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Opinion by R Al Bain

In a recent “Bain Report” I received a comment from a reader I would like to share. Seems this individual was not impressed with my spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.

Mrs. Pepper commented on The “Bain Report” Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Monday, January, 9, 2012: (In her words and spelling)

Your political views may be terrific, and I would like to know, but I wouldn’t know because alas, I cant get past five or six sentences of what you write. Why? Your spelling, grammar and sentence structure are so horrendous it’s too painful and embarrassing to read. Is this deliberate on your part as a strategy to connect with so-called common folk, or are you genuinely that undeucated? If so, we are a bankrupt country indeed.

My email response to Mrs. Pepper:

Thank you for your comment on the “Bain Report”. I would like to apologize for my spelling, grammar and sentence structure within these reports. I am truly sorry this causes you pain and embarrassment. This is not deliberate on my part as a strategy to connect with so-called common folk (sheeple) but I like your thinking! As far as being “undeucated”, (your spelling not mine), you see some 40 years ago I dropped out of school to serve and fight for my country so folks like you could enjoy the freedoms and liberty’s that this country has enjoyed as a nation.

As for this country being bankrupt because of my attempt to educate and inform the citizens on the issues that affect those citizens and their families, I can only say that I attended “public school” before my military enlistment which should tell you something in and of itself. I genuinely believe that it’s the political elitist and those who we elect as to serve us that are bankrupting this country through their political actions. I did continue my education by obtaining a GED. I currently hold a certificate in “Applied Aerospace Sciences”, and an “Associates Degree”, I don’t claim to be a rocket scientist although, the Air Force did request I work in their guided missile and rocket system program.

I spend many hours researching and compiling pertinent information as to publish this report for the benefit of my fellow citizens here in Michigan, I do not get paid for what I do. If you would like to assist me by editing my work for publication so others will not have to feel the pain and embarrassment as you do while reading these reports that would be appreciated. Note: To date I have not received a response from Mrs. Pepper on my offer!

Regards, R Al Bain – Author of the “Bain Report” – Veteran United States Air Force

Political and Judicial Systems Collide in Collusion

Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel (Matty) Moroun and top aide Dan Stamper were ordered to jail on Thursday by Wayne County Circuit Judge Prentis Edwards for civil contempt of court. Judge Prentis Edwards ruled Nov. 4 that the Detroit International Bridge Co. was in civil contempt of court for defying his orders to finish the long-delayed Gateway project, a joint project with the Michigan Department of Transportation designed to ease border traffic at the Ambassador Bridge.

MDOT and other Michigan state regulatory agency’s have consistently harassed and impeded Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel (Matty) Moroun as to make it difficult to comply with all and any requests related to finishing the Gateway project by the Detroit International Bridge Co. The reasons for this are evident with the state of Michigan wanting their own new bridge (NITC) The New International Trade Crossing.

In the recent Presidential Debates the issues of Liberal Judges have come to the forefront. It sure looks like we have a good example right here with this case. When the Political and Judicial systems collide in collusion on an issue, “Houston We Have a Very Serious Problem”!

Edwards’s son, Prentis Edwards Jr. a former Wayne County assistant prosecutor, was recently appointed to the 36th District bench by “Governor Rick Snyder” who has pushed hard for a new government run bridge and has made it the cornerstone of his administration. The majority of supporters of this new bridge are Democrats. This sure smells like judicial and political gamesmanship, crafty back door wheeling and dealing to me, especially with the appointment of the Judge’s son.

Jailing Not Likely to Sway Opponents of a New Bridge

Ambassador Bridge owner Manuel (Matty) Moroun had a bad day Thursday. But he probably doesn’t have to worry that being jailed for contempt of court improves the chance Gov. Rick Snyder will persuade the Legislature to approve construction of a publicly owned bridge a few miles downriver from Moroun’s crossing.

This seems to be politically motivated especially with the recent documented troubles with Michigan state agencies. Opponents of the public bridge project, which is languishing in the state Senate after it was rejected in committee last fall, said Moroun’s incarceration was irrelevant to their concerns about Snyder’s proposal.

