The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and your Family” for July, 19, 2010

Does SB 1072 amendment serve the public in the best way?                                   

It’s not what’s in the best interest of the citizens in Monroe County, the 17th District, or the State of Michigan. Senator Richardville introduced Senate Bill 1072. Republican Senator Mike Bishop put together a “reform” proposal that would alter P.A. 312, reduce the healthcare benefits, lower the pay by 5% AND freeze it at that rate for 3 years. Bishop put together a panel of legislators including Senator Randy Richardville which he handed off his proposed amendment to review those initiatives. What benefit does this provide for Michigan’s citizens? Senator Richardville scraped Bishop’s amendment completely and wrote his own to the benefit of union institutional interest and to the detriment of the local municipalities and ultimately the taxpayers. On the Secretary of State’s campaign finance website,  these contributions show that this only serves to a very limited number of groups such as, The DEPUTY SHERIFF’S ASSOC. OF MI, TROOPERS PAC, DETROIT FIRE FIGHTERS PAC, and IBEW 526. Michigan politicians need to make sure that ALL Michigan tax payers benefit from their decisions, not just a select group that contributes to politicians campaign funds. Business Leaders of Michigan oppose this amendment and local government groups and business groups say this will actually extend binding arbitration to groups beyond police and fire.  “subscription required” After carefully considering these concerns, we believe them to be valid and we respectfully ask that the House not act on the bill. Senator Patterson’s amendment would have put some consideration for the taxpayers. As a voting citizen it is important to be aware of your elected officials voting record on issues that are important to you.  They are elected to be your voice, support, share, and carry out the ideals that are important to their constituents.  House Republicans were livid and saw the bill as a Senate Blunder in that, it gave House Speaker Andy Dillon (D-Redford Twp.) the ability to have his caucus pass the bill without amendment, meaning that it would go to Gov. Jennifer Granholm’s desk without the Senate Republicans having a chance to stop it. Does SB 1072 amendment serve the public in the best way?


Richardville votes in favor of  Internet Tax                                                                            In Favor 2009 Senate Bill 883 (Revise “Internet tax” system detail ). Passed in the Senate (31 to 6) on January 27, 2010, to revise details of the “Streamlined Sales Tax” project being pursued by Michigan and most states, which if allowed by Congress would create a centralized system for states to collect use or sales tax on out-of-state Internet or catalog purchases. The bill would exempt from the tax the “core charge” or recycling fee paid on vehicle batteries, and also similar fees on heavy earthmoving equipment batteries or parts.  This tax increase would be passed onto the consumer!        Richardville votes in favor of  Internet Tax

Richardville spends our tax dollars for Pure Michigan Advertising
In Favor 2009 Senate Bill 619 (Earmark certain use tax revenue to tourism industry promotion ). Passed in the Senate (37 to 1) on March 3, 2010, to authorize spending $9.5 million on tourism industry subsidies in the form of state ads paid for with use tax dollars. The money would otherwise go into the state general fund and be available for other state spending. Previous tourism subsidies have been paid for with long term borrowing, pledging future tobacco lawsuit revenue to repay the debt. [Vote Details and Comments]. This only satisfies the sweet tooth of the tourism industry. Their own study said that they shouldn’t do this themselves because it’s not cost effective! This is a total waste of taxpayer funds!                                                                                                           Richardville spends our tax dollars for Pure Michigan Advertising
Richardville votes to taxpayer money giveaway
This is just another form of the Federal cash for clunkers deal. That deal spent $300 billion to make $300 million! The states version is giving away $140 million to generate $50 million? How much longer can the citizens of Michigan put up with this type of representation? I think it’s time we handed our incumbent legislators their Pink Slips! Scroll down and read Senator Switalski’s statement.
Richardville votes to Transfer Borrowed Revenue to Cobo Hall Authority
More of our tax dollars funneled and transferred to a failed entity all on borrowed money to the tune of to $6.6 million! In Favor 2009 House Bill 5120 (Cobo Hall Regional Authority “re-do” ). Passed in the Senate (37 to 0) on November 12, 2009, to transfer $6.6 million in “convention facilities fund” money (which comes from past borrowing, and some hotel and liquor taxes) to the state general fund to cover other state spending in Fiscal Year 2008-2009.
Richardville votes to increase Tax Dollars for electric car subsidies
In Favor 2009 Senate Bill 857 (Increase electric car subsidies ). Passed in the Senate (31 to 3) on December 3, 2009, to expand from four to five the number of refundable, $100 million, capital investment Michigan Business Tax credit agreements that could be entered into with makers of plug-in traction battery packs used in electric cars, the first of which was authorized by a 2008 law. This bill would authorize an additional $100 million in subsidies. “Refundable” means that the state will send a manufacturer a check for the amount that the credit exceeds the firm’s tax liability. [Vote Details and Comments] See Subsidies for ‘Free’ Golf Carts the revelation by Fox News’ John Stossel.
