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Opinion by R Al Bain

Richardville, Bolger, Embarrass Legislature Hurt’s Republican Party

It’s not common, but every now and then a member of the Michigan Legislature switches parties. It’s a big deal for a few days, then everybody gets used to it and moves on. That’s what could have happened with Rep. Roy Schmidt’s desire to leave the Democratic Party and join the House Republican majority, had it not been for a series of incredibly clumsy machinations that have made the Grand Rapids lawmaker and House Speaker Jase Bolger look like the kind of scheming, conniving politicians voters despise.

As a Republican of over 35 years this revelation is very troubling. The lack of ethics, integrity, and moral values of our Republican leadership in both the House and Senate is unconscionable! It would appear that those we elect only look out for themselves, the Party click, and their perceived position of power and not the best interest of the citizenry.

The shenanigan’s that has been exposed in the last few years proves this out. Dele-Gate,  Notary-Gate, and Mortgage-Gate just to mention a few along with the “moral infidelity” of Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville that has caused the divorce of his wife of over 30 plus years is not in keeping with the principles, traditions, and values that the Republican Party was founded upon.

Senator Richardville has used his “political machine” here in Monroe County to target a Conservative Commissioner ( Mary O’Neill District 7 ) who has looked out for the best interest of the citizens and not the Party, and Political Clicks by voting against tax increases, non-essential spending, and pay raises for friends and family who are on the taxpayer payroll.

Senator Richardville’s mother Glenda Kennon who has been first vice chair of the Monroe County Republican Party since he was first elected as a State Representative back in 1999 and her Republican Woman’s Club girlfriend Patty Braden have recruited a “yes man” to run against Mrs. O’Neill in the upcoming Republican Primary election. Are these the type of Republicans we want within our Party? I for one think not.

“Complaint Lodged Against Monroe County Republican Party”

To: Saul Anuzis 9/26/08 – Chairman Michigan Republican Party

In accordance with the duties of my position as the chairman of the Monroe County Republican Party and my Oath of Office, I am notifying you of allegations / complaints that I have received concerning members of our Executive Committee that could possibly be a violation of law.

1). An officer of the MCRP executive committee contacted *** ***** a resident of Monroe County in an effort to “recruit” him as a possible republican delegate. It was stated to me that this officer left a delegate affidavit form with Mr. ***** to complete. She explained to him that she would pick up the form at a later date. This officer did come back at a later date to pick up the completed affidavit; the affidavit was not notarized at that time. This officer told ***** that she would take care of the notarization of the legal document. Upon investigating this complaint I discovered that the document had been notarized at a later time / date without the knowledge of Mr. ***** and not in his presence as required by law.

The notarization of the form in question had been completed by another officer of the MCRP executive committee, Mrs. Glenda Kennon. I spoke with Mr. ***** and I believe this allegation to have merit. The document was not notarized in the presence of Mr. ***** which may be a violation of Michigan Law. I also believe that the notarizations of delegate affidavits while not in the presence of the signers have taken place on a large scale. I have spoke with other individuals that are unwilling to come forward because of the relationship of Mrs. Kennon to State Senator Richardville.

2). ****** ****** a resident of Monroe County had filled out a delegate affidavit form; this was witnessed by several individuals at our last “Lincoln / Reagan” day fund raising dinner. The form was properly completed, notarized and signed by the applicant at the dinner. The form was then given to Mrs. Glenda Kennon (chairman of the delegate committee) to be taken to the Monroe County clerks office for registration. The form was never registered with the clerk’s office and Mrs. ****** name was not placed on the ballot denying her attempt to become an elected official. Whether this was a malicious attempt to deny Mrs. ****** of her basic right to become an elected official is not for me to decide. That is why I am passing this information to you.

