The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, April, 18, 2011

Opinion By R. Al Bain
Former U.S. Representative Pete Hoekstra of Holland who served from 1993 until 2011, then in 2010 was a Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate, and now potential 2012 GOP Senate candidate, telling that “Tea Party” deficit hawks need to cut House Speaker John Boehner some slack while he’s trying to negotiate a budget deal with President Barack Obama and the Democrats. “GIVE HIM A LITTLE BIT OF BREATHING ROOM. DON’T MAKE YOUR JUDGMENTS AFTER THREE MONTHS. IT’S TOUGH. THEY CONTROL HALF OF ONE BRANCH OFGOVERNMENT.”
The federal debt increased $54.1 billion in the eight days preceding the deal made by President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) and House Speaker John Boehner (R.-Ohio) to cut $38.5 billion in federal spending for the remainder of fiscal year 2011 and he thinks the “Tea Party” hawks should cut him some slack? Republicans were elected with the help of these same “Tea Party” hawks in the 2010 elections as to cut the deficit and they promised $100,000 billion not $38,000. The real problem is that politicians say one thing to get elected then do another once in office!
This is all too typical out of a career politician who’s been feeding at the public trough since 1993 and seems content on feeding some more by contemplating running for a U S Senate seat in 2012. Mr. Hoekstra is just another one of the many old Republican guards that should fade into the political sunset along with many others including U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter who injected rock legends Led Zeppelin into a house floor speech.
What in the world does a rock band have to do with anything political or the problems facing our country? I say he should contact the huckster (Mike Huckabee) and see if he has an opening in his band! As far as Mr. Hoekstra he joins a long list of self proclaimed conservative Republicans who are really nothing more than center left liberals who continue to hurt the Republican Party and we have quite a few of those here in Michigan! I bet he wishes that he had the support of those same “Tea Party” hawks in his failed bid for Michigan Governor! I must be a radical conservative Republican to think this way but I call it like it is!

Michigan Democrats Push for Detroit River International Crossing legislation
Lt. Governor Calley has been working the halls of the Capitol to try and find a sponsor to reintroduce this legislation.  To date, nobody has been willing to pick up this hot potato until now. Rumors are flying that Republican (?) Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville is going to introduce it this week. Before the elections last year the public outcry from citizens against this legislation scuttled this proposal! What’s changed? I’ll tell you, once elected they don’t care what the citizens want it’s all about lobbyist, special interest, and themselves! Remember in a public-private relationship if it makes money it’s private, if it looses money it’s public and the taxpayers will be on the hook!

Battle against Public-Owned Bridge Heats Up
The taxpayers of Michigan will be the ones on the hook for this bridge no matter which way you strike it! Let Marty build his bridge but put checks and balances in place. To sum this up when you are talking about a public-private partnership if it makes money it’s private, if it looses money it’s public!

Nugent tells Gov. Snyder: Lift rules on Hunting
Richardville Pipes In:
Ted Nugent personally delivered a message Thursday to Gov. Rick Snyder: Dump rules that send hunters to other states and cost Michigan millions of dollars in business.  “Michigan has so many opportunities that are not being utilized because of so many silly, illogical, antiscience regulations that represent a blockade to sportsmen,” Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, evesdropping on the interview then piped up that he agrees with Nugent. This is coming from a legislator who’s past voting record of more taxes, fees, and regulations has been part of the problem here in Michigan. It never amazes me to see these legislators say one thing then vote for another! Richardville is not one to miss a photo-op or some free print in the press that benefits himself.

New Direction
Senator Richardville appoints new press secretary taking over the job from Matt Marsden, who had a very public clash last month with Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) over his choice to take up the “so-called” partial birth abortion legislation. Amber McCann who previously worked with former Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm. McCann actually cut her teeth in politics as an intern in constituent service for former Gov. Jennifer Granholm. My question would be is this the right appointment for a “so-called” self proclaimed conservative to make? You make the call!