Richardville in favor of more taxpayer subsidies for certain private Business
Why should the taxpaying public be on the hook to subsidize certain private business? Will the taxpayers share in the profits? We cannot and should not continue to pick winners and losers in the private business community at taxpayer expense! The state cannot continue to be the Bank for private industry! In Favor 2009 Senate Bill 777 (Authorize $100 million renewable power conversion manufacturer subsidy ). Passed in the Senate (33 to 2) on September 10, 2009, to give a four-year, $100 million subsidy to a joint venture of the “Xtreme Power” and “Clairvoyant Energy” corporations, which would make “large scale power systems designed to convert variable renewable power into firm dispatchable power” at the fomer Ford Wixom assembly plant. The subsidy is structured as a “refundable” tax credit, meaning the state will send the company a check for the amount that the credit exceeds its tax liability. [Vote Details and Comments]
Sen. Bruce Patterson proposes Taxing Bloggers, Journalist, Reporters
What’s with the our legislators especially Republicans in the Senate that advocate Bigger Government, fees, and taxation to the detriment of their constituents? Their voting records are now brought to the forefront whereas in the past the news media never even mentioned a Bill number as for the citizens to look up the information on how they were being represented. Unfortunately, he applies it to the wrong institution. Instead of imposing a 25 cent deposit on each newspaper, I propose a 25 cent tax on each word in any proposed Bill. And instead of registering journalist to make sure they have “good moral character,” I propose we apply those requirements to politicians. If passed, the income generated from the tax would easily balance the budget while the new registration requirement would drastically reduce our bloated full-time and overpaid legislature!
Kate Ebli from Monroe holds up reform Bill on Special Tax Perks for Filmmakers
Ebli is holding this reform of wasted taxpayer money up in the House. Ebli didn’t return a phone message left at her office or an e-mail. The proposed reform has spurred legislators to propose bills to make the film tax credits more transparent. The Michigan Film Producers film subsidy is a failure to the taxpayers of Michigan!
Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick indicted by feds on 19 mail fraud, tax counts
Just like it it’s not only a Washington problem in the political arena, It’s not just a Detroit problem with our elected officials! I’m sure with some digging they could find corruption in the same manner with most of our elected officials and lawmakers in Lansing as well.
Biden touts Recovery Act at Midland battery plant site
More propaganda from the Obama administration! What recovery? Government shouldn’t subsidize private industry gain either on the Federal or State levels by using taxpayer dollars in subsidies in which our own Senator Richardville voted in favor of this subsidy in Lansing! This looks like our good Senator is helping in the advancement of the Obama agenda!
NRA Betrays: Colludes with “Incumbent Politicians” on H.R. 5175
Once again, free speech and political liberty are under attack in Congress. In a move that has dire consequences for our First Amendment right to freedom of speech and for Campaign for Liberty’s ability to fight for our freedoms, incumbent politicians have colluded with a super-sized establishment lobbying group, the National Rifle Association, to push H.R. 5175, the DISCLOSE ACT, or as we like to call it, the “Establishment Protection Act,” through the House of Representatives as soon as this week.
Michigan smoking ban snuffs out Local Business profits
When a local Monroe Farmer said to me I guess my property is mine until the government decides they want to do something with it, he hit the nail right on the head! That analogy rings true with the smoking ban on private property owners. It is not right for the government to dictate or mandate law on private business for something this is a legal product in their own private business.
4 in 10 in Michigan uninsured, on public plan
The impact of the state’s sour economy is clear in a new report: More than 3.8 million Michiganders — nearly 4 of 10 people who live here — were uninsured or covered by a public program.
Ron Paul endorses state Rep. Amash for US House
Texas U.S. Rep. and ex-presidential candidate Ron Paul has endorsed Michigan state Rep. Justin Amash in the Republican race for western Michigan’s 3rd U.S. House district.
CBO: Fannie and Freddie to cost taxpayers $389 billion
According to new findings by the CBO, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–the nanny state federal housing entities that needlessly destroyed the housing market and shouldn’t even exist under the Constitution–will now cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars more to cover their staggering, insurmountable losses. Some estimates now even go as high as $1 trillion.
Retail sales drop 1.2% in May
Retail sales plunged in May by the largest amount in eight months as consumers slashed spending on everything from cars to clothing. The big drop raises new worries about the durability of the economic recovery.
Housing Starts Drop to Five-Month Low in May
U.S. housing starts fell more than expected in May to their lowest level in five months, a government report showed on Wednesday, as a popular homebuyer tax credit that had buoyed construction activity over the past two months expired.
Obama mortgage aid plan loses growing number of borrowers
Drop may mean new wave of foreclosures, slower U.S. recovery. A growing number of homeowners who sought help from the Obama administration’s main mortgage aid program are in danger of losing their homes. The result could be a new wave of foreclosures that could weaken the housing market and hold back the economic recovery.
Al Gore Accused of Unwanted Sexual Contact
Is this the reason for the recent breakup of Al and Tipper? Authorities in Oregon have confirmed a tabloid report that former Vice President Al Gore was investigated four years ago after a masseuse accused him of “unwanted sexual contact” at a Portland hotel.
The Constitution is not a menu and cannot defend itself. As a set of rules and principles to govern the government it is all that stands between the People and total Tyranny and despotism.
