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Opinion By R Al Bain

Needless to say it’s been an interesting couple of weeks here in Michigan. As I have reported previously in the “Bain Report” we have an elected official in Lansing who seems to think that the “Bill of Rights” specifically the “First Amendment” right of free speech does not apply to the citizens of Michigan under his watch. Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville (R) of Monroe “ordered” his Lansing based attorney’s Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith to send a cease and desist letter to two private citizens and one privately owned conservative radio station as to silence their outspoken criticism of his policies, integrity, moral values, and “Failed” leadership in the Michigan Senate.

In this writer’s opinion this is unbecoming and unconscionable of an elected official of the citizens of Michigan to “dictate” such an action! Senator Richardville’s failed leadership and failed policies are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The good Senator also has some unethical and ill-moral marriage issues at hand that appear to be interfering with his leadership ability in leading Michigan’s Senate. This is all on and above the fact that he continues to pursue and promote the Granholm agenda such as the New Government Bridge, Movie Producer Subsidies, Film Studio Subsidies, and Union Institutional Interest! This is not in keeping with the Republican Party Platform or it’s mission statement..

The latest fiasco with his co-sponsoring of Senate Bill 992, “a mortgage tailored for one” is a perfect example of his failed leadership. There is no way this legislation can be justified to the many citizens of Michigan who have problematic mortgage’s! Mr. Richardville has done absolutely nothing to improve the economic climate here in Michigan with his failed leadership and policies. If you call giving huge tax deductions to big business by balancing the lost revenue on the backs of the taxpayers of Michigan then you have a very different view that I. If you think that a “New Government Bridge” is more important than our roads and infrastructure you also have a different view than I.

This dirty laundry list of legislation whether enacted or proposed goes on and on with Movie Producer Subsidies, Film Studio Subsidies, Gas Tax Increases, Vehicle registration Fees, and the latest Mandating that insurance companies cover Autism diagnosis and treatment that will surely raise insurance rates of all Michigan rate payers. All this is a Democrat Party agenda with the Hillary Clinton mentality of it takes a village and not in keeping with the true conservative Republican ideology!

Trucker Randy Bishop Refuses to Retract Statements Ordered by Richardville Attorney’s

“Trucker” Randy BISHOP is not retracting his March 20 letter to state senators in which he relayed personal rumors told to him about Senate Majority Leader Randy RICHARDVILLE (R-Monroe). He’s also not apologizing for comments made on a Cheboygan radio station and said that he feels the Richardville accusations are true.

But he won’t be able to continue his commentary on the Cheboygan radio station that got him into the legal soup to start.

Officials at WMKT-AM 1270 in Charlevoix asked their 3 p.m. host, Greg MARSHALL, to take Bishop off his usual one hour time slot on Thursdays after the station received a letter from Richardville’s legal team.

Bishop, a Cheboygan-area Tea Party activist, said if Richardville’s team wants to sue him for libel, they can go ahead and try, but he said he’s had five attorneys and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) call to offer their services pro bono. He said he would depose Richardville and his family (See “Richardville Attorney Demands Retraction From ‘Trucker Randy,'” 3/23/12) and then present witnesses claiming what the Republican leaders’ defenders have been saying is accurate.

“I’m not recanting and I’m not backing down,” Bishop said. “If Randy Richardville doesn’t sue me, I may sue him for some of the comments his people have said about me and for trying to restrict my First Amendments rights . . . The ball is in his court.”

Richardville consultant Steve LINDER raised questions about Bishop telling MIRS that if Richardville want to sue to ‘bring it on.”

“Bring it on? What is this the 6th grade?” Linder said. “He is a sad and pathetic embarrassment to the Tea Party. He should listen to responsible Tea Party leaders like Joan FABIANO, who called him out over this.”

Bill MICHAELS, operations manager of WMKT, said he’s asked Marshall to not have Bishop on his program until the controversy over Bishop’s comments for which there seems to be “no proof” has blown over.

In the meantime, Bishop made an appearance on Patriot Voice on Thursday, the deadline for him to retract his prior comments about Richardville, and not only didn’t retract his comments, but double-downed.

He told MIRS today there’s a “pattern of corruption” within the Republican Party that’s evident by Richardville sponsoring the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) legislation, which he feared is part of the United Nation’s “Agenda 21” Superhighway.

Bishop also pointed out another bill that bans lenders from going after developers personally when their commercial loans cannot be collected, legislation that positively impacts a case involving the brother of Michigan Republican Party Chair Bobby SCHOSTAK (See “Developers Given Legal Shield In New Law”, 3/30/12).

Bishop said people are calling him and “connecting the dots themselves. “This will bring down the corruption at the Michigan Republican Party,” he said.

Michigan ‘Corporate Welfare’ Hype Yields Few Economic Results

The companies promoted with your tax dollars by the MEDC on Youtube are in financial trouble. The failure of high profile “green energy” firms with the loss of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars has made national headlines in recent months. Less well-known are similar failures right here in Michigan, costing state taxpayers millions.

Pure Michigan Advertising Campaign “Pure Waste” of Taxpayer Dollars Tourism Study Flawed With “Fuzzy Math” State needs to Abandon Subsidy Favors

A new study claiming that the Pure Michigan advertising campaign funded by taxpayers returns a sizable investment for the state is dubious for several reasons. The projections are based on an online survey from Longwoods International, a travel consulting firm that found that every dollar spent by the state returns $4.90 in tax revenue. This is actually up from their previous 2010 study that found that each dollar returns $2.23.

