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Opinion By R Al Bain

Republican Senators “Circle The Wagons” around Richardville in Support!

Majority Whip Senator Jack Brandenburg told Kyle Melinn from MIRS who was working the story that the GOP Senate caucus had met this morning on the alleged allegations of adultery By Senator Richardville and his impending divorce that was filed in February of this year and that his party had little appetite to remove Richardville as Senate Majority leader from office. Eric B. from wrote, as for Jack Brandenburg speaking on behalf of the Republican caucus about alleged sexual improprieties, if the TEA Party were as familiar with “his own alleged sexual improprieties” as much as they claim to be over Richardville’s, they’d be calling for the entire caucus to disband and agree to move to other states. 

This explains the phone call I personally received from Senator Brandenburg on Monday, March,19, 2012 on Mr. Richardville and his divorce. As I listened to this self proclaimed conservative ramble on like a smitten school boy who got caught with his pants down pleading and close to begging me not to run this story on Mr. Richardville’s alleged improprieties of the “sanctity of marriage” perpetrated against his wife of over 30 years I was finally able to get a word in! As I tried to explain to Mr. Brandenburg that it was not me but a conservative woman here in Monroe and that I would do my best as to keep her from sending personal letter’s to the 25 Republican Senator’s spouses detailing Mr. Richardville’s actions.

I have never spoken to Mr. Brandenburg prior to his call to me that day but I have to say that if this conversation is any kind of indication of the brightest minds we have representing “we the people” in Lansing the citizens of Michigan are in serious trouble! He did not articulate his speech structure or words very well at all and came off as someone lacking in education. This impression gives credence along with several other valid reason’s for a part-time legislature here in Michigan. The argument from those in service claim we need the best and brightest minds in Lansing and that a part-time legislature would impede that goal if implemented. Personally I would suggest that logic lacks in merit.

In the MIRS article it is stated that this is an unverified personal attack against Richardville which isn’t the case! This has been confirmed from two different sources that received it directly from Senator Richardville’s son Adam. Both sources are afraid to go on the record for fear of retribution against them but both are contemplating doing so with one very close! The fact that both these sources collaborated this disturbing revelation and do not know each other say’s something in and of itself! Keeping in mind this is not the first time this “philanderer” has shown this type of behavior but is the one that finally caused this impending divorce.

Thomas Jefferson was quoted as saying, When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. This quote clearly applies to the hesitance of these two sources concerns and fears in coming forth as to do the right thing on behalf of their fellow citizens here in Michigan. It’s become evidently clear that our elected officials have had free reign for many years on how they conduct themselves in representing those who would elect them to serve. When the citizenry finally stand up and demand ethics, honesty, integrity, and moral values from these elected officials they are vilified as personal attacks. Character and principles matter and those Senators who not only turn a blind eye to this type of behavior but condone it as well are no better!

Quote of the Day from Senator Jack Brandenburg: “These guys are a couple of low-level thugs”

My response to Mr. Brandenburg would be, those who claim they are being unfairly attacked and respond with personal attacks is an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or belief of the person supporting it. 

Senate GOP Considers Legal Options After Activists Try To Force Richardville Out

Senate Republicans may ask law enforcement to investigate an apparent threat from conservative activists that they would contact the spouses of GOP senators if those senators refused to remove Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville from his leadership post.

On Tuesday, an email from tea party activist Randy Bishop, known as “Trucker Randy,” was sent to all 26 members of the Senate Republican caucus. The email contained a scathing denunciation of Mr. Richardville (R-Monroe) from a Monroe GOP activist named Al Bain, who makes various unsubstantiated allegations about Mr. Richardville, mainly that he committed adultery. Mr. Bishop, in a prelude to Mr. Bain’s email, indicates that one Monroe County Republican “is preparing a personal letter she intends to mail to the wives of all 25 Republican Senators, unless RR steps down as Senate Majority Leader immediately!!!”

Michigan GOP Threatens “Legal Options”? EXCELLENT VIEWPOINT!

This article was written by a “True Elected Conservative Republican” which is an excellent analysis of the threats made against citizens who have the courage to stand up for what they believe is in the best interest of their fellow citizens of Michigan and state. Instead of acknowledging that there is trouble within the Michigan Senate, it might appear that the Senate GOP is going to circle the wagons.

Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch Resigns Over Affair

At a Capitol news conference Friday, Sen. Geoff Michel (R-Edina) said Senate staff recently brought up allegations of an “inappropriate relationship between Majority Leader Koch and a Senate staffer.” Doesn’t sound like her colleagues in the Senate “Circled the Wagons” around her in support! It also looks like her colleagues didn’t give her a “Standing Ovation” in support either like they did in other Senate Chambers! Just maybe there is some integrity within some State Senate Chambers?

Michigan Among Worst for Risk of Corruption

Everyone knows that economically speaking, Michigan has been one of the most distressed states in the nation. But what about issues of ethics? Government accountability? Transparent and open campaign finance and lobbying laws? Where’s the FBI when you really need them? That’s exactly what I asked Associated Press reporter Tim Martin in a recent phone conversation in regard to certain Michigan Senate members. State governments lack transparency and accountability to citizens, and remain at high risk for corruption, according to a new study of all 50 statehouses.

Minnesota Senate GOP Staffer Threatens To Expose Other Capitol Affairs

Nothing like a “scorn staffer” to get the truth out! A fired Minnesota Senate GOP staffer is threatening to expose adulterous affairs by other legislators as part of a potential lawsuit over his firing, according to a document made public Thursday. Sounds to me like one big happy orgy with all these political types.

Idaho GOP State Sen. McGee Resigns Amid Scandal

An Idaho Republican state senator who had been seen as a political riser has stepped down amid sexual harassment allegations. Four-term state Sen. John McGee’s resignation capped a political free-fall that began last year with a Father’s Day arrest.

BREAKING NEWS: Michigan Senate Stops Home Health Care ‘Dues Skim’

Legislation drafted to put a stop to the “home health care dues skim” was passed Thursday by the Senate on a 25-13 vote. All the Republicans voted yes except Sen. Roger Kahn, R-Saginaw.

Allen Park Strikes Out with Subsidized Film Studio

This once proud and prosperous city can’t get concessions from government unions and is forced to request an emergency manager. This week, the Allen Park City Council stated publicly that it needs an emergency manager to be appointed under Michigan Public Act 4. Council members and members of the public said the last straw was failure to get contract concessions from the city police and fire unions. “They basically said, ‘too bad, let the citizens pay for it,’ ” said Marcie Degiulio-Galka, a lifetime resident who attended the meeting. She said the city got itself into deep trouble when it paid millions for the failed Unity Park movie studio, which sits mostly vacant and in disrepair next to City Hall.

Michigan Drivers Face Insurance Rate Hike

Michigan motorists beware: The cost of driving won’t just be going up this summer because of gas prices. The 21% auto premium hike throws more fuel on the fire along with proposed “Gas Tax Increases” and “Vehicle Registration Fee” increases by our illustrious Legislators in Lansing! The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association announced that auto insurance, mandatory for every vehicle on the roadways, will increase by $30 for each policy on July 1. The premium, which will rise 21%, to $175 for every vehicle you own a year, is adjusted annually to cover claims for unlimited lifetime medical benefits under the state’s no-fault auto insurance law. The new rate will be the highest in the history of the fund, which as recently as 2002 charged $69 per vehicle.


QUOTE OF THE DAY   “These guys are a couple of low-level thugs who, at their core, are pissed at being beat by Randy and (Sen.) Howard WALKER (R-Traverse City) in a primary and nobody will do anything for them on their Right to Work proposal.” said Sen. Jack BRANDENBURG (R-Harrison Twp.) about a pair of Tea Party activists who sent e-mails to Republican senators urging them to remove the Senate Majority Leader Randy RICHARDVILLE by making a personal attack.  

R Al Bain response to Senator Jack Brandenburg’s Quote of the Day: “These guys are a couple of low-level thugs”   Those who claim they are being unfairly attacked and respond with personal attacks is an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or belief of the person supporting it. 

Caucus Rallies Around Richardville Amid Tea Party Attack

Certain Tea Party activists are urging Republican senators to remove Senate Majority Leader Randy RICHARDVILLE (R-Monroe) from his leadership position for not advancing such issues as Right to Work and the unionization of home health care workers.

