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Opinion: By R. Al Bain

After talking with the State of Michigan elections Bureau and the County Clerks office in regard to the cost associated with the recent re-calls of some of our state legislators to we the taxpayers, there are many variables to be considered before calculating the cost! If you hear an elected official throw a number out in this regard it’s just that, throwing a number out most likely as a scare tactic as to discourage these re-calls! Some of these re-calls of our elected legislators are warranted because what ever the cost turns out to be is a shear pittance to the cost of the taxpayers that certain legislators through their legislation and votes have bestowed upon we the taxpayers of Michigan.

All to often we see the buddy-buddy country club click that exists in the political arena that is costing we the taxpayers much more than the figure’s thrown out by certain elected officials in regard to these re-call efforts! Seems to me that “Civic Duty” and doing what’s right for the citizenry and community should be first and foremost not the buddy plan. A lot of our elected officials are re-elected not on their merit and what they have done to deserve re-election, but in who they know and friends they have made along the way with the legislation they pass that benefits a certain segment of the community and not all of it’s citizens.

I’ve said this all along that the people (sheeple) haven’t suffered enough yet or can’t see the forest for trees because the same one’s who have been in office that have had a hand in creating the problems we face get re-elected. Shame on we the voters for letting this happen! If we don’t change how and who we elect as our representatives we will continue down this same road and its name is not prosperity, it’s over taxation and a failed economy!

Recall on Against Senator Randy Richardville
A clarity hearing has been set for June 16 before the Monroe County Elections Commission on wording of a citizens’ petition to recall state Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, Senate majority leader, for his vote last month on a key tax proposal to cut overall business taxes while raising taxes on retirement incomes. I just wonder if U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade who is looking into Kawme Kipatrick’s inner circle is watching this recall with interest? Could there be a connection? Does Richardville have ties to the recent scandal involving the Carpenters Union and it’s former head Walter Maybry? Where do I sign the petition? UPDATE: The recall language against Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville was rejected unanimously this morning Thursday, June 16, 2011 by the Monroe County Election Commission for a lack of clarity. Monroe resident Ernest Whiteside, who filed the recall petition, attended the hearing and said he intended to refile the petition with new language either Friday or Monday. No surprise here in this decision by the election commission and a Judge that consist of Democrats because they have their man in place with liberal union supporting Senator Richardville!

Meet the New Bridge Boongdoggle Same as the Old Bridge Boondoggle
We’ve all heard Governor Snyder say that the new government bridge is a free market operation. We’ve all heard Governor Snyder say that the new government bridge won’t cost taxpayers any money. Well, I’m here to tell you that neither of these are true. Let’s look at a couple of key points: Click link below.

Trans-Texas Corridor Rises From the Dead: Is this Related to Proposed New Bridge?
The NAFTA Superhighway re-named the Trans-Texas Corridor in Texas as a public-private partnership (sound familiar) has been resurrected in HB 3789. This has been a vocal point at the Republican Governors meetings of those governors in which the route is proposed. Republican legislators in Texas have introduced legislation in this regard in 2011. That’s were we hear about the public-private partnerships in the New Detroit-Windsor International Bridge Crossing! It’s no wonder the Michigan Governor and top Republican legislators are pushing hard for this new bridge.

State House OK’s Reform Plan that makes it easier to Fire Bad Teachers
The Republican-controlled state House approved legislation Thursday that would revamp the teacher tenure law in Michigan as to make it easier to fire ineffective teachers. It is now headed to the Republican-controlled Senate where it most likely will face opposition from certain “Union” supporter friendly Republican Senator’s who have received campaign contributions from the MEA! Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville who is now facing a re-call, voted against revising the “teacher tenure” law in 2009 Senate Bill 638 Senate Roll Call 643 along with only three other Republicans who all received campaign contributions from the MEA! Senator Richardville then offered a watered down amendment to the benefit of the MEA and consistently ineffective teachers! Under current law, it is nearly impossible to fire a tenured teacher, no matter how ineffective. Michigan is hardly immune to the problem. School districts here have kept tenured teachers on the payroll despite felony convictions, and on the rare occasion a school does manage to unload a deficient instructor, doing so can require years of legal action costing hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. Our children’s education and future suffers while Unions protect these bad teachers because of the “Teacher Tenure Law” passed by our legislators!

