The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, May, 23, 2011

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Opinion By R. Al Bain
As an active Conservative Republican for over 35 year’s I am appalled at what my Party has become. We have far to many liberal Republican’s who call themselves Conservatives that wouldn’t know the meaning of conservatism with the dictionary looking them right in the face! A majority of Republican incumbents and those seeking seats as a representative of the true conservative principles, traditions, and values that the Republican Party was founded upon have violated this platform.
As a voting public and those of us who hold this platform sacred it is up to us to hold those Republicans accountable and vote them out of office when they do not adhere to those principles, traditions, and values in which the Party was founded. With the elections in 2010 we had Republicans who campaigned on promises of conservatism and some even signed a no tax pledge and these promises have been broken! It’s high time we the precinct delegates and not the status quo power brokers of the Republican Party in Lansing to guide and set the direction of the Michigan GOP!

Political Careerists Threaten Freedom, Prosperity
The vast majority of elected officials in Michigan are political careerists.” In its purest form, this is defined as someone with the ambition of using politics to escape the hard accountability of a “real job” in the private sector for the rest of his or her working life. Instead, they seek to live comfortably, feel important and enjoy social advantages by progressing from one elected or appointed government position to another, ideally retiring early with a nice taxpayer-funded pension.

Michigan’s Most Expensive Mass Transit Agencies
Even at a price now above $4, a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline will move the typical personal car and its passengers at least 20 miles — and often much further. But according to the most recent data available from the federal government’s National Transit Database, two of Michigan’s public transit agencies report that $4 isn’t enough spending for them to move just a single rider even a single mile. In both cases, NTD data shows that the agencies charge riders less than 10 percent of the operating cost spent to move them around, with state and local taxpayers picking up at least two-thirds of the rest.

The Five Best and Worst States for Business “Michigan” Near Bottom
For the seventh year in a row, Texas has snagged the No. 1 ranking in the survey, which this year asked 550 CEOs to evaluate the states on a broad range of issues, including regulations, tax policies, workforce quality, education resources, quality of living and infrastructure. The states that ranked lowest in the survey for having the least friendly business environment are California number 50, New York at number 49, with Illinois, New Jersey and Michigan rounded out the bottom five.

Should Education Money Only be for K-12?
For years politicians in Lansing have robbed our children’s education to balance the budget instead of making the necessary cut’s in government spending. This type of “fund raid,” and using the money to also fund colleges and universities should be stopped especially with the overpaid and high priced presidents of these colleges and universities!

Home Prices Plunge Again in Worst Quarterly Decline Since 2008
If you’re looking to score a great deal on that cute little home, it turns out you may want to wait a little longer to buy — like until next year: U.S. home values dropped 3% in the first quarter, their sharpest quarter-over-quarter decline since the dark days of late 2008, according to the Zillow Home Value Index report released Monday.

Top 10 States That Rely The Most On Food Stamps: USDA
Michigan sits on number five of this top ten list with the Percentage of it’s Population on Food Stamps: 19.7 percent the Annual Change in Food Stamps from 2010: 11.4 percent with the 2010 Total State of Michigan Population coming in at: 9,883,640.

How the $8,000 Tax Credit Cost Home Buyers $15,000
The government’s recent $8,000 cash incentive for first-time home buyers has proved even more costly for recipients than for taxpayers, according to data released Monday. Typical buyers have lost twice as much to price declines as they received from the program. Price declines have more than eclipsed the savings, new numbers show. The median home value fell to about $170,000 in March from $185,000 a year earlier.

Thaddeus McCotter Against Wasteful Spending Except When He’s For It
Rep. Thad McCotter (R-Mich.) has spent at least $30,000 in taxpayer-provided Republican Policy Committee funds to hire a consulting firm run by his chief of staff’s brother, Saul Anuzis, even as McCotter planned to kill the policy committee because it’s a “superfluous” waste of federal money. The payments of $5,000 per month to Anuzis’s Michigan-based Coast to Coast Strategies, discovered by POLITICO in a review of RPC spending records, could roll a high stakes Republican leadership power struggle over the controversial proposal by McCotter, chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, to eliminate the 61-year-old policy shop – a fight that carries larger implications for the House GOP’s balance of power.

Ohio House Votes to Repeal the Estate Tax! Is Our Once Great State of Michigan Next?
The Ohio House of Representatives voted last night in favor of a state budget that permanently repeals the Ohio estate tax.

Arizona Sheriff told to Stop Arresting Illegal Aliens
Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever say’s Obama administration tells him to stop arresting illegal aliens crossing the border.

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him.
Robert Heinlein

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