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Opinion By R. Al Bain
We have had several special elections in several states whereby the party in power was the one that primarily lost the seat. I think the trend is becoming obvious. 2012 and beyond is going to be an anti-incumbency­ election whereby any incumbent (Democrat or GOP) will be tossed out because of his or her lack of seriousness and commitment to solving the state’s economic problems.

The GOP understands this and that­ is why they are desperately­ trying to rig the elections via redistricting and voter suppression­ tactics. They are also courting the Tea Party groups with false claims of conservatism and say they will address their concerns once elected. But once they get elected those concerns are put on the back burner, right off the stove! But it won’t work, the citizens are angry and they will keep voting out politicians until the politicians decide to represent the average Michigan working family rather than special interest groups and lobbyist.

The message is clear the Public has declared a “Pox on the House and Senate of both parties” I hope the politicians are listening? I have my doubts! Are the voters? These special elections were more of an “anti incumbent” win than anything else. I hope other elections follow the same suit. Profession­al politicians have no place in politics (as ridiculous as it sounds). I say clean house, across the board, for every representative and senator, until there are no more “career” politicians in Lansing­. And insist that TERM LIMITS remain in place or become more stringent. 

GOP leader Richardville thinks he’s Don Corleone on Bridge Issue
To be sure, the Senate GOP leader is not a Don Corleone, but he is about to make an offer to his colleagues that he hopes they can’t refuse. Slick Richie wants to add 167 identified roads and bridges throughout Michigan that desperately need repair with the New International Bridge Crossing Bill. This could possibly pit constituents against their representatives if they vote no on the Bill? It’s a shrewd tactic but may lure votes for fear of retaliation come election time. That would not affect Richardville because he is term limited after this his final stint in the senate! You see, it is Sen. Randy Richardville’s job to push Gov. Rick Snyder’s agenda through the Senate. Now comes that bridge thing and there’s an unseemly pushback by members of Mr. Snyder’s own party, of all things. Even though the guv told them way back when that building the span between Detroit and Windsor was the right thing to do, the guv and Mr. Richardville have failed to produce 20 votes to do it. In fact, in one early count there was reportedly one vote…Sen. Richardville’s. Ouch.

Macomb County GOP Chairman Quits, Cites Intraparty ‘War’
Boy does this sound familiar! A similar situation happened in the Monroe County Republican Party at the 2008 County Convention. The only difference is that then Chairman Jeff Andring didn’t quit he was “purged” along with all the true conservative members of the executive committee by the long time “RINOS” of the Party including it’s highest ranking member current Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville. They used Democratic Union tactics as to retain power and control. At that convention there were over 50 precinct delegates that left the Party (Aka Club) and will not be back!

Michigan Unemployment Fund Loans Due
Later this month, states will have to make the first interest payment on the money they borrowed from the federal government to keep sending unemployment checks to workers who’ve lost their jobs. The federal stimulus package had provided interest-free loans to states, but that grace period has expired. Michigan has the second highest outstanding balance among the states checking in at $110,727,000 and will have to start paying interest on this figure September 30, 2011. Go Lansing you’re doing a hell of a job for Michigan taxpayers!

The Mortgage Fix That Can Save the Economy
The loan modification programs have been a joke. You have a house that has tanked in value and the best the banks can come up with is a plan where they sort of delay what you owe long enough for you to get back on your financial feet — if that — based on the flawed logic that the housing market is certain to improve in just a matter of months. If lenders would reduce all underwater mortgages to their current market value, the nation’s banks could pump $71 billion per year into the economy, create more than 1 million jobs annually and save families up to $6,500 per year on mortgage payments, according to The New Bottom Line, a collaborative of 1,000 faith-based and community organizations who want Wall Street held accountable for the mess it created. According to the report, “The Win/Win Solution: How Fixing the Housing Crisis Will Create One Million Jobs,” homeowners are struggling to pay their “boom-era mortgages with their recession-era salaries” and the economy is suffering for it. The report adds: “Writing down the principals and interest rates on all underwater mortgages to market value would serve as the second stimulus that America so desperately needs, only without added costs to taxpayers.” Amen to that part.

