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Opinion By R. Al Bain

After growing up in a Democratic union household and coming out of the United States Air Force as a Republican, I have come to the conclusion that there isn’t really much difference between these two parties! My father came from the farm fields of Tennessee to make a better life for his family by working in the automotive factory. This was after the depression and before union’s came into play, there wasn’t any!

For my father the union back then was a good thing in helping to protect the workers and a decent wage for them. Today the union is a totally different animal! Unions today are big business and our self serving. My father’s Democratic Party of John F. Kennedy today would be considered more conservative than the Republican Party of today! Through the years the Democrats have moved so far to the left they have fallen off the cliff and the Republican Party has followed to the left along with them, maybe not off the cliff but close enough.

Governerd’s Bill 411: How Michigan Taxpayers Really Pay For DRIC
This is a “must read” in regard to the bills introduced by Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville who introduced both these Bills! Senate Bill 410 and Senate Bill 411 for the New Bridge Crossing! Senate Bill 411 essentially puts the taxpayers of Michigan on the hook with the language making the DRIC authority an eligible governmental agency. “Senate Bill 411 would amend the Michigan Transportation Fund law to include an authority created under the proposed New International Trade Crossing Act in the definition of “eligible governmental agency”. (Under the Michigan Transportation Fund law, eligible governmental agencies are authorized to receive distributions from the Fund.) The language in Senate Bill 410 is equally devastating to the taxpayers of Michigan. The DRIC/P3 governance agreement can create a separate legal entity and we have Bill 411 that makes NITC an “eligible governmental agency.” Both the separate legal entity and NITC now fall under the provisions of the Michigan Transportation Fund. Bottom line is that we the taxpayers and our roads will continue to suffer! All one has to do is drive from Ohio to Detroit on Interstate I-75 and count the number of license plates on the trucks as to see why Canada wants this bridge so bad, it’s three to one Canadian! Let Matthew Moroun build his bridge with his own money at no chance of a cost to Michigan taxpayers!

Can the Bridge Boondoggle get any worse? You bet it can!
As you know, The Detroit Bridge is run by a private company at ZERO cost to the taxpayers. Instead of celebrating this, Michigan officials are trying to get the taxpayers to foot the bill for a new bridge. SB’s 410 and 411 will create a brand new bridge and a new Private/Government “Authority” that will, Create bailouts of the company running the bridge via availability payments, Shield the project from Freedom of Information requests, Use eminent domain to take private property and give to private businesses, and cut the legislature out of its role in oversight of the “Authority”. This bill also cuts the voter out of voicing their thoughts at public hearings throughout the process. How could it possibly get any worse, you ask? Click the link below.

Super Speedway Notches Second State Subsidy
Michigan International Speedway (MIS) is now a two-time winner when it comes to state subsidies. The state’s official tourism site announced it was hosting the Pure Michigan NASCAR Sprint Cup Race at MIS on Aug. 21. The Michigan Economic Development Corporation paid $972,500 for the one-year sponsorship deal. And MIS already qualifies for tax credits through the Michigan business tax since 2007. The state reimburses the racetrack for every dollar it spends on infrastructure improvements on areas such as the infield or the grandstand area. What about our states infrastructure improvements like our roads! The state estimates this will be $1.2 million for 2011. The state should not be taking money from the taxpayers to subsidize politically favored businesses. Roger Penske and the rest of his cronies have enough money without taking our tax dollars! Nof’s, Richardville and some of the other RINOS helped sponsor and or vote in favor of this subsidy for MIS! The majority of Michigan’s citizen’s don’t even go to the races let alone realize that they are paying for it’s operation through their tax dollars! Why in the world would we pay (Subsidize) this boondoggle? I’ll tell you, these politicians get campaign contributions along with all expense’s paid trips to Daytona and other racing venues!

Legislation to Restore $100 million to the State’s Film Subsidy Program?
A Facebook post by a film industry activist suggested Sen. Mike Kowall, R-White Lake, is working on legislation to restore $100 million to the state’s film subsidy program and “wishes to keep this process quiet and very stealth!” Ken Droz, former communications director for the Michigan Film Office said in his facebook post on a page called “Save the Michigan Film Tax Credit” said he “had some great exchanges, with key principals (Kowall, [Randy] Richardville, others).” see  Film Credits for the Wealthy at Taxpayer Expense: Red Carpet Rolled Out for Richardville : Red Carpet Rolled Out for Richardville Droz also said legislators are stealthily up to more, “As mentioned a new bill should be introduced, SOON, supplementing 383, to continue after Jan. 1, 2012 —with a film fund of approximately $100 million.”

Richardville Votes “YES” to Resurrect Film Subsidy
The state’s film incentive, along with most of the state’s selective favors for industries and businesses, was eliminated with the passage of Gov. Snyder’s tax reform in favor of a smaller, direct expenditure. In light of this victory, it is disappointing that legislators rushed to begin a new round of economic development gimmickry. Even if the program was successful in turning Michigan into the next Hollywood, it would simply have transferred jobs from one economically depressed place (California) to another (Michigan). And the costs to transplant all those jobs would  bankrupt the state.

State Hides Voting Records: Pulls Michigan from State Website
At least that is what the end result will be for some, as the state of Michigan removes its links to the popular “Michigan Votes” website operated by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, a Midland based think tank. In any event, this move of course makes it harder for those who are attempting to find voting records for their legislators, and generally reduces transparency. Transparency, provided by the ease in which constituents can find information on the votes and records quickly. Jack McHugh, Senior Legislative Analyst at the Mackinac Center who oversees Michigan Votes says: “Michigan votes is the One Place a citizen can go to look up a single roll call vote without having to trudge through dozens or hundreds of pages of legislative journals. That and the ability to look up the voting record of any legislator on any particular issue makes the site a unique and invaluable accountability tool.”

New Richardville Recall Petition Hearing Set
A hearing has been set for July 6 at the Monroe County Courthouse on a new petition to recall state Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe. Last week, the three-member commission unanimously rejected wording of a petition that basically objected to the senator’s vote May 12 in support of House Bill 4361 as amended. The bill repeals the Michigan Business Tax that benefits big corporations not the small business owners while “Raising Taxes” on the pensions of retirees. After years of planning and working towards retirement, nothing like changing the rules at the end of the game so to speak.This will have a devastating impact not only for retirees but for the majority of the Michigan taxpayers as well. Like everything in politics it’s all about money and the contributions from large corporations who contribute to these politicians campaigns!

State Taxpayers May Eat $1.6 Million Loan for Defunct Green Bus Company
It’s stories like this that most likely prompted the State of Michigan to pull from their website! James Hohman, assistant director of fiscal policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, said some green energy companies wouldn’t make it without government aid. Do you really think we the taxpayers would have heard about this from the State? I think not!

Michigan’s ‘Real’ Unemployment Rate is 20.3% Most Likely Higher
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, from the second half of 2010 through the first quarter of 2011, Michigan’s U-6 rate was 20.3 percent.

Michigan’s Spectacular Failure of Campaign Finance Disclosure
The report below illustrates why we absolutely need real finance reform.

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.
Thomas Jefferson

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