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Opinion By R Al Bain

The Republican Party is at a Crossroads.  There’s a battle going on between the establishment minority, and the conservative majority. Between the GOP establishment that cares only about its own power. And the conservative majority that wants power returned to the people. The establishment minority wants us to hold our noses and vote for the Massachusetts moderate. They tell us he is the best man to beat President Obama. They tell us he is the best we can do. 

We’ve been down this road before! In 1976, they gave us Gerald Ford. We got Jimmy Carter. In 1996, they gave us Bob Dole. We got Bill Clinton. In 2008, they gave us John McCain. We got Barak Obama. Now they’re trying to sell us Mitt Romney. Don’t let them. Not this time. 

The establishment does not believe what we believe. They do not see the threats to our freedom, our Constitution and the America we hold dear. They only see a threat to their power. They think they control the Republican Party. But they have a problem. There are more of us then there are of them. We the conservative majority can take our party  and our country back. We can return the GOP back to it’s core principles. And it’s proud heritage.

Local Conservative Group Left out of Romney’s Monroe Stop! “Tea Party” Divided

This is exactly what the Republican establishment had in mind when the “Tea Party” movement came into play prior to the sweep in the 2010 elections. Their strategy from the onset has been “divide and conquer”. Dennis Moore of the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus in Washtenaw County stated that Romney’s his man!

Romney’s rhetoric as a Conservative and “Tea Party” sympathizer doesn’t match his moderate voting record yet some within the movement have drank out of the Romney “kool-aid” pitcher. While I could fine no quote from Terry Bowman or Mary Beth Schmidt in this regard I can only hope they haven’t drank from this same pitcher as well!

Romney’s rhetoric on favoring right-to-work doesn’t match his legislative actions as governor according to the data obtained from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Department. I have personally found there are many Republican Party members who are faithful to the Republican Party over the very principles that the “Tea Party” was founded upon that have infiltrated this movement.

Considering Senator Richardville’s involvement as co-chairman of Team Romney’s Michigan Campaign and the site recommendation he made at the Monroe National Galvanizing plant, shouldn’t the voters be just a little suspect? With his past relationship with Monroe County Community College president David Nixon (who attended the event) wouldn’t the Lazy-Boy Center at the college been a more transparent and accessible location for the public at large to participate?

This was nothing more than a “dog and pony” show carefully crafted by the co-chairman of Romney’s Michigan campaign as to garner a certain important segment of the voting electorate. The Union members and the “Tea Party” members were the target of this stop. Invited were Terry Bowman a UAW member who favors freedom to work (right-to-work) and two representatives from “Tea Party” organizations outside of Monroe County.

Mary Beth Schmidt of the Rattle With Us Tea Party in Wayne County and Dennis Moore from the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus in Washtenaw County. Interestingly missing from this group was Monroe’s own Conservative Caucus of Monroe County who have been in existence long before either of the “Tea Party” groups that were invited! This was by design for the Conservative Caucus of Monroe County was formed in part because of the non-conservative left leaning polices pursued and promoted by Senator Richardville. Read the comments in the link below that sums up Romney’s flip-flops on the issues. As voters are we going to let them pull the wool over our eye’s and take this or will we vote for true representation?

Romney Cruises into Monroe in the Dead of the Night with Lights Out

Mr. Romney’s visit to Monroe was facilitated, in part, by liberal union loving Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, who had recommended various options for the campaign event in the Monroe area. Why not at a public forum like the Lay-Z-Boy Center at the Monroe College where he would have to face the tough hard questions from the citizens? This event was nothing more than a dog and pony show to garner votes by pandering to the right-to-work issue.

Terry Bowman spokesperson for “Freedom to Work” and a couple of “Tea Party” representatives were invited to participate along with several other local dignitaries. The Building Tradesman Newspaper, a union publication, stated that “It’s not a stretch to say that having Senate Majority Leader Richardville in that position is the one, unlikely saving grace that could prevent some or all of the anti-union bills from reaching the desk of Gov. Rick Snyder”. 

Mitt Romney was quoted as saying good “unions” train members; bad unions hurt their company. (Oct 2007). How could he possibly be for right-to-work with a statement like that? This is just another in a long list of flip-flops as to pander to voters on a hot button issue for votes. Don’t be fooled! This is a well thought out campaign strategy especially now that he’s behind in the polls.

Romney Not So Pure Michigan

The presidential candidate proclaims his love for “not any cars, but American cars,” as he said in a Valentine’s Day column in The Detroit News. Although he likes to speak lovingly of Michigan and it’s automotive industry, however when the domestic auto industry was on the point of death a little over three years ago Romney would have let it die. In November 2008, the month President Obama was elected, a now-infamous column was published in The New York Times under Romney’s name. The headline said: “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt.” As Detroit goes so does Michigan!