Bob Schulz of “We the People”

The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and your Family” for July, 12, 2010

Richardville scores close to bottom for Key Senate votes
Americans for Prosperity releases their Legislative Scorecard for Michigan Legislators. The scorecard is based on key senate votes taken in the 2009-2010 legislative session. Both the House and Senate members were scored. Senator Randy Richardville scored a (C) grade for his votes during this time period. This falls in the bottom half of fellow Republicans in this report!  “The 17th Senate District deserves a Senator that can produce better than a mediocre grade when it comes to getting the government out of our wallets”!
Hangar42 deal exposed, subsidies for Michigan film production
The director of the Michigan Film Office agreed with the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s report that exposed a suspect studio deal involving $10 million in tax subsidies. A state economic development system that rewards politicians for making jobs announcements, but does not hold them accountable when jobs fail to materialize is a perverse one. Words cost politicians nothing, but they can cost taxpayers everything.” Last week, on June 9, three weeks after the e-mail, the Michigan Film Office announced Lockwood’s retirement. I’ll give you just one guess who voted in favor of this subsidy, that’s right State Senator Randy Richardville! Hello taxpayers and voters how do you like him now? See how he voted in favor of this taxpayer subsidy  Can the voters of Monroe County, the 17th District, and the State of Michigan afford to continue sending the tax and spend elected representative such as this back to Lansing? I say NO!
Hoekstra: State has failed for years
Lansing needs adult supervision to turn Michigan’s economy around, usher in business and improve education, said U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R-Holland, who is running for governor. He cited the Michigan Business Tax and Michigan Surcharge Tax on businesses which he advocates getting rid of and what he said are extensive and confusing state regulatory rules as examples of things that discourage business investment, and should be a top priority in the new administration. What he doesn’t tell you is that his fellow Republicans including Senator Richardville of Monroe’s 17th District voted in favor of both! He also states that the burden should be shifted to the Michigan taxpayers in the form of higher sales tax to cover the loss! As a candidate who is challenging Senator Richardville for the State Senate seat here in the 17th District I would purpose eliminating some wasteful programs and governmental departments such as, Michigan Economic Development Authority, Michigan Film Producers Subsidies, and the 21st Century Jobs Fund that have all been complete failures just to mention a few! There are also a host of other failed entities that should be eliminated as well! Instead of the burden put on the backs of the taxpayers these savings could supply the funds instead of raising the current 6 percent sales tax.
P.A. 312 Reform A Hot Potato in Lansing!
Richardville stands behind his amendment to Public Act 312 which favors Union Institutional Interest. That is typical of the liberal left leaning Senator from Monroe. Richardville told MIRS that there is no problem with the bill as it stands which passed! I guess there wouldn’t be according to the SOS Campaign Finance website where a boat load of campaign contributions can be viewed from the Deputy Sheriff’s Union! If he wouldn’t have took the teeth out of Senator Bishop’s amendment that was handed to him.  Richardville also voted against an amendment offered by Sen. Bruce Patterson (R) 
2010 Senate Bill 1072 (Establish Union Benefit binding arbitrator standards) that would require the arbitrator to consider the financial ability of the community to pay and other general financial considerations when making their determinations. Senator Mike Bishop put together a “reform” proposal that would alter P.A. 312, to reduce healthcare benefits, lower pay by 5% and freeze it at that rate for 3 years. I guess the Unions Campaign Contributions and the Deputy Sheriff’s Association Democratic votes mean more than the citizens he is supposed to represent. Can you say Republican in name only?
Critics Shoot at Special Tax Deal for Super Speedway
Sen. Randy RICHARDVILLE (R) and Rep. Mark CORRIVEAU (D) attended the Daytona 500 this year as part of an effort to boost the notoriety of Michigan International Speedway (MIS). Richardville said the trip was paid in part by MIS, the International Speedway Corp. (ISC) that owns the MIS and other tracks, Condo accommodations were provided! (See “Panel OKs MIS Tax Credit,” 11/12/08).
Richardville and Democrat Buddy get Special Perks   subscription required
Senator Brown admits that it was a bad idea to vote for Bad Driver Fees
In 2003, during his first year in the Senate, Brown voted for the bad-driver fees. But now at the end of his last term in the Senate, he has introduced 2009 Senate Bill 127, which would repeal the two-year, $200 annual fee for driving without proof of insurance and a two-year, $150 annual fee for driving without proof of a driver license.
Richardville votes in favor of “driver responsibility fees”
To assess an annual $100 driver responsibility fee on individuals who accumulates seven or more points on their driving record within a two-year period. For each additional point above this amount an additional fee of $50 would be assessed. Higher fees would be assessed for certain very serious driving infractions, such as manslaughter, drunk driving, or fleeing police. In addition, a motorist who fails to produce his or her proof of insurance form when requested by a police officer would be assessed $300. This is one of many bills authorizing tax and fee increases proposed to close a gap between state spending and expected revenue. Here’s a novel idea: get rid of this onerous tax immediately and completely!  This was never about safety.  It was always just another money grab by the legislature. How about you folks start serving the public and stop robbing them.
