The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, May, 16, 2011

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Opinion By R. Al Bain
                                      “Senator Richardville looks to Eliminate Townships”

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said the big regulatory differences between townships “struck a nerve” with him. MIRS asked Richardville if the Senate would entertain getting rid of a layer of government, like townships. “We’ll be entertained by that, all right,” Richardville quipped.

Michigan local governments, particularly townships, already perform very efficiently compared to local governments in Michigan’s bigger cities. Most structural reforms will not result in lowering local government expenditures, and instead, are more likely to drive local government expenditures up.

The initial ham-fisted attempts in 2007 to begin eliminating townships by transferring their statutory duties to counties ran afoul of constitutional, political and logistical barriers. A Michigan State University study also demonstrated that moving assessing to counties would actually increase costs by 10 percent.

Consolidating local governments will not save money. Making smaller governments into bigger governments will most certainly drive the cost of government up, not down. After living in Wayne County and having to deal with Detroit’s bureaucracy and the frustrations that often came when dealing with bigger government this idea would be ill advised for the citizens of townships!

There are other factors that should be considered such as the higher cost of insurance premiums for home and auto with the elimination of townships and combining with a bigger city. Eliminating townships would result in the Township ceasing to exist as a separate entity and a loss of Township identity. Residents have less direct involvement in the governing of the community. There would be no annual meetings. The city council, not the town residents, would set policy and the annual levy.

Because of expanded services (such as sanitary sewer, municipal water, police, parks, etc.) city property taxes are generally higher than those of the Townships. Although taxes would usually be higher there is no guarantee that additional services such as sanitary sewer and municipal water would be supplied to all township residents. While I agree that over regulation is a problem at both the state and township levels, eliminating townships therefore creating bigger government is not the answer.

Richardville Makes Case to Raise Taxes
Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) devoted several hours trying to win support for the “Tax Overhaul Bill” in one-on-one meetings with caucus members, making the case that it’s a fiscally conservative plan. Senators know they’re not up for re-election for another three years. The problem for most of the “no’s” is that they don’t want to vote to raise taxes. I guess Mr. Richardville’s idea of being a conservative is to raise taxes!  (subscription required)

Senator Patrick Colbeck looks for Alternative to Pension Tax
A small band of Conservative Republican Senators who don’t support Gov. Rick Snyder’s plan to end the income tax exemption on pensions are looking into different areas of the budget to fill the $300 million hole the deletion of the so-called “pension tax” would create. We have so much room to go off and look at, Colbeck said. “There’s a lot of room on the other side of the ledger.” That may be the case, but Senate Majority Leader Richardville will not sign off on the exploration. That is not my plan to move in that direction at this point at all to explore anything other than a pension tax, Sen. Randy Richardville said.   (subscription required)

Ten Consumer Product Prices About To Rise Dramatically
With the rising cost of energy, material, transportation, and with inflationary pressure the consumers are faced with higher budget expenses for goods and services. Click the link below to see just some of them and why. If the great magician Harry Houdini were alive today, the one thing he could never escape from would be inflation.

Millions in Taxpayer Road Funds Misspent say’s former Official
For four years, James Jackson ran Wayne County’s Department of Public Services, the agency that oversees roads. He said he complained about employees being paid out of the road’s fund that did not work for the department, and recalled his conversation with Action News.,-former-wayne-county-official,-others-allege

Kilpatrick cousin charged with embezzling from Manoogian Mansion Society
When will all the player’s get their due in the continuing saga of this corruption? In my view there are plenty more that should come including some prominent Michigan business men and legislators as well! The rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper.’s-counsin-charged-with-embezzlement

Business 1, Poor & Pensioners 0
Astonishingly, in the end, Republicans did the one thing they have always complained of the Democrats: they picked winners and losers. Now, one can make the argument that in the end we’ll all be winners because the economy will be reborn and jobs will ripen in the new economic sun like sweet pears in the orchard. But, that is a victory still far off. Until then, some people are definitely winners and others losers.

Government to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes as Tobacco
Your corrupt government’s need to tax anything they can get their hands on is like a crack junkie looking for a fix. Electronic cigarettes are just water vapor!

Gas Price Hypocrisy
The Democrats used the high price of gas to gain control in 2008 in both the House and Senate. Gas was a little over $2.00 per gallon then. Bush and Cheney were accused of being bought and paid for by big oil companies! O.K. so what does this say about Obama and Biden? Oh the hypocrisy now that gas has reached $4.22 here in Michigan in 2011.

Town Rescinds ‘Unconstitutional’ Tea Party Sign Ban
The Coldwater City Council admitted it was unconstitutional to stop a tea party group from displaying its signs in a city park and rescinded its ordinance banning signs on Monday.

You’ve Got Jesse Ventura
Five documents our government doesn’t want you to see! Including an “Internet Kill” switch.

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
Thomas Jefferson

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