Tidbits from the 2013 MIGOP Mackinac Policy Conference & More

2013 MIGOP Mackinac Policy Conference

From the Weekly Musing’s 9-22-13 email by Saul Anuzis on the Mackinac Leadership Conference: A huge success as thousands of Michigan Republicans converge on the island and get fired up for the upcoming elections. Congratulations to Chairman Bobby Schostak and his team for a job well done..

Saul on RHINO’s: I had a chance to address the Mackinac Leadership Conference and made a point about growing our party and the need for unity to support our ultimate nominees. “Republicans in Nomination Only” are those who use the party to support ONLY “their” candidates, and if they are NOT nominated, they then sit on the sideline in protest and therefore help Democrats win elections. NO thanks…we don’t need those RINO’s in our party!

Saul’s comment above should just show the Grassroots, Conservatives and Tea Party faithful that the ‘ole adage still applies of Suit Up, Show Up, Shut Up and Volunteer because the establishment elitist of the MIGOP know’s just what’s best for our family’s, state and our party! Our voices and concerns mean little.

“You can just go home and play with yourself. You’re not part of our team.” ~ Senate Majority Leader Randy RICHARDVILLE (R-Monroe) on Tea Party members who suggest the Tea Party should work with Democrats to unseat R.I.N.O.s

Myself along with many other’s have been sounding the alarm and exposing this guy Richardville since 2006 trying to tell anybody and everybody who would listen just what kind of public servant this guy really “wasn’t” and all I got was labeled as a radical malcontent. With his public statement who’s the real radical?

When the “Tea Party” bus rolled into Monroe in 2010 Richardville stood on the podium and proclaimed his conservatism and how he agreed with what the Tea Party stood for! After studying his liberal voting record I all but puked when he made that statement.

From House Speaker Jase BOLGER (R-Marshall): “We’re elected officials. Certainly people are allowed to challenge, but make no mistake, I’ll be supporting my members, especially my colleagues who took bold stands,” Bolger said. “We’re elected officials” which is code word for it’s “our club” back off!

As per the Bolger and Richardville statements the “good old boy’s club” will do and say anything as to defend and protect their little “click”! With these establishment elitist types it’s not what’s good for the citizens of the state of Michigan it’s all about what’s in “their” best interest for personal gain and their continuation of “feeding” at the public trough.  “Unity”… Yeah Right!

But what do I know I’m just a radical malcontent magpie!

3 Thoughts on “Tidbits from the 2013 MIGOP Mackinac Policy Conference & More

  1. Keep up the good work! I support your opinions 100%. Someone asked me how we can fight this outrageous “good-old-boys-club”, and I told them……Do it at the polls. If you see “incumbant” after their name, DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM.!! We put them in office to serve as out voice, and they do not listen to us, SO…..vot the RINOs out!

  2. Saul redefining and then calling out RiNOs is the height of Hypocrisy! His allegiance to Party Platform is only as solid as the check he cashes to support a position.

  3. While I applaude your efforts I can still see you steadfastly believe there is STILL a difference between the R’s and the D’s. As I have matured in my political life I found the truth,and that truth is the truth of our Founders. They were and still are Libertarians. All one has to do is look at how many times they refer to the word LIBERTY! A word that is totally lost, and whose definition has been robbed and bastardized by the Socialists in power today.Liberty was given up by the People in 1913 never to be realized in this Nation again. Freedom as they knew it and wanted to pass on to their posterity is lost. An ideal never to be retrieved. The Individual is dead. Collectivisim rules the day. Embrace it, and OBEY.
    What amazes me is The People still believe they live in a FREE Country!
    Prove it.

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