The recent accident involving an outside contractor doing work on the bridge has absolutely nothing what so ever to do with the issue of a new bridge. Maybe the thinking of those in favor of this new bridge is that if “Big Government” was in charge such as with a new government bridge this accident wouldn’t have happened. We have all seen how government runs things and where has that gotten us?

Raleigh Studios to Miss Bond Payment Taxpayers on the Hook

This is yet another perfect example of the failed movie producer subsidies. Michigan has been home to the nation’s most generous film incentives thanks to an aggressive tax-credit plan created by former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm in 2008. While she is no longer governor her agenda for these movie producer subsides has continued aggressively under Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville. While claims of jobs and revenue to the state have been made, it’s hard to get a good handle on the exact impact of an in-state movie production. The only reports on movie production revenue and jobs come from the state film office or the movie industry itself. Senator Richardville has been lobbied hard by his new found buddies at Raleigh Studios with lavish trips to the Emmy’s in Hollywood. Maybe that’s why Raleigh was betting that Senate Bill 569 that Richardville introduced, which became law in December, will revive Michigan’s movie industry and the studio’s fortunes.

Raleigh Studios is reportedly going to default on a bond payment next month and, tragically, the state’s pension funds are on the hook for over $600,000. The deal quarterbacked by former Governor Jennifer Granholm in 2009 made the state employee pension funds the guarantor of the $18 million in bonds sold to help build the $80 million studio. Raleigh is not the first movie studio to have financial issues that not only effect the studio, but also end up costing the Michigan taxpayers. The citizens in Allen Park, Michigan, got burned when a planned studio project blew up in their face, leaving the city unable to pay for things like their fire department (which they had to close). Allen Park made a huge error in judgment severely over paying for a piece of property specifically for the studio by millions of taxpayer dollars as to house a movie studio in the hope of creating much needed jobs and boosting it’s revenue coffers. The studio received a better deal after the property was purchased by the city and moved to Detroit in a designated enterprise tax exempt zone.

Then there was the Hanger-42 case, which smelled like fraud, but prosecutors were unable to convince a judge to agree with them.

State Workers Getting 3% Health Fee Returned

Nearly 50,000 state workers are getting refunds on the 3 percent they’ve been paying for a year toward retiree health care costs. State budget director John Nixon estimates a worker making $50,000 a year will get back about $1,500.Gov. Rick Snyder signed bills last month agreeing to refund the money after courts ruled the fee unconstitutional. The money was being returned Thursday.

Workers can choose to receive the refunds in their paychecks or as a deposit into their 401(k) or 457 retirement accounts. Unionized and non unionized workers will receive the refund. A similar 3 percent contribution being paid by teachers toward their retiree health care costs “is not” being refunded. Why would this be unconstitutional for state workers and not teachers? So this unconstitutional (best practice) by Governor Rick Snyder continues for teachers as to collect 3% of their pay for health care costs. Doesn’t seem like a good way to ensure the long term commitment for the “critical education of our children”. Is it me or does this look similar to picking winners and losers in the business community?

Michigan Taxpayers Fund Bureaucratic Back Slapping

This is just the tip of the iceberg, not even scratching the surface with this type of waste of taxpayer dollars. Here’s one: The Michigan Department of Natural Resources gives grants to many local governments for public recreation projects and programs. Last year more than $550,000 was expended by the state for this purpose, with the money coming from the voluntary $10 state park passes purchased when drivers renew their annual vehicle registration. This looks to me like the lottery money scam for education in that I thought the purpose of that $10 state park pass was for the state parks, sort of like the monies allocated for our roads. All these intended monies specified for certain purposes always seem to find there way to other places by our illustrious legislators in Lansing.