Monroe News thinks 1812 license plate proposal has merit
The Monroe Evening News continues to promote Senator Richardville like they were part of his re-election committee! They have dragged their feet when it comes to publishing Letters to the Editor unfavorable to him by the citizens of Monroe! They also continue to give false credit to him such as being as co-sponsor of Bill’s such as this that shows only the sponsor Sen. Tom George. There are some questions about the proposal that might make it a risky proposition. First, designing and issuing the plates would cost the state about $15,000 at a time when legislators are grappling with formidable budget deficits. There’s nothing in the law that would provide for the state’s general fund to recoup the start-up cost essentially passing this on to the taxpayers. Plus there is NO direct benefit to the citizens of Monroe and the 17th District! This won’t help Get Michigan Out of the Woods economically!
Local Government Bankruptcies May Become Reality
With Michigan cities facing budget crises, many experts say the worst is yet to come, and some believe the state will begin to see municipal bankruptcies. Pressure from both the revenue and spending sides is creating the risky financial situations. Some say it may be the worst since the Great Depression. With the passing of Senate SB 245 (Appropriations: 2009-2010 General Government) on September 29, 2009. Revenue sharing cuts combined with a decline in property values and local income taxes is killing the ability of local governments to provide basic services. Our legislators including Senator Randy Richardville voted in favor of these cuts therefore passing the burden onto the local municipalities and their taxpayers! If that’s not bad enough, Senator Richardville also offered up an amendment to Public Act  312  which places even more of a burden on the already cash-strapped local municipalities and gives the benefit to union institutional interests over taxpaying citizens.
Smoking ban critics urge Michigan lottery boycott
Some restaurant, bar and private club owners are calling for a one-day boycott of some Michigan Lottery products to protest the state’s recently enacted smoking ban.
The Michigan Lottery says a business that refuses to sell games could be reviewed by lottery officials. So the Michigan Government is threatening businesses! Sounds like the old Nazi Germany style Gestapo tactics to me!
Richardville votes to subsidize battery makers; it’s your tax dollars!
Helps advance Obama agenda
Vice President Joe Biden will attend a groundbreaking event for a new battery plant in Michigan on Monday. In August, Biden announced in Michigan that the project had won a $161 million grant = (Your Tax Dollars) from the federal government to help build the facility. Most recently, on Dec. 31, 2009, Gov. Jennifer Granholm signed into law House Bill 5469, which expands a taxpayer subsidy for makers of electric car batteries. Two weeks earlier, overwhelming majorities in the House and Senate voted to approve the bill — only nine lawmakers out of 148 voted “no.” Senator Richardville voted in favor of these subsidies! See video John Stossel on free golf carts here – We expect and deserve better representation from our elected officials!
R. Al Bain comments on, Congressman grabs kid by the wrist and neck
We the “sheeple” in our representatives eyes are becoming a thorn in the power brokers side! Don’t be fooled, it’s at all levels of government local, county, state, and federal. It’s not just a Washington problem! The grassroots conservative “Tea Party” movement has ruffled their feathers and they are not to happy. Look at the Town Hall meetings and the names we were called because we dared to question their judgment. They have all lost sight of Civic Duty to the citizenry. It’s all about power, money, and re-election and has absolutely nothing to do with “We the People”! Vote em all out, the incumbents are the real problem! Local law enforcement would have been there on the spot to arrest someone at a Tea Party for such behavior! Just look at the Dingell townhall meeting for a perfect example! Oh but wait, Congressman Dingell is a role model and statesman in Senator Randy Richardville’s eyes!
Jackson Community College tuition to go up 5 percent, student service fees up 17.6 percent for Jackson County students next school year
With all the cuts coming out of the legislature and the burden put onto the education facilities in this state, one can only thank Senator Randy Richardville who voted in favor of these cuts in education.
Schultz Deflation Now, Hyperinflation Soon
Crash-predicting letter says recovery might not come until 2028
We (collectively) are poised at a heart-stopping moment in economic times. On the one extreme side, the world is on the edge of massive deflation and depression. At the other extreme … hyperinflation. My view is: Both these extremes are possible. Certainly deflation is, on balance, in play today and gaining ground as money supply is actually declining! Hyperinflation seems impossible when there is not much inflation in most economies. But … hyperinflation is a monetary event, not an economic one, and will happen on an overnight basis, not via a general uptrend in inflation data.
Reid Pushes NEW “Carbon Tax” By July
Reid will by-pass the existing Lieberman-Kerry bill pushed through the House by Pelosi because Reid knows he doesn’t have the support of Democrats on his own side, let alone GOP Senators, to get it done. Reid demanded “swift” action forcing Senate committees to finish their work on a massive comprehensive energy bill immediately.
Drivers urged to park, ride a bus on “Dump the Pump Day”
Sponsored by the American Public Transportation Association, The Detroit Department of Transportation, SMART, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and other agencies are advocating for this loss of state revenue in lost tax dollars in this promotion. Along with the subsidies this system takes from Michigan’s Road Funding Formula, this should just increase the severity of the roads here in Michigan in lost funding.
