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Opinion By R Al Bain
In 2010 the voters along with the TEA Party faithful elected many Republicans to office at all levels of government from the local, state and federal levels as they promised to reign in big government and adhere to their wishes. Has this happened? I would suggest that it hasn’t! In Michigan we gave the Republicans control of the House and Senate along with a Republican Governor.

For any citizen who does their research they will clearly see that we have had nothing but proposed tax increases and an expansion of government programs and entities. Now to be fair some good things have been done but are more than offset by tax increases and the creation of bigger government. What we all heard about and continue to hear about from our elected politicians is the catch phase “jobs”.

While politicians puke this phrase out with regularity along their path of obtaining their feeding spot at the public trough, the focus is not on creating an environment conducive to job creation. Can anyone explain to me how taxing pensions, mandating insurance companies to cover autism, raising the gas tax, raising the vehicle registration fees, and a host of other big government ideas help in creating a friendly environment for the private sector to create jobs?

What about the recent legislation that was rushed though the legislature in Senate Bill 992: Clarify mortgage loan contract “non-recourse” provision rules? Doesn’t that sound good like it may help the problematic mortgage’s that many Michigan citizens are facing? Far from it! This piece of legislation is nothing more than to help one of their own in the Lansing good ole’ boy’s club! This was rushed through at unprecedented speed through the legislature from introduction to the Governor’s signature in 48 day’s flat!

Very rarely does any legislative Bill get of committee less than 45 day’s let alone passed and signed into law by the governor with such rapid speed! The articles below will give insight to the cronyism going on in Lansing with SB 992!

My Letter to a Michigan Senator Concerning Senate Bill 992
Senator Pappageorge,
                                 In light of your email I received of the most recent edition of the Monthly Minute, a newsletter you’ve created to keep me up-to-date on legislative and district happenings I felt compelled to write you for assistance. I noticed the section on your page “Mortgage Assistance Information” which only served to pique my interest.
In light of the recent passage of Senate Bill 992 (Clarify mortgage loan contract “non-recourse” provision rules) I was wondering if you would consider introducing legislation that would remove the clause in my home mortgage contract rescinding the provision that gives the bank the right to go after my personal assets. You see in light of the economic climate and uncertainty we are facing the burden this has bestowed on my family along with other Michigan homeowners is tragic.
I am very aware that I have no relatives, family members, or business associates connected with the political elitist in Lansing and with that being said I only feel fair is fair! There are many citizens in Michigan at present that have problematic mortgages that could use a friend in Lansing as to provide relief in this area. I would also request that if you should decide to introduce this type of legislation that you would consider the language making it retroactive as to further help the troubled citizens of Michigan. In closing the citizens of Michigan “expect and deserve” the same type of representation afforded to those we elect to serve us!
With all Sincerity,
R Al Bain

Retroactive State Law Lets GOP Chairman’s Brother off the Hook for $2.4 million
Wells Fargo bank will file a court challenge to a new state law signed by Gov. Rick Snyder that overturned a $2.4-million judgment against the brother and business partner of Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak, the bank’s attorney said Friday.
The law Snyder signed Thursday, which says a lender can recover only the real estate offered as collateral when a certain type of commercial loan goes into default, is unusual because it is retroactive, to the benefit of Schostak’s brother. It sailed through the Legislature with bipartisan support but left some unhappy lawmakers in its wake. “It was one of the more disturbing bills that we’ve taken up this session,” said Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills, who chairs the House Oversight, Reform and Ethics Committee.
Attorneys and legal scholars say the new state law may violate the U.S. Constitution. McMillin said he is disturbed that the new laws alters existing contracts and by the rush to get it approved. He said his initial concerns were elevated when he began investigating and discovered the Schostak connection and what he felt were inflated claims by backers of the bill. The bill was supported by nearly all the big players in Michigan’s commercial real estate industry whose campaign contributions has rewarded them with favorable legislation and government contracts!
This just proves and shows the failed leadership of Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville who co-sponsored this Bill that benefits the friends and family corruption scheme we all see playing out not only in Detroit and Wayne County but Lansing as well! It’s high time Mr. Richardville’s colleagues in the Senate call for a vote of no confidence and remove this parasite from the leadership position! Not only do the citizens of Michigan expect and deserve better from the leadership in the Senate but his Republican colleagues should as well.

Richardville’s Divorce Attorney Announces Candidacy for the Monroe County Probate Court
Jill LaVoy the Monroe attorney who was retained to handle Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville’s divorce proceedings has declared her candidacy for the Monroe County Probate Court. 
Jill LaVoy comes with a Monroe County legal lineage: Her father, William LaVoy, was a county prosecutor and longtime circuit court judge and an uncle, James Rostash, served as prosecutor as well. Ms. LaVoy, 43, has been an attorney in Monroe for 18 years, with a focus on family law.

Michigan RINO Senator Retaliates!
Senate Majority leader Randy Rchardville instructed his attorney to threaten a Michigan privately owned radio station and to limit the first amendment free speech rights of a Michigan citizen. The WMKT radio station received a cease and desist letter from Michigan Senator/Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville’s attorney. 
Patriot Voice Radio Network located in Petoskey, Michigan produces a syndicated political talk show which is broadcast on WKMT-1270 AM/92.1 FM with talk show host Greg Marshall. “Trucker Randy” Bishop has a weekly appearance on Thursday afternoon’s from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Senator Richardville continues to vilify those who would speak up against his “Liberal Union Loving Policies” by getting his liberal media friends to write and publish scathing articles condemning their outspoken criticism of the good Senator. This is not an isolated incident in this regard concerning Mr. Richardville.

More Propaganda Spewed About Economic Recovery Home Values Still Declining 
It’s not just the government buffaloing the public with tall tails of an economic recovery along with the housing market the news media and realtors have jumped on the bandwagon of lies. From 2005 to 2009 the value of my home lost $25,000. In 2009 we were told that the great recession had ended and the economy along with home values had bottomed with nowhere to go but up!
As interest rates have hit all time lows the time to refinance one’s mortgage as to save thousands over the term was at hand. There is just one small problem, home values have continued to plummet. In 2012 my home was recently appraised during the refinance process and to my surprise not only have home values continued to fall they are falling even worse! The appraised valued came in at a shocking loss in value of $62,000 loss from the 2009 appraisal! That’s a whopping $87,000 loss in the value of my home from the original purchase price!

Shallow Harbors are Sinking Great Lakes Tourism
So much for wasting our tax dollars on the Pure Michigan advertising campaign. Our harbors are to shallow for boats and our roads are atrocious. The federal government collects money to maintain these harbors yearly when it collects the Harbor Maintenance Tax from shippers. That money goes into the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund, which is intended to maintain all federal harbors and channels, including 69 in Michigan. On paper, the fund has built up a balance of about $6 billion that’s theoretically available to fix the harbors.

Politicians Praising Failed Green Company
With all the recent failed wind, solar, and other green companies our tax dollars continue going down the drain. Michigan has had more than it’s share!

Florida Judge Enforces Sharia Law over U.S. Constitution Legislators Allow It
With Dearborn Michigan being the largest Arab community in the United States is this what’s in store for Michigan? This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Sharia law stands in stark contrast to US law. Yet we are slowly allowing this Muslim religious law to gain acceptance and approval right inside the American law system, which has roots back to English common law and the Magna Carta.

“When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.”
Thomas Jefferson

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