Last year this recreation program gave out 24 grants to communities as diverse as Portage and Flushing Townships, Detroit and Grand Rapids. They didn’t just mail checks at a cost of 44 cents each, however. Instead, DNR bureaucrats drove to the local communities and publicly presented the fake, oversized checks with plenty of back-slapping and mutual congratulations all around. That’s $1,000 spent just on stage-props for PR nonsense associated with just one state grant program, plus all the other expenses incurred including travel and time taken from these bureaucrats’ real jobs

Sen. Randy Richardville Targeted for Re-Call by Tea Party Group

The leader of a northern Michigan tea party group wants other tea party organizations in the state to join together to try to recall Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville, according to an email sent to the Citizen Patriot. In an email to other tea party groups, Randy Bishop, who founded the Traverse City TEA Party Patriots, asks the other organizations to support efforts to recall Richardville. Bishop criticizes the Senate Majority leader, saying senators who support tea party principles are “being forced to deal with other bills that are contrary to these principles due to Richardville’s legislative agenda. “As examples, Bishop’s email mentions a proposal by Richardville to implement a “right-to-work” law in Michigan that would only affect teachers not other workers and his support of a second bridge from Detroit to Windsor.

UAW Member: Union Workers ‘Need to Embrace’ Right-to-Work Laws

Terry Bowman is a UAW Member who founded the group Union Conservatives in 2010 after getting fed-up with union practices and propaganda. Capitol Confidential conducted an interview with Bowman via telephone and email. The following are excerpts from that interview click the link below.

Tea Party Talks of Working with Teachers Union on Richardville Re-Call

“I feel that the far left and the far right, both groups and many in the middle, want Randy Richardville to stop his legislative agenda that he personally has,” said Randy Bishop, founder and leader of the Traverse City TEA Party Patriots. Amber McCann was groomed and worked for former Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm.

The new bridge in which Richardville introduced Senate Bill 410 in 2011, was a top priority of the Granholm administration! If as Richardville’s spokesperson Amber McCann stated was true in regard to he would not stand in the way of the right-to-work debate, then why didn’t he introduce legislation for full right-to-work for all Michigan workers instead of the right-to-teach bill he introduced in 2011 with Senate Bill 729? I’ll tell you.

SB 729 was introduced with no intension of passing only as to send a personal message to the MEA don’t try and do to me what you did to Representative Paul Scott! This is a blatant waste of taxpayer dollars with this personal message all for personal gain and advancement of Mr. Richardville’s career. Mr. Bishop said he plans to schedule a meeting of statewide tea party groups late this month to consider approving a recall effort against Richardville. Bishop has already received support from six other tea party organizations in Michigan, he said, but would not name them.

The 12,000 Pound Elephant Holding Michigan’s Recovery Back

Actually it’s about a 150 pound elephant in Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville that’s holding Michigan’s recovery back. You see, the majority of the House and Senate members favor legislation for Michigan to become a right-to-work state. But because of the Senate Majority leader’s close relationship with the “Union’s” he has been overloading those in favor of it with committee assignments on other legislation. Word out of Lansing is that those who have approached him about this legislation say they’ve been told that if they can get certain Bill’s passed (can you say new bridge) then he may talk about right-to-work with “may” being the key word.

Why do other states attract new foreign owned auto plants and Michigan does not? Michigan has already lost the opportunity of new plants built here and the jobs that would have came with them by BMW, Boeing, and Volkswagen. There are several reasons, but the 12,000 pound elephant in the room is Michigan’s lack of a right-to-work law. As long as Senator Richardville is in the leadership position in the Michigan Senate it’s economic and job outlook appears to be grim for many years to come.

Michigan’s Bad Business Climate Reputation Hard to Overcome

I couldn’t help but notice a disheartening bit of news in the January issue of Site Selection magazine.Indiana has the best business climate in the Midwest, followed by North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa,” said an article about a survey of 12 site consultants at a Mid-America Economic Development Council conference last month. Michigan tied with Ohio for last place,” he replied, noting that we also trailed Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

Brent Pollina, vice president of Pollina Corporate Real Estate of Park Ridge, Ill., one of the 12 consultants surveyed said, companies are bewildered by the elimination of many tax credits and suspicious that Michigan’s new $100-million pot of cash incentives will help mostly big corporations on a few major deals. Michigan’s national reputation is very poor and has been for a long time,” Pollina said, noting that its history as a “labor union stronghold” remains a “big deterrent” for many employers. He went on to say that it’s very hard to get rid of a bad reputation. Michigan could do a complete reversal and it would still take 10 years to reverse its reputation. One way to expedite this reversal would be for Michigan to become a right-to-work state!

My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.

Thomas Jefferson

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