Granholm’s Big Payoff along with other Democrats
After years of funneling millions in taxpayer money to Big Business as governor, Jennifer Granholm cashed in Thursday as Dow handed her a six-figure position on its board. Granholm’s administration handed more than $200 million in tax breaks to Dow and its subsidiaries. In short, this smells to high heaven like a payoff! “During Granholm’s time as governor,” reported the Saginaw News, “Dow benefited from hundreds of millions of dollars in state tax credits, including more than $100 million in 2010 for Dow Kokam and Dow Powerhouse Solar Shingle development.” Democrats are the party of the little guy? Jennifer Granholm is laughing all the way to the bank at the taxpayers expense. Former Democrat State House Majority Leader Kathy Anger got her reward from AT&T when she was term limited by giving her a job as a lobbyist. Payment made for services redered.–Granholm-s-big-payoff

Costly Union Worker Special Favor Barely Survives With Help of Two Michigan Republicans
Even though the vast majority of American construction workers do not belong to a labor union, federal government policy discriminates against these workers when awarding government construction projects. An attempt to put a stop to this took place on Feb. 19 in the U.S. House of Representatives, but the attempt failed on a tie vote of 210-210. Two Michigan Republicans were amongst the 26 GOP “no” voters who could have broken the tie and won the vote for the “yes” side. All of the 210 “yes” votes were Republicans. The amendment had no Democrat support. The two Republicans from Michigan that voted “no” were Candice Miller, R-Harrison Twp., and Thad McCotter, R-Livonia. Tea Party alert, these two must go in 2012!

Michigan “8th” Worst State for Highest Property Taxes
The Tax Foundation ranked the states based on property taxes paid as a percentage of median home value for owner-occupied homes in each state. This is a good way to rank the states because it provides a standardized number for comparison. The Tax Foundation found that homeowners in these states paid the most in property taxes compared to home value. The percentages represent the percentage of home value that homeowners pay in property taxes.

What’s the Real Unemployment Number? Fuzzy math strikes again!
Last week’s surprisingly sharp decline in the unemployment rate from 9.4% to 9% and equally surprising anemic job growth — 36,000 new jobs — left a lot of investors scratching their heads. How could the unemployment rate plummet so significantly while a such a trivial number of new jobs were created? If we simply extrapolate those numbers, we get some nonsensical results. If adding 36,000 jobs to the 139 million jobs in the U.S. economy lowers the unemployment rate by 0.4 percentage points, then adding just 720,000 jobs should lower the unemployment rate by 8 points — from 9% to only 1%. Yet the Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that 812,000 jobs were added in the year from January 2010 to January 2011 (138,511,000 vs. 139,323,000). Based on the unemployment rate announced last week, we could expect that those 812,000 additional jobs would have lowered the unemployment rate to near-zero. But of course, we know they didn’t.

Initial jobless claims spike by 26,000 but remain below the 400,000 mark
First-time jobless claims spiked by 26,000 the week ending March 5, but remain below the 400,000 mark for the third straight week, the U.S. Labor Department reported today.  Not to worry, though. The increase in claims, although larger than expected by most economists, doesn’t signal that the labor market is deteriorating. Instead seasonal factors played a part in this week’s report. Quote from Michigan Works: Weekly jobless claims spiked last week, but economists say the labor market is still improving.

Ohio Legislature passes Collective Bargain Limits
We have Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana all passing this type of legislation to stop this monopoly of public unions, absent is Michigan, why? The Ohio Legislature has passed a bill severely limiting union rights for 350,000 public workers amid protests by several hundred demonstrators. The legislation affects safety workers, teachers, nurses and a host of other government personnel. It allows unions to negotiate wages and certain job conditions but not health care, sick time or pension benefits. It also does away with automatic pay increases in favor of merit raises and prohibits strikes.

Governments harangue about deficits to get more revenue so they can spend more.
Allan H. Meltzer

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