GOP is listening to what you say, NOT!
Another way of putting it might be: “We know you’re mad, and you’ve been mad at Republicans as much as Democrats along the way. We get it and we want you to make sure we change things.” More like, we will tell you what you want to hear as so you will give us your vote! Once these career establishment incumbents are re-elected by the “sheeple” it will be back to business as usual. My Republican Party has lost it’s way!
State’s jobless rate falls back to 13.6% in May
More propaganda from our State Leaders and the liberal media! This drop is only because of those unemployed that have exhausted their benefits period. I see many business buildings empty recently that once had a thriving business. Going out of business signs everywhere, and while talking to the local business community they are just hanging on. See just one example of this in the story below for it just doesn’t add up!
ECONOMY: Home construction, building permits fall in May
Home builders are sending a message: They won’t be able to contribute much to the economic recovery now that government home-buying incentives have vanished. What economic recovery? We haven’t even come close to a bottom yet and may not for several years to com!
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.
Samuel Adams

The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and your Family” for July, 5, 2010

Voter registration: Deadline for Michigan residents who want to vote in primary
Michigan residents who want to vote in the August primary have through July 6 to register. Voter registration can be done by mail, at county, city or township clerk’s offices, or by visiting any Secretary of State branch office. 
States without helmet laws benefit from tourism
According to a study done by Michigan Consultants in Lansing, Michigan is losing millions of tourism dollars and approximately $1.2 billion in overall economic benefit because of this law.
Michigan Residents Down On State Government
Michigan residents are far more pessimistic about state government and their elected incumbent leaders than they have been in several years, figures from the latest survey from the State of the State Survey show. The survey results, particularly the finding of how low public trust was in state government proves that the sentiment of the electorate is to vote out all incumbents and elect fresh leaders with creative thinking and a more common sense approach to government and not what we have had in the past. Real citizen representation is what the battle cry is from the voters!
Jobless Claims in U.S. Increased Last Week to 472,000
More Americans unexpectedly applied for jobless benefits last week, a sign the labor market recovery may be slowing. “The labor market is not generating employment for anyone, even for people who have been out a long time,” said Steven Ricchiuto, chief economist at Mizuho Securities USA Inc. in New York, who forecast claims at 470,000. “What we’re seeing in the backup of claims is not a particularly healthy story, showing we can’t generate upside momentum in the labor market.”
Up Only 13,000, Private Sector Hiring Was Anemic in June
The economy suffered another setback on the employment front in June, as the private sector added only 13,000 jobs in the month, ADP (ADP) said.
Cox takes a Pass on Unsealing Deposition
Despite repeated statements touting openness and transparency, Attorney General Mike Cox is refusing to unseal his more than seven hours of testimony in the case brought by Tamara Greene’s family. In response to this motion Judge Gerald Rosen said that he was reluctant to unseal the Cox deposition, but stated that if Cox wanted it unsealed, he could file a motion to do so. In his written order, Judge Rosen directed Cox at least SEVEN times that the request to unseal his testimony needs to come from Cox himself:
Was Mike Cox’s investigation of Hangar42 Studios’ film tax credit delayed?
This sound a lot like the rumored party at the Manoogian Mansion investigation! “Mike Cox did nothing with this information,” said Muskegon businessman Bill Cooper, who said he began corresponding with a Cox campaign aide in March. State Rep. Dave Agema said he contacted the office in late February with information calling the project into question. Cox spokeswoman Joy Yearout would not discuss when the investigation began, or whether the reports by Agema and Cooper were part of the investigation.
Texting while driving could cost $100 now and are Cell phones next?
Chipping away at our freedoms and liberties a little at a time. While I agree that cell phone users create some issues while on the road there are already laws on the books pertaining to this such as careless and reckless driving! What’s next you can’t look at a road map, eat while driving, no applying make up for the women? You already can’t drive barefoot according to law! Where does it all stop? We have to many laws that are not being enforced now and we don’t need any more infringements on our freedoms and liberties!
National debt soars to highest level since WWII
The federal debt will represent 62% of the nation’s economy by the end of this year, the highest percentage since just after World War II, according to a long-term budget outlook released today by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.
‘Glenn Beck’: A Peek at The Overton Window
There are two ways to go through life. You can be the kind of person who loves to eat sausage and you just don’t want to know where it came from, or you’re the type of person who has to know how the sausage is made.
