The Bain Report: Articles that Affect You & Your Family for September, 6, 2010

Note: This weeks Bain Report is an abbreviated edition.
Opinion: 2010 Republican State Party Convention: By R. Al Bain
The 2010 Republican State Party Convention held last week at the MSU Breslin Center, East Lansing was a disorganized joke. This precinct delegate for one thinks that the power brokers of the state party purposely orchestrated this event the way they did because they knew that the Conservatives and Tea Party delegation had them outnumbered as to steer the Republican Party back to it’s original intent of it’s founding principles, traditions, and values.
I for one made a call to the Republican State Party two weeks prior to the convention seeking information and was told they were still working on the details. With a record number of republican precinct delegates filing for office in 2010 they had to know what to expect. I think they did that’s why it was so disorganized! They wanted to create confusion among the delegates as to retain the power and control of the status quo! They even tried to use the “union shenanigans” of taking away the right to a secret ballot on certain voting issues claiming they didn’t anticipate they needed to print ballots so they wanted to have a standing or hand count even when a majority of the delegates didn’t get their credentials.
The venue was terrible to say the least with one elderly lady falling trying to access the convention floor by traversing the steps at the Breslin Center that even a young person would find hard to navigate. She was put on a stretcher with a neck brace. The liberal media also used incorrect hype in their reporting with headlines reading “Tea Partiers” storm and crash convention gates. That was far from the truth. The truth is it was the State Republican Party leadership that caused all the disorganization not the delegates or Tea Partiers.
The Republican Party is broke and in desperate need of fresh new conservative leadership not the left leaning liberal moderates we have now! It’s long overdue for this change and we as true conservative republicans can only hope this happens sooner rather than later.      
Political charades are nothing new in Michigan
The state’s major political parties can establish their own sham party aimed at disrupting elections and confusing voters. This happens at the local level as well.
Brian Calley and other GOP Convention Shenanigans
Michigan Republican Party Chair Ron Weiser proved he’s incapable of getting a balloon drop right. Hard to understand why he and the party are so eager to meddle in state policy when they can’t put on even the most basic of events such as a state party convention.
School District slices $1.7 Million more from budget; kids to feel the cuts
Our children suffer as the political powers continue to use them as pawns in a political chess game that’s all about convincing the public we need to raise taxes instead of cutting government.
DTE customers lose power in region unconfirmed Tornado spotted
Sources say they saw what appeared to be a Tornado Thursday, September, 2, 2010 rip through an area around I -75 and Fort Street about 3:30 p.m. An estimated 7,000 DTE Energy customers in the Carleton, Flat Rock, Gibraltar and Riverview areas lost service from this severe thunderstorm accompanied by high winds and lightning.
More than 3 Million Seniors may have to switch drug plans
A plan by Medicare to try to make it simpler for consumers to pick drug coverage could force 3 million seniors to switch plans next year whether they like it or not, says an independent analysis. That risks undercutting President Barack Obama’s promise that people can keep their health plans if they like them.
Feds sue Arizona sheriff in civil rights probe
At a news conference Thursday morning in downtown Phoenix, Sheriff Arpaio called the Justice Department‘s actions harrassment.
I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
Thomas Jefferson 


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