The “Bain Report”: Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, February, 7, 2011

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Opinion: By R. Al Bain
The danger to Michigan is not those who have been elected but a citizenry capable of
entrusting them with representing us. It may not be easy to limit and undo the follies of a new Governor and Legislature than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to elect those to represent us. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than those newly or re-elected who is a mere symptom of what ails Michigan. Blaming those we elected should not blind anyone to the vast incompetence of the uneducated voters that elected them to represent us. The State of Michigan may survive those representatives we have elected who are, after all, merely looking to advance their own political careers. It is less likely to survive a multitude of legislative actions that come with their personal advancement.

Former Director of the Conservative Caucus of Monroe County named to Legislative Advisory Council in Illinois
John Eleniewski a founding member and former director of the Conservative Caucus of Monroe County has be appointed to the Legislative Advisory Council (LAC) in Illinois by Republican Representative Chris Nybo. The announcement of his appointment was made Thursday, February 03, 2011 by Laura Fitzpatrick District Office Director for Representative Nybo. We congratulate Mr. Eleniewski and hope that his ideals will help Representative Nybo serve as an effective conservative advocate and voice for his district.

Michigan Republicans elect Bobby Schostak State Party Chairman at State Convention amongst clear divisions within the party
Some Tea Party-affiliated groups had questioned Schostak’s Republican credentials despite his role in raising some $30 million for 2010 elections as the party’s finance chairman. Critics complained that and family members in his development business donated to Democrats in the past. The concerns and ideals of the Tea Party groups will continue to fall on deaf ears now that the status quo has retained power and control! Another example is that newly minted House Speaker Jase Bolger repeated his call to make Michigan a right-to-work state where workers cannot be compelled to join labor unions, something Snyder has dismissed as too divisive. This will be hard to implement because the new Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville has publicly stated he is against right to work and as majority leader he decides which Bills go into and out of committee for consideration into becoming law!

Should Michigan be a right to work state? Richardville says NO!
Richardville answers questions for voter guide in 2010
QUESTION: Should Michigan be a right to work state?
His answer, No, I oppose efforts to make Michigan a Right to Work State. I guess he would with all the Democrat Union support he has received!
QUESTION: Why are you seeking election or re-election?
His answer, I am running for re-election to the Michigan Senate to continue making the necessary reforms that will spur economic growth and bring jobs to our state. Since 1999 all he has done is legislate to the detriment and downfall of Michigan’s economy and job growth with higher taxes and more regulation! He also states that he sponsored legislation to provide tax credits for businesses (Corporate Welfare at Taxpayer Expense). A couple of failed subsidy’s come to mind, the Michigan Film Producers subsidy and Michigan International Speedway and there are many other’s.

MEDC plans to place Staff around State
After Gov. Rick Snyder’s State of the State speech where he stated he was going to reinvent the failed MEDC program instead of eliminating it, now we hear it will be expanded! This is just more big government and an unnecessary cost to Michigan’s taxpayers. He also wants to broaden (Expand) another failed program in the state’s 21st Century Jobs Fund. What’s next more money for the Film Producers?
It’s no wonder the state’s corporate welfare bosses are so defensive, all one has to do is follow the money! Former Ann Arbor SPARK CEO Michael Finney officially becomes CEO of the Michigan Economic Development Corp. after his appointment was approved today in Lansing, the Detroit Free Press is reporting. Gov. Rick Snyder, who co-founded SPARK and personally recruited Finney to become the first CEO of SPARK in 2005, recommended Finney to succeed Greg Main as MEDC CEO. Main was paid $200,000 to lead MEDC, a quasi public-private entity that distributes state tax incentives.

Finally Some Good News in Michigan Government
With the announcement that Gov. Rick Snyder’s flat corporate income tax proposal would eliminate the Michigan Economic Growth Authority tax credits, including the film subsidy, represents a victory for taxpayers and good government. Now, if we can just get the Governor and the Legislature to stop being “short-sighted” on some other failed programs and entities as to continue cleaning house with the elimination of the MEDC, 21st Century Jobs Fund, and subsidizing private industry with the Pure Michigan Advertising Campaign, Michigan’s recovery would be on the fast track!

Michigan Gas Utilities Applies for Rate Increase to Customers
The Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation files for yet another rate increase to it’s customers. Research shows that this is a disturbing pattern of rate increases dating back to 2008. On January 13, 2009 they filed with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) to self-implement a rate increase of approximately $8,444,435 annually to it’s consumers, Case # U-15990 which was approved October 29, 2009 see link below for verification.,1607,7-154-10573_11472-225236–,00.html The utility filed an application with the MPSC seeking an increase in its natural gas base rates of approximately $14 million on May 16, 2008. The claim that the average Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation residential customer will see an increase of approximately $2 on their monthly bill seems to be fuzzy math? While using their numbers my calculations suggest it may be as high as $10.00 per month using my November usage statement from MGU! See link here,1607,7-154-10573_11472-206727–,00.html  Also see MPSC Approves Settlement Agreement Authorizing Michigan Gas Utilities Corporation to Increase its Natural Gas Rates by $6 Million Case # U-15549  The latest proposal of the MICHIGAN GAS UTILITIES CORPORATION is for authority to implement a gas cost recovery plan and factors for the 12-month period ending March 31, 2012. This recent rate increase proposal Case# U-16481 also see Case # 16481 December 29, 2010 would allow the MGU to self-implement up to $7.0891 per Mcf to compute it’s natural gas customers bills for the 12 month period ending March 31, 2012. Also included in this request is the authority to implement the Contingency Factors Matrix for the period of April 1, 2011 through March 31. 2012 of a Reservation Charge of $0.8014 per Mcf applicable to both it’s GCR and gas customer choice customers for the 12 month period ending March 31, 2012.

What is REALLY bankrupting the USA? Entitlements for Illegal Aliens
If you think the war’s in Iraq or Afghanistan is costing us too much? How about the Stimulus Packages, the Bailout’s? The link below show’s just how much money we are spending on illegal aliens each year by state governments. The total cost is a whopping $338.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. This is just plain outrageous!

How to Replace Austerity with Freedom, Independence and Prosperity
The Economic Collapse Blog has this list of examples of how European-style “austerity” is already hitting the U.S., including cities closing schools and fire stations, and states eliminating whole state agencies and raising taxes. That includes the state of Illinois whose legislature has passed a “temporary” 66% personal income tax hike that the Democrat governor will sign. Rest assured, this income tax hike will be as “temporary” as the one in Massachusetts, still in place since 1989. Such austerity measures may lead to the same kind of social unrest Europeans have been experiencing. Wasn’t the Federal income tax temporary for the War effort? Temporarily Permanent!

Charles Krauthammer discusses the pension problems plaguing country

Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government.
Thomas Jefferson


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  2. Conservative Caucus of Monroe supporter on February 6, 2011 at 10:47 am said:

    It’s too bad that the so-called republicans in Monroe Michigan chastised the conservative views of the Conservative Caucus and literally kick the conservatives out of the rino party in Monroe. The reason, well its liberal leader Randy Richardville does not want conservatives in the Republican Party in Monroe County, only people willing to hold him as the high priest. Just asked his mom, she is the 1st vice chair looking out for the “families” interest. Richardville is a socialist and forwards the union agenda just check his voting record and the bills he has sponsored, He is an opportunist only looking out for his career!

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