Mission Statement of Michigan Board of Education
We, the (1995) Michigan State Board of Education, grateful to Almighty God for the blessings of freedom, do earnestly desire to secure these blessings for our children. We, the Michigan State Board of Education, believe that to teach a child created by God is a noble calling. We, the Michigan State Board of Education both united in vision and philosophy and empowered by our Constitution to respond with leadership, humbly serve to enable, promote, and inspire a new spirit and birth of freedom, self- government, excellence and accountability in our local communities for all who are involved in the lifelong education of students. Important to note that the Michigan State Board of Education President in 1995 was “Clark Durant” current candidate for U.S. Senator. Clark Durant has taken tough jobs and achieved success. He has challenged the establishment and forced it to reform. He has succeeded in both the public and the private sectors. And, most importantly, he has shown himself to be a true “man for others”.

 Here are just a few examples of what Clark Durant has achieved:

• He’s served as a Vice President of Hillsdale College and helped found its indispensable publication Imprimis.

• He has been a successful businessman. At the request of Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole, he transformed a floundering, near bankrupt public railroad and privatized it, turning it into a successful, profitable private venture, paying taxes not spending taxes.

• President Reagan named him, and the U.S. Senate confirmed him, to serve on the board of the Legal Services Corporation. As Chairman, he didn’t ask Congress for more money, he sought to break up a monopoly which was denying poor people access to justice and sought efficient ways to deliver more services with fewer tax dollars;

• He represented Michigan on the 1984 Republican National Committee Platform Committee where he helped draft the party platform on which President Reagan ran for and won his landslide re-election.

• At Governor Engler’s request, he ran for both the Michigan Supreme Court and later the State Board of Education. As a President of the State Board of Education he worked with Governor Engler to shake up the state education establishment, create charter schools, and bring more accountability and higher standards to the state’s public school system.

Bigger Government in Michigan Continues to Grow
One thing it seems Republicans and Democrats can always agree on is corporate welfare. The 21st Century Jobs Fund should be abolished. Our legislators in Lansing represent themselves as favoring less government but have shown with legislation this is just not the case. Evidently, the era of picking Winners and Losers in the business community is alive and well. The 21st Century Jobs Fund continues to be a private piggy bank for our elected officials to rob taxpayer dollars from. 2011 Senate Bill 144 – Public Act 22 of 2011 expands the 21st Century Jobs Fund corporate subsidies in the form of cash grants and loans for “certain” information technology and agricultural processing firms selected by state “economic development” officials. All Michigan Senators and all but five House Republicans voted in favor of this Bill.

Mortgage Rates Fall to New Lows But Consumers Hands Tied
Fixed mortgage rates fell this week to the lowest levels in six decades. But few Americans can take advantage of the rates to refinance or buy a home. Nearly a third of homeowners have nearly zero equity or are underwater in their mortgage, according to the real estate research firm CoreLogic. That leaves then unable to refinance because of lender and government-imposed limits and the cost of extra fees. Increased refinancing activity isn’t providing much economic benefit. Without much equity, few are drawing money out for home-improvement projects or other big expenditures as to create growth in the economy.

Signs We’re Heading for a Deeper Recession
Government and the liberal media just don’t get it! Contrary to what the public has been told, that the recession ended in 2009, it is the farthest thing from the truth! Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s the number of jobs created in August 2011. By itself, it’s just a single data point. And while the U.S.’s gloomy employment situation is distressing, that figure alone is no reason to hit the panic button. Does that mean our economy is on the mend or at least that we’ve hit the bottom and there’s nowhere to go but up? Hardly. In fact, we’ve got a four-alarm economic fire burning: Take the employment situation, add the state of consumer confidence, and top it off with Wall Street skittishness, and all signs point to trouble ahead.

Gary Foster, Ex-Citigroup VP, Admits Embezzling Over $22 Million
A former vice president for Citigroup Inc pleaded guilty Tuesday to embezzling more than $22 million from the company and funneling the money to his personal bank account. This little embezzlement crime to the tune of 22 million doesn’t even compare to the “TARP heist on the American Taxpayers”, and the bankster goons are still feeding at the public trough at Fannnie Mae, Freedie Mac, VA and HUD and Washington DC (both parties) do nothing.

Citigroup awards CEO bonus plan worth nearly $23.4M
Citigroup Inc.’s CEO, who took a $1 salary after the company needed a bailout to weather the financial crisis, has been awarded a multi-year bonus package that could be worth nearly $23.4 million if a series of performance goals are met.

“It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor.  A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution.”
Thomas Jefferson

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