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Opinion By R Al Bain

How to “Buy” an Election in Three Easy Steps – Cash, Cronyism, Coercion First and foremost you need plenty of money (cash). Second you need a political party that is willing to do anything and everything to accomplish this goal at all cost even if it means changing the rules after the fact (cronyism). Third and final step is a carefully crafted formula using fear, misinformation, and the media as a tool by political candidates to sway votes of the electorate (coercion). 

There are some that may call me a conspiracy theorist but last night while watching a movie and clicking back during commercials to check the Ohio results a disturbing pattern had developed. Starting with 1 percent of the vote in Romney had a slight lead and after that the lead switched to Santorum with the lead increasing at every check thereafter up to 73 percent with over 14 thousand votes in favor of Santorum when I finally went to sleep. To my shock and dismay I woke up to Romney barely wins Ohio! How could this have changed with only 25% of the vote left and such a large lead favoring Santorum?

Romney has spent plenty so far to buy the election including $12.5 million in negative attack ads in Ohio alone. Since first setting eyes on the White House, Mitt Romney and his backers have spent more than $200 million including $44.6 million of his fortune on a seven-year quest for the Republican presidential nomination. A look back shows the depth of Romney’s investment in trying to win the nation’s highest office, how his supporters circumvented federal campaign laws with huge, back-channel donations years before he declared his candidacy, and to whom he might owe favors if he wins.

This is a far cry from what was taught by one of my coaches in sports who stressed, desire, dedication and determination as a winning formula in game preparation which also applied as a life lesson off the field! Ethics, Integrity, and Principles matter and Mr. Romney shows none of these traits as to lead our country as President in my opinion.

Michigan GOP Recruits Fieger Associate, Trial Lawyer for Supreme Court

Desperate Republican Party officials do desperate things. Or rather stupid ones do stupid things. With the recent “Dele-Gate” fiasco it looks as though nothing has changed within the Michigan GOP as it’s business as usual. Take Saul Anuzis, former Michigan Republican Party Chairman and current RNC national Committeeman, Republicans are supposed to be against trial lawyers and the litigation explosion, right? Apparently, Anuzis didn’t get the memo. This is where it get’s interesting with good ole’ boy Saul!

Michigan GOP “Club” Rife with Cronyism, Collusion, Corruption

Interesting information on one of the “dele-gate” players who voted in favor breaking the rules. Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) the former Dearborn Judge that tried to pull a fast one on the taxpayers of Dearborn? The former Judge wanted the taxpayers to foot his legal bill for an attorney to the tune of Hundreds of Thousands of dollars in a line item of a Dearborn budget. A citizen caught this and that line item was vetoed! If not for a close watch by this citizen who filed a complaint this would have went through.

State of Michigan Court of Appeals CARLA O’NEILL versus JUDGE WILLIAM J. RUNCO

This is one in the same Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) for the Michigan GOP and one who voted in favor of “dele-gate” The rabbit hole gets deeper and deeper!

Supreme Court of Michigan Public Censure of 19th (Dearborn) District Judge William Runco

This Bill Runco (State Budget Committee Chair) and former Dearborn Judge has a record of shenanigans.

Airport Board: We Broke the Law in Hiring Turkia Awada Mullin

If anyone is surprised by this they must have their head buried in the sand! All this corruption is not just limited to Detroit Politicians and Wayne County, it goes right on through Lansing as well. Why do you think U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade brought in reinforcements?

Andrew Arena, special agent in charge of the Detroit office of the FBI, called corruption in the region “generational, systematic, part of the culture.” Arena declined to name the enemies he was referring to, saying he could not talk about ongoing investigations. “It takes a whole lot to penetrate that,” he said. “It’s kind of like a war. You penetrate the enemy’s defenses.” The enemy would include local business leaders and corrupt politicians in Lansing. Arena called public corruption “our No..1 criminal priority right now.” 

