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Opinion By R. Al Bain
In the movie “The Patriot” Benjamin Martin (Mel Gibson) at the South Carolina Assembly stated “Why should I trade one tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away? An elected legislature can trample a man’s rights as easily as a King can”. Read The first order of business at the South Carolina Assembly in 1776. There are many parallels to what is happening today with the representation we as a people are receiving! They are at the local, county, state, and federal levels of representation. If you add up all representation from local, county, state, and the federal levels three thousand tyrants sounds about right.

Another way to look at this parallel is why should I vote for a representative that doesn’t represent the wishes of the people? It’s not about Democrat or Republican it’s about who best will represent the American people and it’s Constitution. I personally will not vote for the worst of two evils any longer! Nor will I vote for the sake of party! As a Republican do I think things would have been any different if John McClain were elected? I don’t think so! We as Conservative Republicans can no longer afford to vote for representation just because someone has an (R) after their name. We have seen all to often the many Republicans in name only that have won with the help of our vote that isn’t in our best interest as Conservative Republicans. It’s time we make a stand and demand better representation out of our elected officials!

Michigan Senate Votes to Limit Lawmaker Benefits with Exceptions
How absurd is this? Where’s the shared sacrifice? What else would we citizens expect out of our elected officials but the same old status quo. This is right back to picking winners and losers. The winners are the career politicians who have been in office for more than 6 years and the losers are everyone else! Tell me what is the difference between taxing the pensions of those who have retired or are ready to retire and the following statement issued by Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville (R) Monroe. “We’re not going to go retroactively and take things away from people that they’ve earned and was part of the package that they signed up for,” Republican Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville said. How many people that planned for retirement didn’t have a clue that their pension would be taxed until the rules were changed after the fact? Unless your a senior who was exempted at the last minute because these elected politicians realized that senior’s are the one’s who vote! The retiree benefit bill is House Bill 4087. Reportedly, This means 36 out of 38 Senators would still get the benefit, plus 14 out of 109 currently in the House. Under current law, former legislators who have served six years get full health coverage beginning at age 55. Where’s the shared sacrifice here? Don’t forget these politicians do part-time work for full-time pay! This gives a whole new meaning to Civic Duty!

Michigan’s Film Subsidy Welfare Program Taxpayer’s Beware!
If it’s not bad enough that Michigan’s economy has been suffering for years through job loses, home foreclosures, and the loss of tax revenue from population decreases we have some legislators who are hell bent on not only keeping the Film Producer Subsidy’s but to increase it as well! This idea is not in the best interest to Michigan and or it’s taxpaying citizen’s! Along with other subsidy’s and failed program’s this should and must be eliminated. Example of this failed film subsidy would be if George Clooney came and filmed a movie in your Michigan Town would you like the idea of paying $420 of his bill If Clooney shoots his movie in your town and spends $1,000 on catering in a local restaurant? I wouldn’t! This subsidy is just the tip of the iceberg and there are many other’s. Take Michigan International Speedway as another one. Why should we as Michigan Taxpayer’s be subsidizing this private entity with our tax dollars? We shouldn’t!

Governor Synder, Richardville Not On Same Page
Richardville wants to expand subsidy’s for Movie Producer’s, Synder wanted to cap them! Richardville has been lobbied hard by the elitist of this industry as reported in the “Bain Report”! See Richardville Favors Hollywood Filmmaker Friends Over Constituents Now enter stage right or should I say “Left” Sen. Randy Richardville, the leader of the Michigan Senate. Two weeks ago he broke with his boss, the governor, by surprisingly embracing Right to Work for teachers but “NOT” Right to Work for the whole state! Since last February the senator has been working to lure the Disney and Marvel Film companies to make movies in Pontiac at the new Raleigh Studios. A guy named “Michael Moore” is president. Maybe you’ve heard of him? Anyway, the “deal” was well on its way to consummation. With the cap in place at $25 million the producers said, “That’s not enough, I guess that is your last best offer. We’ll go someplace else.” I say good riddance! Michigan taxpayers can’t afford it!

All Michigan Taxpayers on the Hook for Wayne County Corruption
As a taxpaying citizen of Michigan don’t think for one minute that you are exempt from Detroit and Wayne County corruption even if you don’t work or live there! It’s not just the past corruption of the Coleman Young administration or the Kwame Kilpatrick administration it’s the current administration as well! Recent news regarding current Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano and the shady deals involving the new Metro Airport head Turkia Mullin and others should raise some serious red flags to all Michigan Taxpayer’s! Ficano approved a $200,000 severance package to a former aide, Turkia Mullin who left to run Metro Airport which is a promotion not a severance. After much public outcry and after she said she deserves the money she will now give it back after consulting with Bobby. I’m sure Mr. Ficano promised her he will funnel the money to her in another way? This smells of something more than just a normal working relationship between the two colleagues.
Wayne County Appointee Turkia Mullin Says She’s Worth 200K Severance
Ficano Defends $200,000 Severance Deal for Turkia Mullin

Right-to-Work Debate Fires up among Michigan Lawmakers
If providing labor freedom to teachers is a good idea then why isn’t providing labor freedom to bus drivers and steelworkers or all workers for that matter just as good? Any legislator who would propose Right-to-Work for just one segment of the workforce is just using and abusing his political power for a personal vendetta and agenda that isn’t in the best interest of the citizens of Michigan as a whole! What’s the old saying that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander?

