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Opinion: By R. Al Bain
Here in Monroe County some would say that I have a personal vendetta against Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville or its sour grapes. This is just plain not true! I have conversed with Mr. Richardville on numerous occasions and he seems to be a very personable. However, with that being said, I do have a problem with those who we elect to represent our best interest as citizens in the manor we deserve and expect!

I firmly believe that every citizen has a civic duty and should do their due diligence in researching, investigating, and holding their elected representative’s accountable. What these elected representative’s do and how they legislate in Lansing has a direct impact on family, friend’s, neighbor’s, and our community and should be held accountable for their actions.

As a former resident of Wayne County I can assure you that if I was still residing there I would be doing the same thing with whoever my representative was. Those that would say I have a disdain or vendetta against Mr. Richardville are most likely Mr. Richardville supporter’s and friend’s who either can’t see the forest for the tree’s or just don’t care! How our elected representatives legislate will have an affect on the future of our family’s, children, grandchildren, neighbors, communities, and our once great state of Michigan.

Richardville Introduces Legislation for Union Interest that will Strangle Michigan Taxpayers!
I knew this legislation would resurface after the 2010 elections under a different Bill name and said as much! Mr. Richardville, the “Unions” best friend in Lansing, introduced Senate Bill 1072 in February, 2010 that amendment offered by Senator Richardville (R) Monroe to Michigan’s Public Act 312 increased the benefit to Union Institutional Interests and places a burden on the local Municipalities and the taxpayers of Michigan! That legislation was tabled just before the November general election in my opinion because it may have been a detriment to his re-election? See the article  Richardville’s amendment “Benefit’s Unions” to the detriment of the Municipalities

What is now the law (Public Act 312)  here in Michigan originated as legislation introduced by a young Michigan Senator back in 1969 by the name of Coleman Young a Democrat and a friend to Union Institutional interest! It was payment made by Coleman Young for campaign contributions and support to the police and firefighters union for their help in his election. State and local government unions have a 45 percent total-compensation advantage over their private-sector counterpart. With high-pay compensation and virtually no benefits co-pay, the politically arrogant unions are bankrupting Michigan which by some estimates is suffering from $3 billion in unfunded liabilities. For those that re-elected Mr. Richardville was this their wish? If so, be prepared to pay in higher taxation!

Now in 2011 Senator Richardville has introduced basically the same legislation benefiting Union Interest with SB 397  it’s just a different bill number! No wonder he was quoted in a news publication (MIRS) out of Lansing saying a repeal of PA 312  was not on his agenda. That’s because he knew all along he would be re-introducing SB 1072  under a different bill number once re-elected. Even former Governor Jennifer Granholm’s own task force reported that PA 312  raises the cost to local government operations by 3 to 5% on the low end. This is one Republican in name only (RINO) politician who doesn’t get it. Some politicians want to increase the cost of government in order to pad their campaign coffers!

Senator Richardville is one of those politicians that want to increase the cost of government and take away our say in how government is run. As a Michigan taxpayer, we only get to pay more. It is unelected bureaucrats vs. citizens. It is taxpayers vs. government sector unions. It’s all about Senator Richardville and furthering his political career not the taxpayers of Michigan! He has the gull to call himself a conservative!

Film Credits for the Wealthy at Taxpayer Expense: Red Carpet Rolled Out for Richardville
Four wealthy and politically connected businessmen concoct an elaborate scheme, using their checkbooks and relationships, to secure a taxpayer-funded movie studio for their own personal financial gain. Call them “The Gang of Four.” Michigan taxpayers provide the greatest tax giveaway for movie making in the country, allowing The Gang of Four to walk away with even more money, subsidized by the taxpayer.

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville has been lobbied very hard by Nelson, Rakolta and the other partners. Richardville attended the Emmy’s on a trip arranged by Linden Nelson. He also went to a Red Wings game with Nelson in March. The Red Wing game part sounds familiar see story Political Corruption in Detroit, Lansing, and Beyond paragraph three.

