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Guest Opinion by Jeff Andring

Who is leading the Decline of the Republican Party and Why?

One may wonder in amazement how such a Grand Ole’ Party can deteriorate into a non-competitive political organization. The once great Party that successfully championed constitutional values such as Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness which are all individual rights has now become a organization that treads amongst and with in many cases the values of the communist / socialist Democrats, Why?

As a former Republican County Chairman it is my opinion from working knowledge that the party of principle has been hijacked, hijacked by opportunist, individuals seeking power, the socialist and the “Party Elite” which in many cases are the socialist themselves that lead a protection racket (political machine) against anyone that threatens their grasp on the power chair and a change back toward constitutional values.

This is no more evident than in recent history when the powers at be noticed a change in the political wind that brought about the Tea Parties. Immediate action was needed to “welcome” the onslaught of the vast individuals upset with the current political atmosphere.

This “movement” would threaten the political status quo along with its leadership. Action was taken, so-called leaders of the Tea party were co-opted and brought under the Republican Party tent only to be defanged until their numbers dwindled and their usefulness expired leaving the status quo.

Instead of building the party off of a viable movement it was alienated and discarded. I have witnessed this first hand and we have watched it in action during the Republican National Convention. We see how well this action worked with the reelection of a President with communist ideology. My only question is, was it by design?

Jeff Andring is the former Chairman of the Monroe County Republican Party

ELECTION SCOREBOARD: How Monroe County Voted Final Results

Monroe county residents chose Barack Obama over Mitt Romney even though their favorite son Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville was Mitt Romney’s Michigan campaign co-chairman!

Fewer MonroeCounty residents cast ballots in this presidential election than they did four years ago. In all, 73,771 registered voters cast ballots on Tuesday marking nearly 62 percent of all registered voters.

In the 2008 election, 77,112 voters cast ballots in MonroeCounty. This year’s race saw a decrease as well from the 2004 election. In that year, 70.3 percent of registered voters cast in their race. Click the link below for complete results analysis and comments.

Michigan Republican State Senator Joins Obama’s “War” on Coal!

Barack Obama is not the only one who has a war on coal! It would appear that a so-called Republican Senator Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge has joined in on this war! Senator Jones issued a statement last week urging Congress not to allow the company’s request for a provision in the proposed Coast Guard Authorization Act that would exempt them from the EPA’s regulation.

This is something one would come to expect out of Barack Obama and the Democrats but not a Republican! That EPA’s decision will impact people on both sides of Lake Michigan. Karen Szyman, executive director for the Chamber of Manitowoc County in Wisconsin, said the Badger’s presence contributes more than $14 million annually to the region’s economy.

Across the lake, Ludington Mayor John Henderson predicted similar problems. “The Badger affects about 700 families 200 jobs directly and another 500 indirectly,” he said. Henderson estimated that the loss of those jobs could move Ludington’s unemployment rate from 8 percent to 13 percent.

State’s “Failed” Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC) Not Alone When It Comes to Taxpayer Subsidies

Gov. Rick Perry’s signature economic development fund has filed for bankruptcy. Terrabon Inc., High-Tech Startup, Declares Bankruptcy After $2.75 Million Texas Investment! Sounds a lot like the Michigan Economic Development Corp. to me!

Best Buy, Staples, Blockbuster Closing Stores

Recent news stories have stated that all these businesses have announced store closings. I just noticed a sign on the Monroe Michigan Blockbuster store that says store closing. Michigan Blockbuster Movie Rental Stores Closing Down and Going Out of Business in 2012: Businesses in Monroe are closing at an alarming rate! Sears recently closed the Frenchtown Mall store here in Monroe.

Dow Chemical Lays off 2,400 employees, Close Part of Midland Plant

MIDLAND, MI (WNEM) – About 2,400 Dow Chemical employees learned Tuesday they will be laid off as part of a company restructuring plan that is expected to cut operating costs by $500 million by 2014.  The layoffs will happen worldwide. That’s approximately five percent of the company’s workforce. Up to 50 percent of the layoffs will hit U.S. workers, which means 1,200 people will lose their jobs across America. Dow currently has 5,500 employees at its Midland facilities, with 25,000 employees in the U.S.

Lockheed Martin Postpones Layoffs in 2012 – But What About 2013?

The company is likely to notify the “vast majority” of its 123,000 workers that they’re at risk of being laid off due to cuts cut’s in defense spending set to begin taking effect Jan. 2, 2013 said Greg Walters, the company’s vice president of legislative affairs. Unless Congress reaches a deal to stave off the cuts, “we will find it necessary to issue these [layoff] notices probably to the vast majority of our employee base,” Walters told POLITICO.

Newell Rubbermaid to Cut 1,900 Jobs

Rubbermaid plans to cut more than 1,900 jobs, or about 10 percent of its worldwide workforce. The consumer products company, known for Sharpie pens and its namesake containers, said Friday that all savings from the job cuts will be reinvested into growing its brands globally and adding new sales capabilities in emerging markets. The announcement came as the company reported third-quarter adjusted results that topped Wall Street expectations.

Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. ~ Thomas Jefferson

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