Senate GOP Puts Off 312 Reform
Senate Republicans will decide when they get back next month what to do about the now-controversial P.A. 312 reform legislation that passed the House last week. Sen. Randy RICHARDVILLE (R-Monroe), who sponsored  SB 1072, told MIRS the caucus would have “another serious conversation” and decide whether to put the immediate effect vote on the floor calendar. “The Senate caucus hasn’t made a decision about this,” he said. The legislation aimed at ending binding arbitration for police and firefighters as part of the Senate GOP’s “Year of Reform,” has been whacked by local government groups who claim it allows 911 operators and other public safety officials to be covered by binding arbitration when two local government entities consolidate (See “P.A. 312 Expansion Goes Unchanged,” 6/24/10). Because the House-passed version is identical to the Senate’s, changes can’t be made in the upper chamber. The next move is an I.E. vote. It’s not clear that the votes would be there now that the Michigan Municipal League (MML), Michigan Township Association (MTA) and Michigan Association of Counties (MAC) don’t want the bill to go to the Governor’s desk. Richardville said their real issue is that  SB 1072 doesn’t strengthen language about a municipality’s ability to pay in contract negotiations. He said that the local groups could address that in separate legislation. “They’re obviously trying to blow up this effort because they didn’t get their issue,” he said. Richardville said he will be “investigating whether [their concerns] have merit.” He added that the organizations were involved in many workgroups over several months and didn’t raise objections. He said no one called his office about red flags and called their negotiating style “disingenuous.” Richardville said he gladly would have convened another work group but the local organizations wanted to “bomb this thing.”  He doesn’t return constituents phone calls anyway so why would they? “There’s no question that the Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Township Association and Michigan Association of Counties had plenty of time to work on the bill,” he said. “All of a sudden when it’s in the House, there are unintended consequences.” MIRS asked Richardville about the significance of one of the Senate GOP’s reform priorities being on hold, especially since none of the other bills have gone anywhere in the House. He told MIRS that  SB 1072 was the caucus’ chance to accomplish part of its agenda. “There was overwhelming [Senate] support for a good reform,” he noted. “It wasn’t an earth-shattering reform. But it saved money, saved time and brought two sides together closer than they were before.”
 Senate GOP Puts Off 312 Reform   “subscription required”
New Home Sales Plunge 33% as Tax Credits Expire
What recovery? Sales of new homes collapsed in May, sinking 33 percent to the lowest level on record as potential buyers stopped shopping for homes once they could no longer receive government tax credits.
The Ultimate Battle between Republicans and Conservatives
The ultimate battle between those who are Republicans first and those who are conservatives first. I am going to go where I shouldn’t go and say what I shouldn’t say. Some of you are really, really not going to like it. The establishment career minded incumbents who got fat and happy with years of Republican dominance wants to return to the status quo ante. They did not want to reform. They did not want to cut back.
Faith In Government Plummeting
Faith in government leadership is declining, according to the most recent State of the State survey conducted by Michigan State University economics professor Charles Ballard. The loss of trust in government, according to Ballard, “has fallen to an all-time low in the 16 years of this survey.” Thirty seven percent of those polled believe you “can seldom, or never trust the government,” which may be a “huge concern for the next governor and whoever is elected to the next legislature,” Ballard said.
Faith In Government Plummeting    “subscription required”
State likely won’t hit new budget target by July 1
The Legislature is expected to grapple with an estimated $1.7 billion overall budget shortfall for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1. State Rep. Bill Rogers, R-Genoa Township, said there’s “no way” the budget will be completed by Thursday. The estimate for school aid revenue was $292 million above January estimates. Since then, lawmakers have debated whether to apply the expected additional funding to lessen the per-pupil funding blow to schools, or use it to help offset funding shortfalls elsewhere. How about cutting failed government departments and programs? Quit playing the shell games! It should be all about our children’s education not failed policy!
Are we heading into a ‘third depression’?
In its history, the U.S. has endured only two depressions. Misguided fears over deficit spending are pushing us into a third, argues Paul Krugman. The G-20 nations agreed last weekend to halve their deficits by 2013, saying fiscal austerity measures are the best path to economic growth.
Local bar owners: Smoking ban is hurting business
On May 1, the Pigeon Inn posted a “No Smoking” sign on the establishments front door as part of its effort to comply with the states new smoke-free law. Less than two months after the ban went into effect, a new sign was posted. “The Pigeon Inn Bar will be closed on Sundays until Sept. 12 due to the lack of business,” reads the new sign, which was posted on the bar’s front door last week after the business had been operating at a loss on Sundays since the smoking ban was established, said owner Gary Housey. “This is my livelihood, this is my retirement — and now I’m losing everything,” Housey told the Tribune. Here in Monroe, Senator Randy Richardville was for the smoking ban before he was against it. In a Monroe News article in 2009 on the prior vote that failed he stated that it was a shame that we didn’t pass the smoking ban Bill. After seeing that it had the votes to pass with or without his vote he opted for the no vote as to appeal to the smokers come re-election time. Can you say flip flopper?
Motorcycle helmet tickets to be dropped
Motorcyclists fighting unapproved helmet tickets they received this spring from Adrian police were notified last week the cases are being dropped. Legal issues brought up in Lenawee County District Court by an attorney for a motorcycle rights group are the same ones involved in a lawsuit in federal court in Grand Rapids, said Adrian City Attorney Sarah Osburn. Rather than leave the half-dozen tickets pending in Lenawee County District Court for months or years while the federal case is decided, she said, the tickets were dismissed.
You know the honeymoon is over when the comedians start
The comedians are having a field day with whats going on in our country today. There is a lot of truth to their jokes, click the link below I’m sure you will agree!
