The Bain Report: Articles that Affect You & Your Family for November, 22, 2010

The Bain Report will not be published until the week beginning Monday, December 6, 2010. The Author of this report will be carrying the message of “Freedom and Liberty” to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the next two weeks. 
The Conservative Evolution of Senator Randy Richardville?
Randy Richardville says he is tired of being described as a liberal Republican. The Michigan Republican state senator from Monroe says those critics are living in the past. “You have to look at the big picture and not just pick apart my voting record from six years ago,” Richardville said. The word chameleon (a changeable or inconstant person) comes to mind here. With this self proclaimed conservative the proof will be in the pudding!
How the Liberal Monroe News Looks at elected Representatives
Below you will read an editorial by this newspaper that obviously doesn’t do the research to back up their view! The statement made by this paper that, If you want a good laugh, just ask any local Democrat­ic Party stalwart if Randy Richardville is a liberal is unbelievable in that the Democrats are the one’s who got him re-elected!
If this newspaper would have done it’s due diligence in the research they would have seen prominent Democrats campaign contributions including the County Sheriff and County Prosecutor both Democrats and the Unions such as the Deputy Sheriffs, Troopers PAC,, SEIU, MEA, and a plethora of others! So their statement doesn’t hold true! Doesn’t anybody question why Kathy Angerer didn’t run?
The Port of Monroe job they mentioned was a posistion created just for Mr. Richardville to fill the gap between his House and Senate seats that no longer exists! This newspapers view is bias towards Monroe’s favorite son and I wonder about the connections within this newspaper and the disservice to it’s readers? With all the cronyism going on in Monroe County government all one has to do is read between the lines!
Monroe News Editorial:
Richardville’s promotion looks good for Michigan in Our view: To the point
But it also looks like a plus for Michigan as a whole. The reason is that Sen. Richard­ville, 51, has plenty of expe­rience in both the public and private sectors, along with a reputation for building bridges in the Legislature.  He served for six years in the House the maximum under term limits then had a short stint as econom­ic development director for the Port and City of Monroe and was elected in 2006 to his first Senate term.
Before he went to Lansing, he earned degrees in finance and man­agement and worked in the corporate world.  His conservative creden­tials are solid despite some puzzling attempts to paint him as a stealth liberal in the primary campaign. After all, he has a 96 percent rating from the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and is staunchly pro-life and pro-gun.
If you want a good laugh, just ask any local Democrat­ic Party stalwart if Randy Richardville is a liberal. On the other hand, he has worked on some issues with organized labor. And he has not been pushing, as some conservatives have, to make Michigan a right-to-work state. It seems he has had a lot of training for his new leader­ship post. He was majority floor leader in his third term in the House.
In the Senate, he is president pro tempore, chairman of the Senate Banking and Financial Insti­tutions Committee and vice chairman of the Economic Development and Regulatory Reform Committee.  As majority leader, Sen. Richardville will have the job of setting legislative pri­orities in consultation with other lawmakers and the new governor’s office and of moving legislation along.
He says he will look at business tax reform and state regula­tion to improve the state business climate and will work on budget reform. “We expect our first 100 days to be very ambitious,” he says. All in all, it looks as if Sen. Richardville’s agenda, his credentials and his approach dovetail closely with that of the governor-elect. Mr. Snyder, meanwhile, has moved quickly to name his own team and fulfill his pledge to bring unity to state government.
This week he selected a Democrat, House Speaker Andy Dillon, as state treasurer. And Mr. Sny­der also named as his senior legislative adviser Dick Post­humus, who served eight year as lieutenant governor under John Engler and, be­fore that, as Senate majority leader.  Both Mr. Dillon and Mr. Posthumus have back­grounds in business, too. The new House speaker is an interesting choice. Jase Bolger, 39, of Marshall has only two years of legislative experience, having run in 2008 for the House in part because he was angry over passage of the Michigan Business Tax, which he said hurt his small business.
Congratulations to Sen. Richardville and good luck. Even though Repub­licans will control both legislative chambers and the governor’s office come Jan. Michigan faces a plethora of problems that will require bipartisan solutions. Senate Majority Leader Richard­ville will not have an easy job.
Michigan One of America’s ‘Most Governed’ States
A recent USA Today story showed the growth of pay for federal workers. It noted that those making more than $150,000 had increased ten-fold over the last five years, and doubled during just the first two years of the Obama Administration. But James Hohman, policy analyst for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, said the salaries and benefits of state and local governments should be more of an issue for Michigan taxpayers.
Frenchtown ups water rates again
For the second year in a row, water rates will go up again Jan. 1 in Frenchtown Township. Wasn’t there recently a rise in the cost of flood plan insurance? What about the city water on Post Road without a water district in place? There seems to be a lot of shenanigans going on in Frenchtown Township!
Former Michigan Republican Party chairman Saul Anuzis to run for chairman of the Republican National Committee
Saul Anuzis to run for chairman of the Anuzis, 51, lost a bid to become RNC chairman in 2009, when former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele won the balloting. Steele, the RNC’s first African-American chair, has been a lightning rod for controversy during his term but he is thought to be interested in a second two-year term.
Experts Say Dollar to Devalue by 50 Percent
‘US banks steal money through inflation’
You know even if you look at bankers the funny thing is you could probably take three sectors of people, you can take counterfeiters or you can take people that rob convenient stores every day and you can take bankers and how they counterfeit money, and I guarantee you, you can quantify this, you can quantify the money that US fed reserve devalues US dollar by 50 percent a year and how much that stole from all the holders in the United States and you can quantify for the guy that’s counterfeiting.
Obama Wants Internet Security Czar
President Barack Obama wants to ramp-up Internet security with the establishment of a czar to oversee privacy. The administration plans a stronger legal effort to protect Internet privacy—including new laws and creation of a new position to oversee the effort, people familiar with the situation tell The Wall Street Journal.
My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government. 
Thomas Jefferson


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