmer Davis


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  2. A real conservative on January 3, 2011 at 9:17 am said:

    Keep exposing Richardville for what he is, A DEMOCRAT but up by the unions to run as a Republican!!! He is NO COnservative nor Constitutionalist, just an opportunist.

    His voting record and the Bills he sponsors verify his Democrat / Union ties.

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