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Opinion By R. Al Bain
Lansing Lawmaker to Offer Measure Extending Term Limits
While I applaud State Representative Rick Olson for proposing a part-time legislature which Michigan should and must have, I do not agree with extending the term limits. With the recent headlines of corruption in the political arena the longer these politicians are in office the more corruptible they become to the lobbyist and special interest.

Being a representative of the people and their wishes is not rocket science. The citizens of Michigan should not have to barter or trade for a part-time legislature. If a part-time legislature was put before the citizens of Michigan in a vote, I have no doubt that it would pass overwhelmingly! If our elected officials in Lansing truly represented the citizens of Michigan they would let this vote come to the people with no riders or strings attached just as a stand alone vote on a part-time legislature period.

To Restore Discipline: Is a No-Confidence Vote and New 2012 Re-Call on Horizon for Richardville?
By Kevin Rex Heine –
It has been confirmed by Tony DeMott (Campaign For Liberty – Michigan) and Dennis Moore (Willow Run Tea Party Caucus) that they are aware of a number of very influential grassroots leaders (including tea party leaders) statewide who are currently discussing the possibility and the mechanics of removing Randy Richardville from his leadership position.  This is primarily as a consequence of his opposition to full, statewide freedom-to-work, as well as a history of votes that appear to be advancing a big government agenda.

Now this isn’t merely a recall campaign, though both Moore and R Al Bain (Monroe County GOP) have confirmed that they are aware of a recall campaign that will start after the turn of the year when the current re-call against Richardville will expire, which will have several tea party groups providing the ground crew for support that the current re-call effort lacked. No, what DeMott and Moore are talking about (among several tea party leaders statewide) is something arguably even more damaging, career-wise, than a recall.

The Republican Senate Caucus of the 96th Michigan Legislature consists of 26 state senators, exactly enough for a numerical 2/3 super-majority.  A mere 14 members of that caucus (the bare minimum for a simple in-caucus majority), if they were to operate in concert, could summarily remove Senator Richardville from his leadership post through the mechanism of a no-confidence vote.  If we are to believe the off-the-record conversations amongst the various organizational leaders within the Michigan Tea Party Patriot Network, then there are no fewer than 18 such senators who would support that move, and vote in the affirmative.  All they need is one of their number to be willing to step up and call for that vote.

A no-confidence vote would immediately remove Richardville from his post as Senate Majority Leader, and the republican caucus would then have to convene and elect a new majority leader.  I have no word on whom is being considered as a replacement.  The advice, I’m told, from the tea party leadership to the senators considering this no-confidence vote is to act quickly.  The recall campaign that is now being organized in the 17th Senate District is going to happen regardless, with or without the vote, and to have Senator Richardville in a leadership post while awaiting a recall vote would not be a good thing.

I say that this is arguably more devastating to Richardville’s career because, should this actually happen, he would be forced to serve out the remainder of his final term in the state senate with every single one of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle knowing that he’s now no more formidable than any other paper tiger.  Of course, if the no-confidence vote is followed by the successful execution of the recall campaign, then the combined two-step removal may serve to end his career in a permanent stain of political, professional, and personal disgrace.

And if that doesn’t send a very clear tea-party-driven message to the rest of the big-government progressives on the republican side of the senate aisle, then I don’t know what will.

Michigan Senate Approves New Film Incentive Plan
Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, a Republican? from Monroe and sponsor of the legislation said, “This legislation vastly improves upon a program that began a few years ago by rewarding those companies that invest in our state and build a long-term presence in Michigan.” The incentives would not be as lucrative as the 42 percent subsidy previously received by film companies working in Michigan. Supporters of the legislation that have been lobbied hard by the industry say incentives would be competitive with most other states. Most states have eliminated movie producer subsidy’s in there entirety! This is nothing more than movie maker welfare at it’s worst with the Michigan Taxpayer’s footing the bill. Can you say picking winners and losers in the business community?

Republican State Representative Paul Scott Recalled by Voters
Paul Scott of Grand Blanc conceded defeat Tuesday in the recall election over his education and budget related votes. Scott will be the first state lawmaker recalled from office in Michigan since 1983. When you have Republicans not adhering to the Principles, Traditions, and Values that the Republican Party was founded upon you will not get the support from the voters. Mr. Scott is not, and should not, be the only Republican in Lansing to be re-called! Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville of Monroe should be the next to go for his advancement of higher taxes, and a bigger government agenda among other issues such as associations with shady characters and lobbyist.

