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Opinion By R. Al Bain
The political arena is ripe with, and often filled with, dissension, deceit, and deception which is a disservice to the citizens who vote for and elect their representatives. All to often we as an electorate see this type of behavior which is not beneficial to the voting citizenry and only benefits those who seek to represent them. As voters we must sift through all the twisted half truths and rhetoric to make an informed and educated decision on whom would provide the best representation on our behalf. The problem is that a majority of those we elect once in office, fall into the trap of representing their party and or themselves and not those who elected them.

Campaign contributions play a major role in the above scenario! It is often said that money is the root of all evil and in the political arena this holds as an absolute truth. Those who can afford these donations will have considerably more representation than those citizens who can’t. The voice of representation speaks loudest for those who contribute the most money to a given politician versus the very citizens who voted for them. Although this is wrong on so many levels this seems to be the norm in politics today. Being elected as a representative of all the people are supposed to be as a civil servant who represents one’s neighbors, friends, family, and community not big donors or personal agendas such as re-election to further one’s career. Serving the people was not meant to be a career! All citizens should do their civic duty on behalf of others for a reasonable time when and if allowable.

Lobbyist and Special Interest play yet another significant role. We as citizens do not have the time, money, and resources to advocate the type of representation we thought we were getting by electing the representative of our choice nor should we have to! This may be the reason for low voter turnout and apathy among the citizens. How many people have you heard say why should I vote it won’t make any difference? Are they right with the above scenario and the deck stacked against them? In my heart I do not think this is what our founding fathers envisioned.

Trampling Local Control
If conservatives stand for anything, it is opposition to big, intrusive government. Republicans in particular have expressed indignation whenever Washington has meddled in what they see as responsibilities properly reserved for state and local governments. Similarly, whenever Democrats have controlled the governor’s office or legislature in Michigan, the GOP has howled at perceived state intrusions into what they considered local affairs. So a measure recently enacted by the Republican-controlled Michigan Legislature takes hypocrisy to a new dimension.

Come on! Snyder calls for smoke-free beaches, What’s next?
Now this is ingenuity in job creation. Michigan can now begin hiring for the new “Beach Patrol” yet another new government entity that will likely be created to enforce this proposed new law! While we are at it let’s make another mandate on insurance companies to cover the medical cost of autistic children so we can have our rates increased! While I feel for those that have autistic children does anybody not think this cost will be passed on to all insurance consumers? This will just open a can of worms for all those that will use this mandate as a money grab! They will be coming out of the woodwork in droves with programs, cures, and ideas as to help that the insurance companies will have to cover. Maybe we should have a prescreen for those who wish to have children.

I say we need to have a fart tax, fat tax, and any other intrusion on our personal freedoms and liberty too! The smoking ban has already been a job’s killer for this state as a health concern unless your in a casino where it doesn’t effect health! Seems to me our legislative geniuses have more to worry about than smoke-free beaches and the like! How about our roads and infrastructure, no we need a taxpayer funded bridge to Canada, or what about creating an environment so employers can start hiring?

Government cannot and should not create jobs that should be left to the private sector, but they can help by ending over regulation and other barriers such as an overreaching government! Does anyone not see that smoke-free beaches will hurt tourism here in Michigan? But that’s OK too because we the taxpayers will continue to fund private industry with the “Pure Michigan” advertising campaign which that industry doesn’t fund themselves because the return on investment just isn’t in their best interest! But I guess it’s in the taxpayers best interest though?–coverage-for-autism-treatments

Richardville Escalates The War on Teachers
State Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville says teachers disagree with Republicans so what Republicans will do is punish them by using the government to target only teachers for right-to-work legislation. And what about making Michigan a right-to-work state? I’m not interested in going after other workers, just teachers, he says. For an elected official, let alone a leader, to use the threat of government action to retaliate against a group of citizens over a political disagreement is repugnant and should be rejected by everyone who cares about democracy and ethics in government.

It’s an outrageous abuse of power and a terrible civics lesson for the students of the teachers Richardville is threatening. The lesson: if you use your right of free speech and assembly to oppose Republicans or Mr. Richardville, he will use the levers of government to destroy you. Richardville’s threat makes it clear that it’s totally about power and politics. This is the kind of behavior that you would expect of powerful leaders in banana republic dictatorships. But in America? In Michigan?

Here in Monroe conservatives of his own party have seen first hand how his tactics really work. In 2010 trumped up charges were filed with the Monroe Post of the Michigan State Police against a former conservative executive committee member of his own local party for being critical of his legislative representation. Those charges were dropped and declared unfounded. These charges were filed by two members of the Monroe County Republican Party including his mother Glenda Kennon who happens to be first vice chair of this local party and has been since his was first elected as a state representative more than ten years ago! At the 2008 county convention a Democratic Union tactic was used to “purge” all conservatives from leadership within the party.

