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Opinion by R Al Bain
“Liberal Media to the Rescue – Defends “RINO” Michigan Senator”

What does it tell you when a leftist liberal media writer comes to the defense of a so-called Republican State Senator? For many true Conservatives and Patriots the answer is crystal clear. It’s bad enough when the Michigan Republican Senate Caucus members give this Senator a standing ovation of support for valid criticisms by Conservative party members and citizens that he is supposed to represent, but the liberal media who has joined in as to protect this “Union Stooge” masquerading as a Republican.

Susan Demas who writes for and is a contributor to several liberal left socialist news publications such as the Huffington Post, Dome Magazine, and articles in the blogosphere arena has come to the defense of Michigan Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville. She has written several scathing articles condemning two Michigan citizens who dare speak out against this so-called “self proclaimed conservative” Republican Senator.

The articles written by this liberal writer prove her incompetence in the field of journalism! If I didn’t know better one could think she was paid by this Senator to write them? These articles are a one sided view favoring the Senator without the courtesy of contacting all involved. In none of her articles is there any mention of the Senators voting record favoring union institutions or the alleged infidelity’s that has caused his pending divorce from his wife of 30 plus years.

This is the same Susan Demas who wrote scathing and disrespectful articles in the Huffington Post concerning Sarah Palin comparing her to Lady Gaga right down to her glossy lips and heavenward gaze. In this same publication she also writes about support for both gay marriage and civil unions in Michigan saying: It will be interesting to see if the Senate GOP caucus would reconsider their strategy on this issue, but I’m guessing they ignore it or ask Gary Glenn and his American Family Association of Michigan to spit out some propaganda that makes them feel better.

This is a perfect example of what has happened to our once principled Republican Party. When we have Republicans condoning and protecting “RINOS” within the party ranks and allow the liberal media to defend them, Houston, we have a problem! The Republican Party is hemorrhaging members and votes at an alarming rate but they continue to coddle these types within the party and continue to throw moderate left leaning candidates at its base. This is a recipe for disaster and may very well doom the party!

Stork Pays Visit to State Capitol in Lansing

Amber McCann who cut her teeth in politics and was groomed under the tutoring of former Governor Jennifer Granholm in which she also worked in her administration is expecting a brother for 20-month-old Adelaide on June 15. Amber McCann is currently the spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville of Monroe! Scroll down to see baby bounty.

State Legislature Mandates Insurers Provide Autism Coverage

While I feel for couples with autistic children it is not the responsibility of the citizenry as a whole to pay for the misfortunes of others! Mandating this on insurance companies will only mean a rate hike for consumer policy holders. This legislation also creates yet another government entity aka “bigger government” at the cost to Michigan taxpayers at a time we should be downsizing government aka “less government”.

Any charlatan can now hang out a shingle for a diagnosis and or treatment and will be paid for their services. There is no know cure for this neurological disorder (syndrome). What’s next Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and or a whole laundry list of deceases and disorders that the taxpayers will fund in one form or another? This sure rings to the tune of Hillary Clinton’s, “it takes a village” mentality of socialism and this coming from Republicans. When this disorder started to effect prominent Politicians and Business Leaders action was taken.

David Meador, executive vice president and chief financial officer for DTE Energy has a 15-year-old daughter, Maribel, that is autistic. Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley, has an autistic daughter also. It is now believed that autism is largely “hereditary”. Therefore, it has been around for as long as there have been humans. If we are going down this road of socialized medical coverage and with today’s technology, maybe couples should be tested to see if autism is prevalent before having a child? That would only be fair to the taxpayers who will now have to pay for someone else’s medical problems!

Unions Using Ballot for Power Grab

California is truly the Golden State for Big Labor. Unions, particularly those representing public employees, use the state’s penchant for government by ballot initiative to enshrine in the constitution a raft of labor friendly amendments guaranteeing their benefits, a generous stream of tax dollars to cover their paychecks, and funding for projects that keep them employed.

The distortion of its constitution by restrictive amendments makes it impossible for California to reduce spending and slash the bureaucracy even if politicians wanted to. It’s a big reason California has a $13 billion budget deficit, and why its businesses and citizens are fleeing to neighboring states. Michigan’s labor bosses want a piece of that action. Aided by the Democratic Party, unions are trying to get a bedsheet of proposals on the November ballot. No doubt a poison pill against the right-to-work initiative!

Herman Cain Endorses Hoekstra in Mich. Senate Race

This is yet another example that the Republican elitist power brokers have hijacked the “TEA Party” movement! This former presidential front runner and has drank the kool-aid and joined forces with the Republican Party establishment. I had my concerns from the beginning with Mr.Cain and the fact he was once chairman of the Kansas Federal Reserve. To endorse Hoekstra just proves this out.

Romney Relied on Kennedy to Help Pass ‘Romneycare’

GOP presidential front-runner Mitt Romney was so close a partner with the liberal late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy in the crafting of Massachusetts’ sweeping healthcare law that he frequently referred to Kennedy as “my collaborator and friend.”

Anuzis Sips Tea but Hates the Taste

RightMichigan has done a great job exposing the shenanigans in this week’s MI Primary delegate allocation fiasco.  I am a Michigan voter for Santorum, but this isn’t about Rick Santorum. Nor is it completely about who gets that lone “at-large” delegate. This is about the integrity of the election process. The voters gave Romney a narrow win in the state-wide popular vote and via MI-GOP rules a 15-15 split in delegates. Not enough for Romney to claim a clear victory in his “homestate.” Santorum took to the air to claim his share of the spoils and Romney backers on the MI-GOP Credentials Committee took to the backroom to “fix” an error.

Oh Yeah – THOSE Rules – Day 10 Dele-GATE

We have yet to see the minutes of the alleged meeting February 4th, where the rules were ‘adjusted’ for a winner take all of at large delegates. In fact, there is really no proof the meeting ever took place.

Michigan not alone Shenanigans and Fraud in Missouri’s Republican Party as well!

Remember what happened in Michigan (dele-gate), and several other state’s? Same thing is happening all over the country. Now it is Missouri’s turn. There are three main culprits to today’s fiasco. Eugene Dokes – St. Charles County Republican Committee Chairman, Bryan Spencer – Chairman of the Caucus Committee for the St. Charles County GOP (he organized the caucus), and Matt Ehlen – The guy they installed as Chairman and who ended the meeting before conducting any business.

GOP Corruption in Georgia it’s not just Michigan

It’ like a virus running throughout the whole Republican Party perpetrated by the power broker establishment elitist of the Party! Take a look at the action in Athens, Clarke County, Georgia. On Saturday March 10th, in Athens, GA, the democratic process was trampled on. The Athens-Clarke county GOP met to hold their annual county convention. The convention was held to nominate, approve, and pass slates of delegates to the party’s district and state conventions.

County chairman Matt Brewster and nominating committee chairman John Elliot blatantly broke the rules of their own party when they improperly, and without a majority, passed delegate slates and adjourned the convention amidst cries for “division”, which is a call for a standing head count. With that, many sitting precinct delegates were disenfranchised, and the convention was improperly closed. Sound familiar?

Romney’s Fuzzy Math for a Fuzzy Campaign

Ed Rollins, the genius behind Reagan’s brilliant 1984 re-election, said on Fox News the overall voting trends for Romney are not good.Rollins observes that Romney has done really well in blue-state primaries. But Republicans won’t win these states this November. Rollins adds that Romney loses badly in many red states ones he must carry in November. Blue states, aren’t those Democrat states? Didn’t Romney accuse Santorum of courting the Democrat votes? Looks like it’s the other way around to me!

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

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