“Public corruption robs citizens of the honest government we deserve,” U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said in a statement announcing the task force. Erick Martinez, special agent with the new task force said in the statement: “The individuals who commit these crimes are driven by greed and have no regret for their selfish actions.” Breck Nowlin, another special agent with the new task force said “The abuse of public office … steals from the very programs designed to protect our cities and neighborhoods and selfishly takes valuable government services from those who need them the most.” 

In an interview, Arena said he wants investigations to move more quickly than that of the Detroit corruption probe, which took several years to result in criminal charges. Arena also stated “We’re coming after you,” he said at a news conference. “Look over your shoulder. Look under your bed. Look in your closet. We’re coming after you.”

Taxpayers lose $100,000 for Dearborn’s illegal enforcement of “sharia law”

DEARBORN, Mich. (AP) – The city of Dearborn has paid $100,000 in legal fees to attorneys for a Christian evangelist whose free-speech rights were violated at a popular Arab-American street festival.

Should Michigan Become a “Right-to-Work” State?

The United Auto Workers Union Bosses certainly doesn’t think so, but what about you? Employees in the 23 states with right-to-work laws can’t be forced to join a union or pay union dues in order to retain their jobs. So as to protect union interest UAW President Bob King Thursday said that a coalition of unions will push for an amendment to the Michigan Constitution that bars so-called right-to-work legislation.

Unions and “Liberal Activists” Unite to Head off Right-to-Work Laws in Michigan

A coalition of labor unions and liberal activists introduced Tuesday a broad proposal to enshrine collective bargaining rights for public and private sector employees in the state constitution — effectively barring any attempt to make Michigan a right-to-work state and nullifying labor-related laws enacted over the last year.

UAW Troops Will Man Class War

Most Democratic politicians will support this with some so-called Republicans advocating similar union interest in one form or another. In Michigan a couple of Senators, Randy Richardville, and Roger Kahn come to mind here with the forced unionization of home health care workers benefiting the SEIU! Now we know how United Auto Workers President Bob King will repay Barack Obama for holding the union harmless from the Detroit automakers’ bankruptcy: He’ll provide the ground troops for the president’s class war.–UAW-troops-will-man-class-war

“Crony Capitalism”

This article parallels with Mitt Romney’s rise in “Bain Capital” except didn’t he use borrowed taxpayer monies? David Stockman, the former White House budget director who, after resigning in protest over deficit spending, made a fortune in corporate buyouts. He is now witting a book (are we surprised) “The Triumph of Crony Capitalism”. Stockman, a former Michigan congressman, agreed in 2010 to pay $7.2 million to settle a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit claiming he misled investors while CEO of Troy auto-parts maker Collins & Aikman.

Republicans Have The “Three Percent” Problem With Romney

If Republicans in Washington are not panicked and trying desperately to pull Bobby Jindal in the race tomorrow, or someone like him, the party leaders must have a death wish. Three percentage points. In his home state. In his wife’s home state. In the state his father served as Governor. Three percentage points against a guy few took seriously two months ago and who just three weeks ago no one expected to give Romney a run for his money in Romney’s home state. 

Mitt Romney continues to run an uninspiring campaign only able to win by massively outspending his opponents to tell voters how much worse the other guys are. That may work in the primary, but it will not work in a general election where the President of the United States won’t be outspent 5 to 1. And this is the perceived nominee that the establishment GOP is ramming down our throats, a guy who can only win in states with a home state advantage, with liberal New Englanders, New England transplants, and Mormons.

The Republican Party’s Dilemma

Let’s start with “Incoherent party, incoherent candidates” from the Economist, which hits the mark: REPUBLICANS are clearly not too enthused about Mitt Romney. Nor are they wild for any of the alternatives. Mitt Romney looks like a weak phony in this election campaign because he has to pretend to believe with all his heart in orthodox tea-party conservative positions that he transparently doesn’t really believe in.

Gang Behind 50-State Ballot Push Seeks Candidates, Funding

Americans Elect is seeking to be a player in this November’s election, but there are many holes still to fill. They stand to gain from public fury over partisan gridlock in Washington. They’re already assured a presidential ballot line in 17 states and are well on their way in 18 more. They have support from prominent people across the political spectrum.

“Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” John Quincy Adams

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