This candidate’s position, argues Steve Rattner, himself a Wall Street financier with a background that includes stints at Lehman Brothers and Morgan Stanley, is designed to pander to the “Tea Party” right. “He’s afraid of being perceived as a moderate,” he adds. Which he is! Mitt Romney would be pro or anti anything depending on which way the political winds blow as to get elected  as to feed at the public trough.

Full Romney Political Record All Voters “Must View”

Click the link below and scroll down as to get to the real meat and potatoes of his voting record. In favor of the Brady Bill, Appoints activist Gay Judge, Raises Taxes and Fees, and a host of other interesting votes. This page takes a while to load for all the data but well worth the wait for your viewing pleasure!

Romney Quotes George Costanza Of ‘Seinfeld’ in Debate

A more transparent opening statement about his character would have been more informative. I wonder if the audience would have started clapping and been inspired if the former Massachusetts governor Romney said instead, In 2005 I nominated a “Gay and Lesbian” Activist Judge to the Associate Justice of the Wrentham District Court as governor of Massachusetts who was confirmed and to this day still sits on the bench? Stephen S. Abany of Boston has served on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Lesbian and Gay Bar Association. He could have used a quote from Jerry Seinfeld in regard to Gay’s and Lesbian’s, “not that there’s anything wrong with that”?

Romney say’s he is opposed to same-sex marriage but as governor of Massachusetts he allowed a legal marriage of two men! How could he have allowed this to happen in his state? Former governor Mike Huckabee said Governor Romney acted unconstitutionally on “gay marriage” he could have stopped it, and should have stopped it. Governor Romney should have stood up to the Court and said, “No”? But then again, by nominating a gay and lesbian activist Judge to the bench this would go against the grain.

Old news? Yes and Mitt Romney hopes it will be ignored or forgotten. Mike Huckabee urges the “Tea Party” faithful to vote for Mitt Romney. The former Arkansas governor has urged Tea Party Republicans to throw their support behind Romney. How does Romney manage to bury his past political sins? With a lot of help from his former critics including Governor Huckabee who seem to suffer from amnesia. This is nothing more than political cronyism at it’s worst and a disservice to the voting public who deserve better.

Romney Supporters Remove Santorum Campaign Signs at Michigan Event

In the Presidential Debates Romney was caught on the question of using illegal labor. Lawn service and political sign removal of your opponent is “OK” though? Is this a leader that deserves your vote? Is this the kind of ethics we as Americans expect and deserve? The claim that Romney will make is that he is not responsible for what his supporters say and do which is the same excuse he uses for negative Ads run by his SuperPACS. Is this the kind of ethics we need in a leader? You make the call with your vote on February, 28, 2012!

Senator Richardville Legislates with a Jimmy Durante Style Mentality

Talk about a Jimmy Durante mentality? His should I go with, or should I stay with style on the issues is a disservice to the voters of all political affiliation! Senator Randy Richardville is but one representative that Michigan can do without! In 2011 Mr. Richardville introduced a right-to-work bill for Teachers only and not all Michigan workers. Now he introduces this bill to keep grad students from unionizing. This should show the voters a pattern of pandering to the electorate that is nothing more than self-serving as to further his political career! 

A bill passed in the House mid-session of 2011 to ban the practice of forced unionization of the home healthcare providers and sent to the Senate has been held up in committee due to Senator Richardville’s involvement favoring this practice that benefits the SEIU. Which is it Mr. Richardville, your for the unions or against the unions? It it obvious that this Senator goes which ever way the political winds blow! Remind you of anybody running for the Republican presidential nomination? Maybe that’s why Senator Richardville was tapped as the co-chair of Romney’s Michigan campaign. What’s the old saying, birds of a feather flock together!

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley got $62,500 from Romney PACs

Many in the “Tea Party” wondered why Nikki Haley came out and endorsed Mitt Romney. Wonder no more! It’s all about the money not principles. The “Tea Party” faithful that helped elect her to office should vote her out on a rail come election time for this endorsement which is nothing more than pay to play politics. This is a disservice to the voters who elected her to represent them and she should pay the price come election time.

American Airlines to Cut 13,000 Jobs

The company aims to cut labor costs by 20% under bankruptcy protection and will soon begin negotiations with its three major unions. Our economic recovery keeps chugging along.

PepsiCo to Cut 8,700 Jobs

The PepsiCo announced plans on Thursday to cut about 8,700 jobs as part of an effort to save some $1.5 billion in costs. This recovery sure looks to be headed in the wrong direction.

“The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for unexplained projects, forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys.”

Thomas Jefferson

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