While the majority of Republican legislators oppose further funding of the film credits and are outraged by the way the studio was funded with taxpayer money, Richardville is susceptible to “wooing” and is behind the scenes trying to help Nelson and the Gang of Four. I was once told by Senator Richardville in a personal phone call that he made to me I didn’t understand how the political process works, oh but I do understand all to well!

Governor Snyder and former Democratic Governor Jim Blanchard turned lobbyist promote New Bridge
Governor Rick Snyder, former Democratic Governor Jim Blanchard turned lobbyist look to be working together to promote the proposed New Detroit International Bridge Crossing (DRIC). Blanchard by the way is getting paid from both sides of the river! Why is he getting taxpayer money from Michigan taxpayers for a proposal that was killed last year? Jay McNally has an excellent article and insight into this below.

Michigan Budget Done: Next up a $2.1 Billion Bridge project to Canada
Now that our short-sighted legislators have completed the budget which uses the backs of the retiring baby boomers and cut’s to our children’s education, this boondoggle bridge will further burden Michigan taxpayers. It will be interesting to see who will sponsor this bridge legislation after it was killed in the last legislative secession. Rumor has it that Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville will be the guy to sponsor the bridge legislation. Makes sense because he will be term limited after this term so the others that will be up for re-election might not feel the repercussions in the next election, don’t count on that though! There are a majority of voters who oppose this bridge so those lawmakers who cast a yes vote should think twice.

Former Richardville Campaign Finance Manager Charged with Felony
In light of recent articles involving recent political and union corruption this one is worth a repost! In July of 2010 Monroe City Councilman and former State Senator Randy Richardville’s campaign finance manager Edward F. Paisley was arrested and charged with filing a false police report in connection with a case where he claimed to have been robbed. Turns out he was in fact not robbed but only paid a debt for drugs owed by his girlfriend! He was replaced as Richardville’s campaign finance manger by John Manor who is his district manager. Senator Randy Richardville seems to be associated with many shady characters in the political and union arena! Is this how the citizens want to be represented? You make the call!

Republican-Controlled Legislature gives Massive Tax reform Legislation: BOOM
The explosion you just heard was the Republican-controlled legislature giving Governor Snyder his massive tax reform legislation. This is probably the largest total reshuffling of Michigan taxes since Governor George Romney did it in the 1960s, in the process becoming the father of the Michigan income tax. Governor Snyder’s pension tax makes Baby Boomers the Collateral Damage Generation.

88 Percent of New 2011 Legislators are ‘Political Careerists’
One oft-repeated rap against term limits is that the legislature now consists of inexperienced “amateurs.” In fact, from top to bottom, those who preside over Michigan’s government establishment are political careerists. This reality is illustrated by an analysis of candidates running for the 81 open seats in the state Legislature this year: 72 of the likely winners are already members-in-good-standing of the bipartisan political class who continue feeding at the public trough!

Richardville Supports “Yet Another TAX”
While this may not affect those who do not work or reside in the city of Detroit it’s still another tax burden for those that do! Say if you live outside of Detroit but work for a company that is in the city you will have the extra tax burden bestowed upon you.

Trustees Raise Tuition at Monroe County Community College
A tuition boost has been approved for students who attend Monroe County Community College, the second consecutive year for an increase. The new fee raises the cost for county students to $77. Students who live in Michigan but outside the county will pay $32, up from $8, and the fee for out-of-state students will go up $9 to $147.

Foreclosure Prices Fall Again: How Does Michigan Look?
During the first quarter, homes foreclosed by banks or in various stages of foreclosure accounted for 28% of all residential sales in the U.S. Bargain hunters looking to snap up foreclosed homes found prices dipped again in the first quarter, with Ohio and Illinois offering the steepest discounts, according to figures  released Wednesday by RealtyTrac. But if you’re getting ready to you whip out your checkbook, you may want to wait even longer. Right now Michigan’s average sale price for a foreclosed house is $70,356.

To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.
Thomas Jefferson

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