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Opinion by R Al Bain

What is a Precinct Delegate and Does it Really Make a Difference? The answer to this question quite frankly is it depends. If you are fortunate enough to get involved in your local party that is being run by the Principles, Traditions, and Values that the Party was founded upon, it may or may not. In Michigan, and I’m sure the same holds true for other states as well, some local and state parties are not run accordingly.

As an voting Republican of over 35 years, Current Precinct Delegate in Monroe County, Current Executive Committee Member (non-active), Activist, and former Candidate at both the local and state levels here in Michigan, my experience tells me that being a Precinct Delegate in fact “does not” make a difference what so ever! When your local party is run like a “Gestapo Party” only to the benefit of a select few, including the highest ranking elected official member you are definitely wasting your time! On the other hand if you enjoy being a worker bee as to advance this type of agenda you deserve what you get.

The role of a Precinct Delegate is supposed to be to serve as a liaison between the citizens and voters in your community with the issues that are the most important to them. As a Precinct Delegate you carry the issues and concerns of those neighbors, friends, family, and community back to the local party where they should be addressed. However, with the above scenario those issues and concerns fall on deaf ears because it’s not within the bounds of their personal agenda.

Wonder Where are Road Tax Money Goes?

There are new bike paths sporting shiny asphalt, but the roads are crumbling. Motorists might be surprised to learn that of the 18.4 cents per gallon of federal gas tax they pay at the pump, only about 11 cents goes to maintain highways and bridges. Our elected leaders should ensure that the gas tax dollars Michigan motorists are paying are being used to fix Michigan’s crumbling roads. There is little wonder that citizens increasingly distrust government when tax dollars go to politically favored projects rather than the purpose for which they were intended.

Republican-led Legislature Votes Overwhelmingly to Continue ‘Big Hollywood’ Film Subsidy

Sometimes it seems like Republicans only favor limited government when they are not in charge of it, said Michael LaFaive, director of the Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. When will they accept that robbing Peter to pay Paul creates more job announcements than real jobs? That this failed ‘Big Hollywood’ program remains a creature of Michigan law is deeply disappointing. Tea Party activists were unhappy, to say the least. “I guess I’m not surprised that [bill sponsor] Sen. Richardville has continued his support of programs picking winners and losers in the economy,” said Wendy Day of Common Sense in Government. Day was a bit stunned by the support for the bill in the House. “What is their motivation for engaging in this? A lot of House Republicans campaigned against this as wasting taxpayer money, and then turned around and voted for it?”

The Michigan Film Office – Hollywood Economics’ Cost Taxpayers

HBO recently announced it was cancelling the show “Hung” after three seasons. The show was filmed in Detroit and the surrounding area. The Michigan Film Office estimates the production company spent $7 million from 2010 to 2011 and received $2.7 million back from the film subsidy, comprising about 38 percent of expenditures. The Michigan Film Office receives the film subsidy money from taxpayers.

Governor Snyder Should Veto Film Incentive Bills

Michigan will continue to write million-dollar checks to Hollywood movie producers under legislation passed last week, but the state will still have little to show for its generosity except an acknowledgment as the credits roll. Gov. Rick Snyder should veto this bill not just because it’s an unfair and ineffective use of taxpayer money, but because it goes against his vision for the program to be flexible.

Michigan Politicians Put Recall Rights In Crosshairs

You knew this was coming after the recent re-calls against several legislators. It’s not about what’s best for Michigan citizens and the voting public but how best to protect those feeding at the public trough! A resolution has been introduced in Lansing that would “strip voters of their rights” to recall public officials for policy decisions. In practice, this means that politicians could raise taxes, waste tax dollars and pass and enact virtually any law without having to fear being recalled. The bill, Senate Joint Resolution S, is sponsored by Senate Majority Floor Leader Arlan Meekhof, R-West Olive, and co-sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe. Richardville was the target of a recent re-call in 2011 and word is another attempt will come in 2012 so no surprise he would co-sponsor this attack on the rights of Michigan voters! At the 2008 Monroe County Republican Party Convention Mr. Richardville voted in favor to “strip voters there of their rights” to a secret ballot.

Tea Party Groups Work to Unseat Stabenow

Invitations are being sent to all eight GOP candidates for a Jan. 14 debate at Central Michigan University, organizers announced. Two leaders from each qualified tea party group will be invited to participate in a Feb. 25 straw poll at CMU to determine who wins the tea party endorsement. But the unprecedented effort to unify the tea party vote has drawn criticism from some who say the approach undermines the fiercely independent ideology of the movement. Others who support former Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Holland (Pork Barrel Pete), believe the movement is designed to endorse any candidate but him as the tea party favorite and rightfully so with his liberal voting record!

Metro Airport Severance-Gate Scandal Brings Political Corruption Front and Center

No surprise here about Suzanne Hall (former Southgate Mayor) being delegated to negotiate the contract with Turkia Mullin. Suzanne Hall was mentored by Ed (Fast Eddie) McNamara along with other local and state politicians, such as Kwame Kilpatrick, Bob Ficano, Mike Dungan, Jennifer Granholm, all Democrats. Former state attorney general and former Republican candidate for Michigan Governor Mike Cox was also groomed by McNamara who was the second biggest political crook in Michigan history next to Coleman Young! Electing and re-electing “corruptocrats” like those mentioned above along with Kwame’s father, Bernard Kilpatrick (former chief of staff for Ed McNamara), who all came out of the same corrupt Edward McNamara machine has proven to be a serious problem for Michigan and it’s citizens.

Chevy Volt Could Be Costing Taxpayers Up to $250K Per Vehicle

Each Chevy Volt sold thus far may have as much as $250,000 in state and federal dollars in incentives behind it, a total of $3 billion altogether. And you thought cash for clunkers was bad!

Ex-Auto Czar: Taxpayers Will Lose $14 Billion on Auto Bailouts

American taxpayers will lose about $14 billion on the $82 billion investment to restructure General Motors Co., Chrysler Group LLC and Ally Financial Inc., former auto czar Steven Rattner said. In addition, Rattner acknowledged in a recently published epilogue to his 2010 book, “Overhaul,” that about $19.4 billion that the government put into GM before the 2009 bankruptcy is “lost money.” Asked what he would have done differently, Rattner at first said, “amazingly little,” but then after a brief reflection he added, “We put more cash into GM than we now, in hindsight, probably needed to.” This just proves that like everything else the government gets involved in where it shouldn’t be the results are dismal!

With all the corrupted and self serving politicians I do not believe we as citizens will see a truly representative government of the people for the people in my remaining life time.

R Al Bain


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