The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, August, 8, 2011

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Opinion: By R. Al Bain – Subsidies Cost Michigan Taxpayers Dearly

Under the guise of job creation and to lure or keep certain businesses here in Michigan we have taxpayer-funded subsides. If a business can’t make it on its own why should we the taxpayers help fund it when we don’t share in the profits? Picking winners and losers in the business community is not the way of a free market society. A social and economic system in which prices are fixed by the law of supply and demand rather than by a government or other body. In its pure form, a market economy is an economy absent of government subsidies, incentives, or regulations.

Just a few bad examples of Michigan subsidies created by our elected officials in Lansing, and there are many, would be, Film Producers, Pure Michigan Advertising, and Michigan International Speedway. There is no good reason or benefit to the taxpayers of Michigan to fund these aforementioned examples. The only benefit is to the companies who receive these subsidies and the Politicians who either introduce or vote in favor of the legislation. The subsidy benefits should be obvious in the taxpayers and voters eyes! What business owner wouldn’t want free money to run its business at someone else’s expense? Politicians get campaign contributions and support at election time.

For the few jobs created in Michigan by the Film Industry, when the director say’s cut they leave town and so do the few jobs along with them! For the Pure Michigan Advertising Campaign the industry that benefits the most wouldn’t fund this campaign for the return on investment just wasn’t there! I’ve saved the best for last! Our roads and infrastructure in Michigan are crumbling but the Michigan International Speedway get’s a taxpayer-funded subsidy for their infrastructure such as track resurfacing, pit’s and grandstands. How many races do they hold their a year? For those racing fans the price of the tickets you purchase is higher than you think! For those who don’t attend or give two hoot’s about racing, you’re paying for it anyway!

Next up on the subsidy list is the New International Bridge Crossing! I bet the taxpayers of Michigan can’t wait to see how our elected representatives put the spin on this subsidy!

“Richardville P.A.C.” Paying Recall Attorney Costs
As many Republicans have faced the potential of a recall, the caucus has enlisted Dykema attorney Gary Gordon to represent members with the caucus’s political action committee footing the bill. In regard to the recall against himself Mr. Richardville stated to the Monroe Evening News he would not contest or appeal the decision made by the Monroe County Board of Elections who approved the petition language! He stated that he would “let the voters have their right” to the political re-call process. I guess stacking the deck with high-priced Lansing Lawyers is different? The voting citizens at the grassroots level can’t afford attorney’s to help them out! Advantage, “Political Trough Feeders”! You can lead a horse to water but if he’s still thirsty you can’t pull his head out of the trough! (subscription required)

Richardville Favors Hollywood Filmmaker Friends Over Constituents
At a Michigan Film Advisory Commission meeting back on November 9, 2007 the minutes clearly show where Senator Richardville’s allegiances lie and it’s not with those who voted him into office! Another example worth looking at is the fact that Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville has been lobbied very hard by Nelson, Rakolta and the other partners. Richardville attended the Emmy’s on a trip arranged by Linden Nelson! See Michigan Film Credit Secrets. This is all about the buddy-buddy system and what can you do for me not the citizens Mr. Richardville is supposed to represent!

Gary Glenn Announces Candidacy for United States Senate
Now here’s someone we conservatives can get behind! The Michigan leader of the conservative American Family Association announced Tuesday that he is running for the Republican nomination in the race to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow. In a statement announcing his candidacy, Glenn praised U.S. Rep. Justin Amash of Cascade Township the only one of Michigan’s nine Republicans in Congress to vote against the debt ceiling bill, which President Barack Obama signed Tuesday. Stabenow voted for the bill. “Over the last 20 years, Debbie Stabenow and “Pete Hoekstra” have both voted for budgets and debt ceiling increases that resulted in trillions of dollars of increased debt on our economy and our children,” Glenn said.

Scamming You, The Taxpayer, with Stipends, Subsidies, and Assistance
This speaks to where just some of our tax dollars are going and the abuses that go with it!

Municipalities Collective Bargaining and Unfunded Pension Obligations
We have all read in the news about collective bargaining and unfunded pension obligations with the repercussions starting to come in. Central Falls, Rhode Island, a little town in the northeast part of the state, with a population of only has 19,376, has gone into Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Central Falls was second to Michigan, which lead the country with the highest unemployment rate in 2009. Is this a prelude of things to come for Michigan’s cities?

Governor Snyder Creates Yet More Bigger Government
At a time when Michigan government should and must be downsized Governor Snyder has announced the creation a state-run educational authority. Michigan is broke, the taxpayers are taxed to the hilt, we should be cutting government entities not creating new ones! Where will this money come from to run this new authority? I’ll tell you, the overburdened Michigan taxpayers that’s where!

Michigan Lawmakers New Tax Laws to Cost Taxpayers Dearly
The nonpartisan Citizens Research Council’s report says it expects a business tax cut will have a positive effect on business investment and Michigan’s reputation in the business community. But it sees potential pitfalls as “individual taxpayers” you and I, pick up the tab for higher income tax payments, reducing their ability to spend in ways that would spur the economy.

Green Bus Biz Fails: Government Planners Pick a Loser & Stick With It
Fisher Coach Works was a Michigan hybrid vehicle “green” start-up company that the state hoped to claim as one of the “success stories” for the state’s premier economic development program. Instead, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation lost taxpayers $1.6 million on the deal, but not until after an organization-wide effort to save the company. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation has proven to be a failed Michigan government program that should be eliminated!

Green Agenda has Parallels with Excesses of Communism 
“Global warming alarmist `want to change us, they want to change our behaviour, our way of life, our values and preferences. They want to restrict our freedom because they themselves believe they know what is good for us. They are not interested in climate. They misuse the climate in their goal to restrict our freedom. Therefore …what is in danger is freedom, not the climate’. (The quote is from the Czech President and the article is primarily about him. Good to see at least one politician that will call a spade a spade.) This is a re-post from “Week in Review” By Craig W. Wright

Michigan Creeps Closer to Obamacare ‘Exchange’
If Michigan creates a state Obamacare insurance “exchange,” doing so could potentially undermine the state’s own lawsuit against the new federal health care law. Our legislators have already spent the $1 million federal grant authorized under the new law on other state spending. This is a common practice just like robbing money from our roads for other unspecified spending!

“Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people” 
Thomas Jefferson

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