Monroe County Businesses Disappearing at Alarming Rate
Cafe Classics a coffeehouse, entertainment venue and fixture in downtown Monroe, closed Sunday, citing a lack of business. “There’s just not enough traffic downtown to sustain the business,” said Kevin Brown, one of two partners in the firm at 29 S. Monroe St. at E. Front St. This is just one of the many Monroe businesses that have closed in recent months! The Save-A-Lot grocery store, Farmer Jack grocery store, United Furniture store, Black Swamp rental, Hollywood Video, Alexander’s Restaurant, Country Kitchen Restaurant, and numerous other businesses and others on the brink! Did I mention Manheim Auto Auction in Monroe County, Automotive Components Holdings in Milan, Midwest Products in Ottawa Lake and Auto Alliance in Flat Rock where Mazda is halting production of the Mazda 6 vehicle? Blockbuster Video is in trouble as well and will most likely not survive! All this does not look good for Monroe County and the State of Michigan! We are not in the economic recovery that our elected officials claim, it’s only getting worse! We definitely need a change in leadership of our elected officials here in Monroe County and Lansing in order to right this sinking ship! We had our chance in 2010 but chose to re-elect some of the same ones back into office that have been in office that helped create the problems we are now facing one in particular, Senator Randy Richardville. We cannot continue to re-elect these same one’s back into office expecting a different result, it’s just not going to happen!

Mazda to Halt Production at the Auto Alliance Factory in Flat Rock
Mazda Motor Co. has decided to stop building the midsize Mazda 6 sedan in the U.S., raising questions about the future of a U.S. factory that it runs jointly with Ford Motor Co. The Flat Rock factory, which employs about 1,700 people, also makes the sluggish-selling Ford Mustang, which has seen a 3 percent sales decline through May. The plant and its taxes account for about half of the city’s annual general fund budget of about $7 million. The sluggish-selling Ford Mustang alone may not be enough to keep the factory open!

GM CEO: Customers Don’t Pay High Enough Gas Tax
When you have a CEO like Dan Akerson of General Motors making statements like this it’s no wonder the company was and is in trouble! CEO Dan Akerson told the Detroit News that he wants to see the federal government raise its gas tax by as much as $1 per gallon. I would suggest that this man take a course in economics! Example: I used to fill up my vehicle for $50.00, I filled up the other day and it cost $75.00, that’s $25.00 that will not be spent somewhere else in the economic system! With the salary compensation packages that these Big Companies CEO’s are making that extra dollar per gallon of gas means nothing to them! But for the average already overtaxed citizen, it’s a budget buster!

Government Gone Wild: Special Interests EXPOSED!
This is not just happening on the federal level but also the local, county and state level’s as well. Think you are only paying a third in taxes? Think again! My childhood friend in Florida decided to find out for himself just how
much of his hard earned money went to the government in taxes. For one year he saved every receipt for every purchase he made throughout the year. When he sat down to do his taxes he was stunned to find out that 67% went to the government in taxation. Another guy gave this explanation, I’m self-employed, but in reality I work for the government. From my middle class income I pay 25% Fed income tax, 8% State income tax, and 15.3% self employment tax — that’s 48.3%. Then add property tax on my home, sales tax, extra tax on utilities, gasoline, hotels, airlines, plus auto registration, driver’s license fees, tolls, etc. It’s most of my income. If you’re in the middle class, you’re probably paying most of your income to the government too. Add it up and see for yourself.

Representative Thaddeus McCotter Votes for Handouts to Big Labor Unions
Big Labor GOPers supporting Obama’s administrative power grabs, crony capitalism, wage controls, and fleecing of taxpayer. In addition to fleecing the taxpayers with a union giveaway, 54 Republicans including Representative Thaddeus McCotter voted down an amendment (Justin Amash- AMDT 413) to prohibit the use of funds to enforce Davis-Beacon prevailing wages.

Which State Is the ‘Least Free’? An Index of Personal and Economic Freedom
High taxes, strict smoking laws and marriage inequality put one state last in a new study. And it may surprise you. Plus, the state that is most free. One should read the whole report, understand the data used and how the rankings were derived. Taxes/Spending were weighted at 25%. I believe that looking at the data may be interesting. Michigan ranks 27th at the time this study was done.

“The principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale”
Thomas Jefferson

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