A clear message should be sent by all voters whether it be Democrat or Republican that those elected as to represent we citizens must and will be adhered to or you will pay the political price. The era of telling the voters what they want to hear to get elected is over, then once in office, those concerns fall on deaf ears. It’s high time they represented the citizens who cast their vote for representation instead of the Special Interest, Lobbyist, Party, or the what’s in it for me mentality.

Arizona Voters Recall Senate Republican President Russell Pearce
An Arizona Republican who made his reputation trying to boot illegal immigrants is now being given the boot himself, by voters. Here we have a politician doing the right thing and he gets booted out of office. In Michigan we have his equivalent in Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville who is doing the wrong things and he’s still in office. What’s wrong with this picture? When the voters represent the illegal’s right’s I guess that is the same as the union’s representing a republican in name only!

Forced Unionization Scheme Still Collecting Cash – Lawmakers Mystified
The Service Employees International Union is still receiving “dues” deducted from the checks of the state’s home health care workers. The discovery that a defunded state agency is still transferring money from home health care workers to a government employees union, in spite of the fact that the Legislature’s defunding of the agency was intended to bring the practice to an end.

Rep. Paul Opsommer, R-DeWitt, is the sponsor of Michigan House Bill 4003, legislation designed to prohibit the so-called “forced unionization” despite  Rep. Opsommer’s bill that was passed by the House on June 18, with a 63-46 vote, but it has been stalled in the Senate Committee on Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing ever since. Senate Appropriations Chair Roger Kahn, R-Saginaw, have been pressing behind the scenes to keep the MQC3 going. The agency’s continued operation has kept the dues flowing to the SEIU. Let’s see, the Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville controls what gets in and out of committee, Senator Roger Kahn is his uncle, and both were sponsors of this forced unionization to begin with and both have received campaign contributions from the SEIU! What’s wrong with this picture? You make the call.

Inflated Jobs Numbers Cost Michigan Taxpayers $7.7 Million
Yet more waste reported from the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEDC) as General Motors and Ford inflated the number of jobs their companies would retain when accepting tax incentives from the state and collected an estimated $7.7 million for “phantom” jobs from 2006 to 2008.

Energy Conversion Devices: Laying off 500, Suspending Manufacturing
Here’s yet another example of the failed MEDC to Michigan Taxpayers! This company has received generous subsidies from the state of Michigan. This seems to be a growing pattern of wasting taxpayer dollars by picking winners and losers in the business community with Michigan’s taxpayers the real losers!

Ventower Among 54 Firms State will Subsidize to Help Build Business
Ventower Industries, the wind-power tower manufacturer­ in Monroe, is among 54 small and mid-size companies around Michigan to receive business development support through the Pure Michigan Business Connect Economic Gardening Pilot Program. The company received a $2.3 million grant and $1.2 million Taxpayer loan last year from the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and also received a $16.5 million incentive package that included loans from the EPA and the U.S. Small Business Administration. This is another “Solyndra” in the making!$3-billion-initiative-invests-in-Michigan-businesses/

New Bridge to Canada “WILL BE” Built, Governor Snyder Says
Governor Rick Snyder two weeks ago suggested “a cooling-off period” after his bridge proposal went down in defeat in a state Senate committee. Well, Snyder said at a session in Ottawa with Canadian officials that “we are continuing our process in a relentless fashion.”Wednesday on prospects for building a new bridge to Canada, saying he expects action on the project in the next few months, not the next few years. Snyder also stated, “But I can tell you this case study will have a happy ending, that we will get a bridge built.” He also stated along with the backers of the bridge project that state taxpayers would be entirely off the hook in any event. So who covered the expenses for his trip to Ottawa for the session in with Canadian officials? I’ll tell you, We the taxpayers that’s who! So it isn’t entirely true that we will be off the hook we’re already on it!

U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms
Could this be the reason for Governor Snyder’s recent China trade mission trip? You make the call.

“Leave no authority existing not responsible to the people”
Thomas Jefferson

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