On Tuesday, “Trucker” Randy BISHOP, a state Senate candidate in the 37th District in 2010, sent an email to Republican senators that prompted a Senate Republican caucus this morning during which all 26 GOP senators gave Richardville a “standing ovation” in support, sources tell MIRS. There are a total of 26 Republicans in the Senate, so if all 26 Senators stood for the “standing ovation” of support this means that Senator Richardville also participated showing his own personal arrogance in regard to this matter! 

The Bishop correspondence came after one sent by Gene CLEM of the “1st Tea Party Alliance” a couple weeks ago signed by various other Tea Party leaders that also brought up similar issues.  

Unlike the Clem correspondence, Bishop forwarded an e-mail that repeated an unverified personal attack against Richardville, which generated an angry response from Senators who felt their leader was being unfairly attacked. This theme against Richardville was repeated during a live broadcast by Charlevoix station WMKT, which Bishop participated in. 

Sen. Jack BRANDENBURG (R-Harrison Twp.) said he’s spoke with Bishop and R. Al BAIN, who ran against Richardville in the 2010 Republican primary, earlier this week and was not happy by the tact they are taking. 

“These guys are a couple of low-level thugs who, at their core, are pissed at being beat by Randy and (Sen.) Howard WALKER (R-Traverse City) in a primary and nobody will do anything for them on their Right to Work proposal.” 

MIRS asked Richardville spokeswoman Amber McCANN about the email Bishop sent to senators.   “I don’t think that kind of document deserves acknowledgment or comment,” she said. 

A caucus source said that there’s no coalition within the caucus of senators interested in challenging Richardville’s leadership position. Some have been unhappy with Richardville over certain issues, like the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) or the Michigan health care exchange, but not enough to throw in with a couple Tea Party activists. 

However, a bill that would help prevent unionization drives like the one under the Michigan Quality Community Care Council (MQCCC), SB 1018 sponsored by Sen. Dave HILDENBRAND (R-Lowell), will see action on Thursday. The bill is expected to move out of the Reform, Restructuring and Reinventing Committee and be passed on the floor.

Leadership discussed the bill last week and the caucus talked about it on Tuesday. McCann said Richardville plans to vote “yes” and said the timing has nothing to do with Bishop’s letter.

Bishop said he sent the e-mail based on “rumors” he heard in Richardville’s home district that he felt the senators should know. He said he “absolutely supports” the Republican caucus voting out Richardville for “not representing the people of the state of Michigan” on issues like Right to Work and the New International Trade Crossing, which he called the “government bridge.”

“He’s not in sync with the majority of Republican citizens and what needs to be done,” Bishop said. “Randy Richardville is a major roadblock in what we feel would truly reinvent Michigan and do a better job of getting Michigan and its people back to work.

“I can’t believe these Senators are going to condone this type of behavior from Randy Richardville,” he said. “That’s astonishing to me.” 

Doug SEDENQUIST of the Delta Area Tea Party Group and Bain told MIRS that they, too, believe Richardville needs to go. 

“This has nothing to do with sour grapes,” Bain said. “This guy is not a Republican. I don’t care if he’s got an ‘R’ after his name. He’s not a Republican.” 

But Joan FABAINO of Tea Party group Grassroots in Michigan said repeating personal attacks against a sitting Senator is “not anything I would approve of whatsoever.” 

Fabiano said there is a lot of “angst and distrust” of Richardville and his brand of leadership, this tactic used by Bishop “shows a lack of ethical behavior . . . I would condemn it.

Tea Party activists across the state had been making racket for weeks about Richardville for his stance on policy issues. Clem said Tea Party activists from Plymouth, Lapeer, Manistee, Ludington and elsewhere were putting pressure on Richardville to move on the MQCCC bills. 

“Don’t you think it’d be a better leader than Richardville?” Clem said.

But another Tea Party official told MIRS that many other Tea Party groups are not interested in wasting energy on an inter-caucus fight when U.S. Sen. Debbie STABENOW (D-Lansing) is on the ballot in 2012 and the Democrats are working hard to take back the House at the federal and state level.

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson


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