The Bain Report: Articles that Affect You & Your Family for October, 4, 2010

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Unity Studios moves out of Allen Park
Well, here’s another Michigan film subsidy gone bad for the taxpayers of this state. Allen Park bought the property specifically for the studio with the promise of jobs to the tune of 27 million dollars. The studio will move to Detroit in a designated enterprise tax exempt zone. This is yet another failure to Michigan taxpayers with this endeavor that should have been eliminated in the recently completed state budget but was extended with an increase in funding to the tune of 21 million dollars more than the previous year! I guess we as taxpayers should be happy that they cut the funding for Pure Michigan advertising by 6.4 million
Find ways to repair dysfunctional Legislature
We need a fresh start, a structural realignment, a fundamental shift in the way things are done. This is true in Michigan’s State government, which has become so broken that nothing short of a major revision will position Michigan for a thriving future. Case in point: The Michigan Legislature was not envisioned as a full-time body in the 1963 Constitution, according to an analysis by the Citizens Research Council of Michigan. Yet, over time, it has gradually crept into full-time session, with more tinkering — and wheel-spinning — than Michigan may need these days.
Michigan Senate votes to increase Gas Tax
2010 Senate Bill 1267 Passed in the Senate on September 16, 2010, to continue to (Impose 7/8th cent gas tax for non-road spending ) (Senate Roll Call 417.) This gas and refined petroleum tax was scheduled to expire on Dec. 31, 2010. The tax was originally levied for the cleanup of underground fuel tanks, but was diverted to other government spending following a 2004 “fund raid” enacted to avoid state spending cuts and reforms, and continues to be used for that purpose. The bill would extend the tax through 2012. Our legislators continue growing bigger government instead of making the necessary cuts to reduce the size and scope of it!
Michigan “Budget path “Not Sustainable” 
A recent report by the Citizens Research Council of Michigan examines the danger of balancing the state’s budget using federal stimulus money.  It argues that using $1.3 billion in federal funds and accelerating future revenue is a recipe for disaster.  When the stimulus money is not available, the state will be forced to make drastic budget cuts or enact large tax increases. 
The full report can be view here.
Court’s inaction allows illegal stealth unionization to continue
In a court order received yesterday afternoon, the Michigan Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit against the Michigan Department of Human Services on behalf of home-based day care owners and “again failed to address key questions”.
Legislature’s “Early-Out Deal” no deal for taxpayers
Legislators celebrated a “victory” last week by passing a state employee early retirement scheme that generates upfront savings of just under $140 million (but at the expense of higher costs down the road). This will be used to fill in a gap between their desired 2011 government spending vs. expected revenue (aka “the deficit”). The measure lets politicians get back to the campaign trail, but in the long-term may cost taxpayers more overall, despite some “rosy scenario” projections that claim otherwise.
Michigan Economic Growth Authority preferential tax deal disputed
An ongoing investigation by the Mackinac Center into a preferential tax deal that was granted to a maker of solar panels in Saginaw has revealed that the company may have “misrepresented” information that was “critical” to the company receiving special help from state government as part of the company’s decision to move to Michigan rather than Texas.
Cash-Hungry State Turns to Tattoo Parlor Fees AKA “TAX INCREASE” for More Money
First it was the tanning salons, now the tattoo parlors, who’s next? I see some tanning salons going out of business will the tattoo parlors follow? While not a big fan of either this is about picking winners and losers in the business community!
Michigan: Family Income Falling the Fastest in the United States
Recent data reveals Michigan now ranks 37th in median family income. That is a 21.3% decline in just the last 9 years. In fact, per-family income has dropped over 6% in the last year alone. In 2000 Michigan ranked 16th, in the mid-1960’s Michigan was in the top five states for per-capita income.
Michigan Republican Senator Squawks at Stimulus Spending
Passed in the Republican lead Senate on September 29, 2010, to authorize spending $316 million granted to Michigan’s school budget by the “Edujobs” portion of the federal “Stimulus 2” bill passed by Congress in August, 2010. See also House Bill 6086, which depends on this one-time “stimulus” revenue to shift $208.4 million from school to the 2010-2011 community college budget. “The state GOP hits House candidates on federal stimulus spending.” Can you imagine that the state Grand Old Party is attacking House Democrats in our own State House for excessive spending of bailout money? Talking about calling the kettle black!
Solution to Mosque at Ground Zero
Whether or not you’re ok with a mosque near Ground Zero, this is a way of
showing tolerance! I think it should be the goal of every American to be tolerant. The mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance. That is why I also propose, that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque thereby promoting tolerance within the mosque. We could call one of the clubs (which would be gay) “The Turban Cowboy” and the other being a topless bar “You Mecca Me Hot”.
Missionaries Acquitted of Inciting Crowd at Arab Festival in Dearborn
A jury acquitted four Christian missionaries accused of inciting a crowd while videotaping themselves proselytizing Muslims at the Dearborn Arab International Festival in June. Robert Muise, an attorney for the Thomas More Law Center who sucessfully defended the missionaries, also argued that his clients’ First Amendment rights were violated.
Dearborn Doctor sentenced for health care fraud, immigration & tax offenses
Ali S. Makki, a 51-year-old medical doctor from Dearborn, was sentenced today to serve 24 months in custody followed by three-years supervised release on three felony counts involving his fraud against the Medicare program, and making false statements in immigration and for filing a false tax return.
Obama administration to Make Internet Wiretaps Easier
Broad new regulations being drafted by the Obama administration would make it easier for law enforcement and national security officials to eavesdrop on Internet and e-mail communications like social networking Web sites and BlackBerries, The New York Times reported Monday.
Fox news bows to the pressure from Obama Administration
Fox is already cowering down to the President. In response to President Obama’s complaint that FOX News doesn’t show enough Black and Hispanic people on their network, FOX has announced  that they will now air “America’s Most Wanted” TWICE a week.
Exorbitant card fees chip away at benefits for the unemployed
For millions of out-of-work Americans, the only thing keeping them fed, clothed and housed is the unemployment benefits they receive from the state. Yet in far too many cases, those badly-needed funds are being depleted by the very banks that issue the debit cards on which they receive their benefits.
Consumer confidence drops to lowest since February
Americans’ view of the economy turned grimmer in September amid escalating job worries, falling to the lowest point since February. The downbeat report, released Tuesday, raises more fears about the tenuous U.S. economic recovery. It also further underscores the disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street; consumers’ confidence fell further even as stocks rebounded in September.
U.S. Postal Service rate hike rejected
The Postal Service’s bid to raise the cost of mailing a letter by 2 cents was rejected Thursday, denying the agency immediate relief from a worsening financial crisis. The Postal Service lost $3.8 billion last year and is headed toward an approximately $7 billion loss this year as people do more business on the Internet and the recession erodes the volume of marketing mail.
Senate Expands IRS Form 1099 Reporting Requirement to Include All Rental Property Owners, More than 10 million Americans are in for a rude awakening in January
Millions of Americans who own rental property are in for a bit of a rude awakening, beginning in January. Congress has presented a bill to President Obama that would expand the IRS Form 1099 reporting requirements set out in the health-care reform law to include private citizens who own rental property.
Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure
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