Customers, salons prepare for 10-percent tax on indoor tanning
The indoor tanning TAX that will hit Thursday is just the beginning of several new taxes to hit the citizens. The bronzed constituents who walk into area tanning salons Thursday, may walk out a little hotter — but not because of their time spent in a tanning bed.
Consumers Energy bills will see increase for residential customers
This is the second time the Jackson-based utility has used the 2008 state energy law that lets it raise rates on customers without prior approval from Lansing. The $4.11-a-month rate aims to reflect major investments the utility is making to maintain upgrades to its distribution system, pay for equipment installed on power plants to reduce pollution and investments in technology, according to the utility. The Republican lead Senate including Senator Randy Richardville, Monroe, voted in favor of this increase along with other past increases!
City Service Privatization Plan Rolls Forward
When City Manager John Szerlag said he would consider privatizing all of Troy’s City services, he said if the municipal departments could match the private company bids, he’d keep them. The city’s building department, however, never bothered to even put in an official bid, Szerlag said. Now, Szerlag estimates that the city will save as much as $500,000 a year by privatizing the department. Earlier this month, the Troy City Council approved privatization of the building department. It starts July 1.
Sen. Debbie Stabenow’s Fuzzy Math quoting CBO on Unemployment
Senator Debbie Stabenow’s (D-Michigan) standalone unemployment extension bill has already been introduced. Failure to pass the bill will not only harm those who face the loss of their unemployment benefits — 1.2 million Americans will do so on Thursday — but may increase the numbers of the unemployed as well. As The Hill notes, unemployment benefits provide nearly $7 billion a month in spending. This is the fuzzy math part, Every dollar given in unemployment compensation is worth $1.90 in economic stimulus, according to the CBO.
W-2’s in 2011 will include Obamacare Health care costs as income
Take the tax form you just finished for 2009 and see what $15,000.00 or
$20,000.00 additional gross income does to your tax debt. That is what
you will pay next year.
Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bidder
George Washington

The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and your Family” for June, 28, 2010

Michigan lawmakers continue Armando Galarraga tributes
Give me and the taxpaying citizens of Michigan serious representation! Oh that’s right we aren’t getting any! It’s a frigging game! More taxpayer time and money wasting when there are way more important issues facing the citizens of Michigan, Vote them all out for crying out loud!
Anti-Incumbent Rage Bypasses Arkansas, Hopefully not Michigan!
FOR THE SAKE OF MICHIGAN AND IT’S FUTURE DON’T LET IT BY-PASS MICHIGAN IN 2010! The anger against incumbents applies to both Democrats and Republicans heading into the August, 3, 2010 Primary and November, 2, 2010 General Election. If the incumbents win in the Primary contest, they most likely would win in the November election. Michigan cannot afford to send the same one’s back that have been in Lansing helping to create the mess we are in now! We absolutely need fresh faces, serious solutions, creative thinkers, and serious leadership! Vote for the challenger.
“Take Michigan Back” Turn Protests into Results this August 3rd & November 2nd 2010
Vote the failed incumbents out, vote for real citizen representation
The momentum is undeniable — from champion of freedom Rand Paul running away with the Kentucky GOP Senate primary to Tea Party favorite Mike Lee ousting Big Government RINO Sen. Bob Bennett in Utah — all over America voters are already casting ballots to reclaim our fading liberties.
Frenchtown establishes flood plain manager job
“More Big Government Burden on Taxpayers”
Well, they got their millage passed recently so why stop there? Frenchtown Township has created a flood plain manager position to assist more than 600 homeown­ers in the area who have flood insurance to improve or build homes. When will the citizenry wake up and put a stop to growing bigger government? How much more taxes can we afford? The prima­ry candidate for this job Annette Hopper, she already makes $25.68 an hour plus lucrative benefits as the planning administrator for the township. I’m sure a raise is in store for this new position? So in essence all pay for the benefit of those who live on the lake shore? All pay for the benefit of a few. This will assist more than 600 home owners, how many residents live in Frenchtown? The 2009 Frenchtown Township, MI, population is 21030 according to the latest census. I live right on a creek and do not pay flood plain insurance.
The story was published in the Monroe News by Dean Cousino on 06/04/2010.
Loss of high-wage, low-skill jobs hits reeling state hard
The trend away from high-wage jobs with low educational requirements accelerated during the recession in Michigan and the United States. The biggest job losses wracked industries that require little education and left those with higher educational requirements nearly untouched. State Senator Randy Richardville (R)
Monroe voted in favor to reduce high school graduation standards. This only continues the dumbing down of our children in public education. We as a society and parents should regret seeing this bill move forward. We should be encouraging the most from our children, not the minimum! Students would end up having a very shallow educational background and would be doomed to low wage and low skill jobs.
SBT verus MBT a Good Tax Gone Bad?
On June 28, 2007, the Michigan Legislature voted to create the Michigan Business Tax, a replacement for the Single Business Tax that had been dreaded for decades by businesses across the state. But on Dec. 1, 2007, just before the MBT took effect, the Legislature added a 22 percent surcharge to it, increasing the new tax’s annual bite against businesses by $614 million. The outrage regarding this second vote has been so substantial that it has obscured the very real animosity directed toward the creation of the MBT in the first place.