I believe that I have fulfilled my legal and ethical obligations to report possible wrongdoing within this political organization. I do not hold judgment on these individuals. I have investigated these matters and I am reporting what I have learned to the appropriate authorities. If the need arises Mr. ***** and Mrs. ***** are willing to come forward to validate these claims. I am thereby washing my hands of this issue.

Sincerely, Jeff Andring Chairman Monroe County Republican Party

Snyder Creates Bigger Government with Michigan Autism Council

This is exactly what we the citizens of Michigan don’t need more bigger government! We should be cutting the size and scope of government not making it bigger at taxpayer expense. The governor’s office issued an order creating the council as a step to implement Michigan’s Autism Spectrum Disorders State Plan. Snyder and Lt. Gov. Brian Calley pushed for passage of a “mandate” for insurance coverage for autism treatment for children. This “mandate” will be passed on to every rate payer in Michigan so it’s essentially a tax increase!

Senate Bill 0981 (2012) and now Public Act 101 of 2012 (Effective: 4/18/2012)  was sponsored by Senator Randy Richardville as the primary sponsor. Interestingly enough Richardville’s uncle Senator Roger Kahn of the famed SEIU dues skimming scheme was a co-sponsor along with Richardville’s Democratic buddy Senator Tupac Hunter who slid in the last minute substitute Bill for the “new government bridge” that was defeated in committee. The autism legislation was championed by former Democrat Representative Kathy Angerer of Monroe who now works as a lobbyist for AT&T.

Rick Snyder “Vetoes” Voter ID Bills – Eric Holder Agrees

The governor said that while he “appreciates the issue of ensuring voters are eligible and U.S. citizens,” the measures could create “voter confusion among absentee voters.” What confusion would that be Mr. Snyder? Either you are a eligible and U.S. citizens or you’re not, seems simple enough to me! Is there more to this veto than meets the eye? Democrat Attorney General Eric Holder agrees with Governor Snyder on this one! Is it me or is something bad wrong here when a supposedly Republican Governor veto’s a common sense piece of legislation and the Democrat Attorney General agrees with him?

Michigan Obama HeathCare Exchange and a Tale of Two Quotes

Can anybody tell me what’s the difference between these two quotes? John Dingell has pushed hard for Nationalized Health Care for years such as ObamaCare and Senator Randy Richardville voted in favor of a Michigan Obama Heath Care Exchange!

John Dingell’s quote in regard to those that say he’s been in office to long – “This is John Dingell,” the Dearborn Democrat said. “I do things my own way and I’ve been doing them for years and it always works.”

Randy Richardville’s quote in regard to the Scott Walker “re-call” victory in Wisconsin – “Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said he doesn’t look to Wisconsin as a model for Michigan and doesn’t really care what happened there. He went on to say “The Wisconsin people and Legislature does things their way, and we do ours our way.”

Are Your Tax Dollars Supporting Drug Attics Through Subsidies?

The taxpayers of Michigan are subsidizing Michigan International Speedway to the tune of Millions of taxpayer dollars (18.1 million to date) while drivers are failing drug tests. This is so wrong on so many levels!

If this isn’t bad enough the taxpayers through the “Pure Michigan” advertising campaign subsidies is now sponsoring a “NASCAR” racing team as well. The Subsidies for New Ballparks, NASCAR, New Government Bridges, and list goes on and on. All this while our roads continue to deteriorate for lack of funds and they have the gull to suggest we need a new road tax!

More US Homes Facing Foreclosure in June

Banks are increasingly placing homes with unpaid mortgages on a countdown that could deliver a swell of new foreclosed properties onto the market by early next year, potentially weighing further on home values. June provided the latest evidence of this trend, as the number of U.S. homes entering the foreclosure process for the first time increased on an annual basis for the second month in a row, foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac Inc. said Thursday.–finance.html

‘We have staked the whole of all our political Institutions upon the capacity of mankind For Self-government, upon the capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves, to control ourselves, to sustain ourselves according to The Ten Commandments of God.’ ~ James Madison

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