Mr. Richardville stood to be counted as to take away the right to a secret ballot by those in attendance. The bottom line is that is you disagree or cross Mr. Richardville he will use his political power as to make life miserable for those who oppose his liberal views!

Hoekstra LOVES Forced Unionization
Running for governor in 2010, Hoekstra was endorsed by Teamsters union officials and said on public TV that if Right to Work appeared on the ballot, “I’d probably not vote for it.” Lansing’s Dome magazine reported that Hoekstra “declared he wouldn’t vote for a ballot initiative on Right to Work.” The Center for Michigan reported that Hoekstra was the only Republican candidate who – in response to the question, “Should Michigan become a Right-to-Work state?”  Hoekstra joined Democrats Virg Bernero and Andy Dillon in answering “no.”

Michigan Senate Candidate to Primary Foe Hoekstra: “Explain Hoffa Connections”
Recently-announced Michigan Republican Senate candidate Gary Glenn is questioning ties between former GOP Congressman Pete Hoekstra, and Teamsters president Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. Glenn points to Hoekstra’s outspoken opposition to a statewide Right to Work law while the former Republican Congressman was running for governor of Michigan in 2010. “When Michigan voters, who strongly support Right to Work, cast their ballots in the Republican primary, I think this is going to be a disqualifier for any Republican who’s in bed with big union bosses like Jimmy Hoffa, and who has a record of opposing Right to Work,”

At a recent Labor Day speech in Detroit Jimmy Hoffa said, “Let’s take these son of bitches out” Referring to the Tea Party! The Tea Party is made up of citizens of all political denominations feed-up with big government with bought and paid for politicians such as republicans in name only like Pete Hoekstra!

Obama Care Coming to Michigan! Welcomed by Gov. Synder
Being as Lansing already spent the federal money sent to the state for other purposes where as other states returned that money to Washington I guess they have no choice! In a letter entitled: A Special Message from Governor Rick Snyder: Health and Wellness Governor Snyder outlines his plan to push for the implementation of Obama Care by Thanksgiving in addition to beginning a statewide body weight tracking of citizens under 18.

Is Mike Cox Endorsement to Hokestra Kiss of Death?
Former Attorney General Mike Cox has endorsed former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra for the U.S. Senate job. Mr. Hokestra already has a job as a Washington D.C. lobbyist. I do not believe that the citizens of Michigan would be well served by a lobbyist! Haven’t they been part of the problem not part of the solution? Wasn’t Mike Cox involved as attorney general with the investigation in the Kwame Kilpatrick Manoogian Mansion party that was allegedly connected with the Tamara Green murder?

Just recently a report that one of Kwame’s boy’s will testify in court against him and maybe this corruption and all the player’s will come to the forefront once and for all? Pete Hokestra is not the person to represent the citizens of Michigan with his ties to many questionable political and union individuals not to mention he has been part of the problem for “18 years” that got us to where we are today!

Sierra Club’s War on Coal Blamed for 53k Lost Jobs in Michigan
The state of Michigan has lost 53,587 jobs — 8th highest in the country — due to the Sierra Club’s campaign to shut down coal factories, according to a report released by the National Mining Association.

Government Golf Gobbles Up Lansing City Budget
How many other municipalities are in the same boat? Government does not belong in, or competing in, private sector businesses! At a time when the city of Lansing is laying off police officers and contemplating raising taxes, it is losing about $400,000 a year on city-owned golf facilities. Lansing lost $431,073 in fiscal 2007-08 and another $398,452 in fiscal 2008-09 on its golf facilities, according to Angela Bennett, the city’s deputy finance director. The city also had to cover another $431,073 from golf facility deficits from prior years.

Solar Power Company Solyndra Investigated by FBI
Is this another example of Green Energy gone bad at taxpayer expense? The raid and visits come amid increasing evidence the Justice Department and Inspector General are exploring whether Solyndra mislead the government in securing its $535 million loan in 2009 and landing a vital refinancing of that loan earlier this year.

Members of Congress leading a House investigation of the Energy Department loan have focused specifically on visits Harrison made to Washington in July, when he said the company was on sound footing and expanding. Less than two months after that visit, Solyndra fired 1,100 workers and filed for bankruptcy – a stinging collapse for the Obama administration, which has made the loan a showpiece as its first investment in job-creating green energy technology. The same thing is happening right here in Michigan with the taxpayer subsidy give away’s to these company’s!

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”
George Washington

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