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                                     “2012 Republican State Convention Edition”

Opinion by R Al Bain

With the State Republican Convention at hand the time has come for the conservative delegates to step up to the plate. The Michigan Republican Party is rife with liberal left leaning progressive “RINOS” and the time is here to “purge” those that have infiltrated our Party! Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric you will hear at this convention by those out for the sole purpose of saving their political careers who will say and do anything and everything to keep the status quo and the establishments “failed” direction in place.

I suspect you will witness the “shenanigans” I have at both the county and state conventions of the past where they will manipulate the process in their favor, don’t let them get away with it! The delegates are the one’s who are supposed to set the direction of the Party not the Party Bosses. This is evident by the email sent out by the Republican Party establishment warning delegates they will not tolerate opposition threatening to take away credentials and expelling those who do not agree with their program. This is just a way of them saying show up, shut up, stay “our” course, because we know what’s best for the Party!

                             It’s Time to Dump Upton for Jack Hoogendyk in MI-6

Just as the GOP Establishment was “Rocked” recently in the Indiana and Nebraska primary’s it’s time the “Tea Party” faithful continued to send a strong and powerful message from the conservative base to the GOP elitist that we will no longer tolerate liberal “RINOS” within “our” Party!

It’s hard to think of a more liberal Republican that occupies a more consequential position in Congress than Fred Upton.  It’s not just the fact that the Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee, one of the most powerful House panels, is a big supporter of green energy.  It’s not just the fact that this same man was the Thomas Edison of the incandescent light bulb ban.  It’s about Republicans shedding an image of hypocrisy.

Endorsement for National Committee: Dave Agema & Terri Lynn Land

My belief is that Dave Agema and Terri Lynn Land not only meet these requirements, but also hold the conservative ideals necessary to bring the party and the country back to the constitutional principles that made this country the greatest on earth. Both Dave and Terri meet all the qualifications listed in the job description. They also have the work the work ethic and enthusiasm to do great things and to inspire others to similar achievements. I look forward to casting my delegate vote for Dave Agema and Terri Lynn Land.

Unscientific Survey Suggests Land/Agema Could Win National Committee Bids

Tea Party members apparently are coming down on the side of the challengers in Saturday’s Michigan Republican Party convention race to see who be the next National Committeeman and Committeewoman from Michigan.

According to an unscientific survey that included 111 self-selected participants and being circulated by Gene Clem in the race for Committeeman, Rep. Dave Agema (R-Grandville) is securing 71 percent of the vote to current National Committeman Saul Anuzis’s 19 percent and Sterling Heights delegate G.J. LaRouche netted 10 percent. In the race for National Committeewoman, incumbent Rep. Holly Hughes (R-Montague) is taking it on the chin to former Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land 72 percent to 28 percent.

Michigan One of the Most Corrupt States for State-Level Politicians

Michigan state-level politicians can get away with some of the most corruption in the nation, according to a study released this week. A state integrity survey argues Michigan financial disclosure regulations are too lax, allowing state lawmakers to keep hidden potential financial conflicts of interest and keep perks from lobbyists off the books.

Much of the interaction between legislators and lobbyists is off the books, as they don’t have to disclose some gifts, said Rich Robinson, executive director of the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to monitoring campaign financing.

Snyder Considering ‘Interlocal’ Agreement to Build New Government Bridge

“We have heard that Gov. Snyder intends to do what we’ve expected, but hoped he wouldn’t do — go around the will of the Michigan Legislature and the people who elected them in order to advance his own agenda,” said Mickey Blashfield, in a post meeting statement.

This is yet another back-door scheme option Snyder is proposing. In August of 2011 he was throwing around the idea to rewrite State Trunkline Act (Public Act 51) giving more authority to MDOT to cut a deal with Canada.

Wait a minute, isn’t (Public Act 51) the excuse given as to why are roads cannot be fixed because that Act ties the legislature’s hands? Several times in recent past that’s just the excuse that Senator Randy Richardville who introduced not one but two legislative Bills for the new “government bridge” had been quoted in the newspapers, candidate forums, and I believe the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce was told this in a speech!

If private enterprise want to build the Bridge at no cost to taxpayer and without sticking Michigan’s hand in the debt ridden, springs attached Federal government cookie jar that I say let Capitalism work!!

Tax Hike Rejected for “Failed Movie Studio” Allen Park Devastated

After a millage defeat, Allen Park doubts it can close $4.2-million budget gap. For some residents, it’s inevitable that the state will take over the city. Once the “crown jewel” of several downriver communities Allen Park appears to be headed to state receivership. How could this have happened? I’ll tell you, the blame falls directly on our legislators in Lansing!

It’s easy to blame former Governor Granholm for she is the one who pushed for the movie producer and film studio subsidies at taxpayer expense and by the way, she got her own TV show out of it. But it’s current so-called Republican Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville of Monroe who has continued to pursue and promote these subsidies for his Wealthy Hollywood buddies! His all expenses paid trips to the Hollywood Emmy’s and Campaign Contributions by these Hollywood Big Wigs are well documented as payment made for getting this favorable legislation passed.

The 4-mill tax, if approved by voters, would have raised $2.6 million a year to cover bond payments on the city’s failed movie studio. In October 2009, the city sold $25.3 million in long-term, general-obligation bonds to finance the purchase of 104 acres at Southfield and I-94 as part of an effort to create the Unity Film Studio. It was the third time a millage for the bonds has been defeated. Matakas said that many residents are still angry about the studio deal and won’t support any related millage (TAX INCREASE).

GOP Establishment “Rocked” Again! “Tea Party” Backed Deb Fischer Wins Nebraska Election

Nebraska’s GOP Senate primary: another tea party surprise! First there was Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana who was defeated in the Hoosier state’s Republican primary ending the 36-year career of a GOP establishment hack that was deemed to liberal and had been thumbing his nose at the conservative base for years.

A late surge for Sarah Palin’s pick for the Nebraska primary toppled yet another GOP establishment candidate, in a race that could help determine control of the US Senate. In Tuesday’s Republican primary, state Sen. Deb Fischer rode a wave of discontent with the GOP establishment to best Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, the “preferred” candidate of Washington, D.C.-based Republican elitist, and Treasurer Don Stenberg.

Ohio’s Casinos to Cost Detroit and Indiana’s Right-to Work to Cost Michigan!

Ohio’s new casinos could cost cash-strapped Detroit $30 million a year, analysis predicts. When casinos open starting this month in four cities in Ohio, Detroit may come up a big loser. Now that Indiana has become a right-to-work state Michigan may very well come up a big loser as well!

‘Card Check’s’ Big Lie Exposed

This same Democrat Union tactic was used by the Richardville machine at the 2008 county convention. This same Democrat Union tactic was applied at a recent Senate caucus meeting in regard to a citizens letter sent to all Michigan Senators in regard to the Majority leaders alleged marital improprieties and failed leadership.

When only the five incumbent Senator’s out of 26 members stood to give the leader a standing ovation of support the other Senator’s hesitated until those five incumbents turned around as to say you better stand up if you know what’s good for you!

Union Friendly GOP Legislator Zorn Spurned by Big Labor

State Representative Dale Zorn has often been a Republican ally to public sector unions by trying to thwart some of his own caucus’ reform efforts. Stephenie Jacobson, leader of the Cheboygan Tea Party, said Rep. Zorn’s voting record sounds like it is opposed to the tea party concerns. She said public sector unions “certainly found an ally, especially on the Republican side.” The union’s biggest supporter in Lansing is the so-called Republican Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville who also hails from Monroe County!

“Politicians and diapers should be changed often, and for the same reason” ~ Mark Twain


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