Despite this overwhelming return on investment, there is no industry support to directly fund their own advertising. As a matter of “fact’ the private tourism industry did their own study and determined that the return on investment wasn’t in their best interest! If online survey’s is a true benchmark then Ron Paul would be the runaway presidential nominee! Pure Michigan Advertising Campaign Where the Sun Shines Bright for “Private Industry” Subsidies at Taxpayers Expense!

Michigan Taxpayers Fund Private NASCAR Race Team

SERIOUSLY??? And they want to raise our Gas Tax and Vehicle Registration Fees Tax? Rousch-Fenway Racing got the State of Michigan to SPONSOR the Nationwide NASCAR # 6 of Ricky Stenhouse Jr. His car and uniform is heavily sponsored by that Pure Michigan advertising campaign from the invite-to-travel advertising budget with our tax dollars. That would be the TAXPAYERS of Michigan not only subsidizing the Michigan International Speedway but now subsidizing a private NASCAR Race Team as well. Is this any different than using our tax money to build/repair a sports stadium for a professional PRIVATE team?

Failed Pension Loan Tied to Bribe and More!

Like I’ve been saying all along just connect the dots! Democrats and Republicans alike are in this pay to play friends and family corruption scheme involving business leaders, and politicians, who are all connected in construction and or real estate. John Rakolta (Walbridge Construction Company and Mitt Romney’s nation co-chair) donates to Bob Ficano (D) get’s rewarded with a no-bid multi million dollar contract to build the new Wayne County jail. The Schostak brothers get favorable legislation passed and signed into law in record speed.

David Schostak’s loan agreement made him personally liable for the $2.1-million difference between the value of the foreclosed property and the outstanding loan balance, Schostak did what you and I might do in the face of such a judgment assuming that one of our brothers was the chairman of the state Republican Party, and that our family’s real estate company had contributed generously to that party’s elected officeholders. He enlisted his friends in the GOP Legislature, along with his brother and business partner Michigan GOP chairman Bobby Schostak (R) who quickly had his minion Senator Richardville adopte a bill excusing him from the terms of the problematic mortgage.

One of their close friends in the legislature is none other than Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville who by the way controls what goes into and out of committees and to the floor for a vote before moving on to the Governor’s desk for his signature into becoming law. Just a little side note in that Senator Richardville co-sponsored this legislation! Every one of them has a background in real estate and or construction in one form or another. Ultimately, this whole scheme is at the cost of “we the taxpayers” through the legislative process! If I can connect the dots where is the FBI on all this? There’s a lot more to these scheme’s than meets the eye!

Movie Producer subsidies, Film Studio subsidies, in which Mr. Rakolta is a partner in the Raleigh Film Studio in Pontiac that recently failed to meet it’s bond obligation that now the “state pension fund” has to cover per the subsidy agreement. There are many more examples of this kind of corruption!|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

Governor Snyder Signs Law Repealing Motorcycle Helmet Requirement

While I totally agree it should be the motorcyclist “Freedom of Choice” Helmet laws, like mandating insurance companies to cover Autism or Taxing Pensions have done nothing to do what so ever with creating an environment conducive to job creation by the public sector and everything to do with “damage control” for the failed leadership of Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville in the Michigan Senate!

The good Governor had to do something as to throw a bone to the “Freedom and Liberty” loving citizens of Michigan in light of the recent scandals plaguing the Michigan Legislature! What scandals am I referring to you ask? How about “dele-gate” and “mortgage-gate” just to mention a couple. Oh but there is a whole laundry list of bad legislation that has come under his watch!

To be fair some good things have been done but are far outweighed by the bad or legislation that should be put in effect. There is one critical piece of legislation being held up by the failed leadership of Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville in the Senate and that is “right-to-work”! Not to be greedy but a part-time legislature would be another.

Cutting Librarians and Therapists Would Save Prisons Millions Senate Panel Finds $72.5 Million To Cut From Prison Administration

Why stop there? Prisons are more like “Club Med” rather than an institution for criminals. They have a lavish library system better than most communities, fitness facilities better than most in the private sector that charges a membership fee, cable television, and three square meals a day. This gives a whole new meaning to punishment. Where’s the incentive not to commit a crime again?

Michigan Students Facing up to 21% Tuition Increases

Tony McCaul works three part-time jobs and has an internship and student loans, and he’s dreading the bill coming soon from Michigan State University, where he’ll be a senior this fall. Like students across the state, McCaul, 22, of Lake Odessa will pay a lot more this year than last fall a 9.6% hike in his case.

U.S. Citizen or Not, University of Michigan May Charge In-State Rate

More U.S. Homes Enter Foreclosure Process

More U.S. homes are entering the foreclosure process, setting the stage for a surge in properties repossessed by lenders this year. The number of homes that received first-time foreclosure notices rose 7% in March from the previous month, foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac said Thursday.

Wayne County Executive Bob Ficano’s Top Aides Tracked Political Work of Appointees

Robert Ficano and his top aides kept score of the political work done by their taxpayer-funded appointees, according to an e-mail obtained Tuesday by the Free Press. Mr. Ficano has for years enriched himself and his friends by capitalizing on his position with Wayne County at the taxpayers’ expense!

“When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

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