Hoekstra and his Constitution-Shredding Tax Vote’s!
What price should Hoekstra pay for Constitution-shredding tax vote? The first Article Section 9 of the Constitution prohibits Congress from passing a “Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law,” which is what Pelosi’s Bill of tax a punishment would have done. It should surprise no one that Pelosi, who recently declared illegal aliens to be patriots, would strong-arm fellow Democrats for support. More surprising is that 85 Republicans would lock arms with her in approving the bill, including noted career politician and so-called conservative U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Holland. This is not the kind of representation Michigan needs as a U.S. Senator! Leopard’s don’t change their spots!

GOP and Tea Party in Fight to Death
The Republican Party is in a fight to the death with the tea party, and only one of them will be left standing at the end of it. If the typical “John McCain, Lindsey Graham kind of Republican” wins the internal party battle, the GOP will be finished. “It will go the way of the Whigs!” “The Republicans have one last chance to redeem themselves and if they go with a big government kind of guy and the tea party doesn’t understand that service and conservative small government values go hand-in-hand, we may lose the soul of our country.” Both parties have found themselves in ideological battles, but the difference is that the Democrats have already lost out to the Progressive wing of the party. It also seems likely that the Republicans will lose out to the liberal wing of their party! Here in Michigan we have way to many liberal Republicans now with only a handful of true conservatives whose ideology is that of what the party was originally founded upon!

It’s very simple. Did the candidate who wants my vote in 2012 vote to appropriate any sum of money for one or more of these programs:
1. Planned Parenthood
2. NPR
3. Acord (or whatever it’s called now)
4. Tarp
6. EPA
7. Anything related to cap and trade or related to global warming
8. Any of Obama’s stimulus
9. Any authorization of Obamacare
10. Any tax increase
11. Any increase in the debt ceiling

If the answer is yes to any of these, that candidate will not get my vote. In other words, I’ve had it with the career politicians and the good ol’ boy Washington/Lansing elitists who campaign on a conservative platform, and then vote another way. All we want is for Republicans who CLAIM to be fiscal conservatives to ACT like fiscal conservatives.

Unhealthy Political Complications for Michigan
There is an old joke that when sick one should never go to the hospital. Why? Because people die in the hospital, you silly ninnies. When it comes to the subject of health care, one could perhaps forgive Republicans in name only if they suddenly find themselves needing hospitalization. But Mr. Snyder’s message was also filled with items that theoretically make Republicans gag: more controls on smoking by banning it from state beaches, for example; having the state track body mass indexes of children to fight fat; and then the big gut wrencher, required insurance coverage for autism care.

Mr. Snyder called for working much of this through the health care exchanges each state is required to enact under Obamacare. The exchanges, mind you, that a fair number of Republicans in the legislature want the state to refuse to enact. All this comes after Republicans had already worried and whined about Mr. Snyder being the only Republican governor to not sign a letter calling for the repeal of Obamacare. Yet, as Mr. Snyder, and more directly Lt. Governor Brian Calley show, there is no Republican unanimity on the issue of health insurance. Mr. Calley’s daughter is autistic and he led an intense but failed effort last year to win passage of legislation calling for insurance coverage for autism.

Often has it been pointed out that one’s interest in public affairs, and one’s call for public services, is rooted in problems an individual actually faces. One suspects that is at least partly the case in Mr. Calley’s situation. What’s next? As ridiculous as this may sound who would suggest or support that if this legislation for autism insurance coverage is passed there should be a tie-bar to the bill that would ban births of future children for those couples with autistic children. The problem is for those with autistic children it is not the responsibility of the citizenry as a whole to pay for researched or unproven therapy. Any charlatan can hang out a shingle for a cure with a big price tag and the insurance companies will be responsible for the cost. These cost will be passed onto every policy holder.

Republicans Should Stop Reauthorizing Stuff they Denounced
There is an old adage that defines insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” What’s worse than insanity is hypocritical insanity, which may be defined as doing the same thing that your opponent did over and over again, while expecting different results. Unfortunately, that is an apt description of the House and Senate GOP leadership in Lansing of late.

The Issue With Romney is the Issues
On Sunday Mitt Romney will address a tea party rally in Concord, New Hampshire. Romney had previously ignored the movement, yet now that he is slipping in the polls, Romney suddenly sees that he needs the tea party vote. It’s an opportunistic “photo-op” by the kind of establishment politician the tea party movement rose up against. If we let ourselves be used as pawns to provide cover for the establishment, then what is the point of having the tea party? The tea party movement is not only a reaction to the big government policies of President Obama and the Democrats who ran Congress from 2006-2008. It is also a reaction to the disappointment and frustration with big government Republicans like Romney, who ran the country too much like the Democrats for too many years. This movement is not about supporting any Republican, it’s about supporting tea party principles! Michigan did not have an state income tax until his father former Michigan Governor George Romney implemented the overhaul of the state’s financial and revenue structure that created Michigan’s state income tax in 1963.

Government’s view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
Ronald Reagan

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