Jackson-based Consumers Energy told to expedite the process of refunding customers for overcharges
More than seven months after state regulators first ordered Consumers Energy to refund customers for raising its rates too much, money still hasn’t changed hands. Sen. Randy
Richardville voted in favor of this rate increase and also voted in favor of keeping out competition and continue the monopoly that Consumers Energy and DTE currently enjoy. A statement made in the Lansing State Journal by Rep. Frank Accavitti D-Eastpointe, and Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, in the LSJ on Sept. 7, 2008, as they defended the Legislature’s work to rewrite state energy law. The same legislation Accavitti and Richardville were defending last year also places limits on competition. No more than 10 percent of DTE’s or Consumers’ customers can get their power from competitor firms. For 90 percent of the market, it’s the big utility or bust.
Lights, camera, inaction for Allen Park’s Unity Studios
A movie producer promising 3,000 jobs and almost $150 million in investments. A downriver city eager to reinvent itself, and hungry for economic development. It seemed like a match made in Hollywood, but as Action News Investigator Heather Catallo tells us, this is a story that’s not following a script. The same can be said of the wasteful and failures of the Michigan Economic Development Corp., 21st Century Jobs Fund, Pure Michigan Advertisement Program, and a host of other failed policies of our Michigan Lawmakers.
Bedford votes to lay off 46 teachers
The Bedford Public Schools Board of Education voted to lay off 46 teachers during a special meeting Tuesday night. The district needs to cut $3.1 million from its 2010-11 budget. The citizens of Bedford need to realize that their Monroe Representative in Lansing (Senator Randy Richardville) voted in favor of cutting education. Tell him how you feel at the ballot box Aug. 3rd, 2010.
Lawmaker’s media registration bill met by backlash
(AP) — LANSING, Mich. – A state lawmaker’s proposed bill that would have reporters and columnists voluntarily register with the state so that readers, viewers and listeners can check their qualifications has been roundly criticized by traditional and new media outlets alike. The establishment career incumbent lawmakers have had free rein in what the press doesn’t report for so long when the citizens start paying attention and start reporting it they don’t like it! That’s all this bill is about. Many citizens are researching their elected officials through many factual places and putting it out for all to see. It’s called accountability and they just don’t like it!
Snuffing out business? One month into smoking ban, Muskegon-area bar and restaurant owners report mixed results
MUSKEGON — For some Muskegon-area bars, the first month of Michigan’s smoking ban has been dismal — causing the steepest plunge in business their managers can ever remember.
Health Care Reform:  Tax Hikes on the Way
The new health care reform law is chock-full of new taxes and tax increases that will affect many individuals and businesses, but it will be years before most of these hikes take a bite out of your — or your company’s — wallet. Beginning in 2014, the system changes.
Lots of Tax Hikes Coming in 2011
Tax increases will hit businesses and individuals, and don’t think for a minute that only the wealthy will feel the pain.
Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse
It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the nine states without an income tax are growing far faster and attracting more people than are the nine states with the highest income tax rates. People and businesses change the location of income based on incentives.
Sheriff Joe Arpaio letter to Reverand Al Sharpton
This is an excellent letter click the link below to read it!
American Ingenuity with NO Government Intervention
Two farmers…yes, not engineers or chemist, but two American farmers have come up with one of the most logical, simple solutions to the BP Oil Clean Up…with NO government intervention needed to come up with the solution!  Just awesome!
Marriage Penalty Hidden in Health Care Reform
Healthcare Reform Attacks Traditional Marriage, Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom has discovered that the new healthcare “reform” law contains an incentive for young adults not to marry. The results of which could be devastating to the traditional family. “What happens when young adults have to choose between marriage or healthcare insurance? That is the choice coming soon to a couple near you,” says Wendy Day, Director of Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom. In the first few pages the law indicates that adults, up to age 26, can remain on their parents healthcare insurance. The catch is that the individual must remained unmarried to receive the benefit.
Poll: That party at Manoogian Mansion in 2002 happened
Urban myth or not, a new poll suggests that most metro Detroiters believe there was a party at the Manoogian Mansion in 2002 at which former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, had an altercation with a stripper. The poll for Rossman Group and Perricone Group by Denno Noor of East Lansing found that 83% of likely general election voters in Wayne, Macomb and Oakland counties think the party happened, and just 6% think it didn’t. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.
Mike Cox stopped short of asking the Michigan Supreme Court for all records
Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox filed a legal brief seeking the release of secret documents related to corruption in Detroit. But Cox stopped short of asking the Michigan Supreme Court to release all of the records the newspaper is seeking. Hmm, wonder why that would be? Maybe he doesn’t want everything to come out?
Governor Chris Christie vs. Teachers Unions
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s
character, give him power.

Abraham Lincoln

The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and your Family” for June, 21, 2010

Sen. Richardville Repeatedly Refused to Provide Responses to Citizens on Issues
Senator Randy Richardville repeatedly refused to provide any responses to citizens on issues through the 2006 and beyond to the national political awareness test when ask to do so and by key national leaders of both major parties.
Tea Party has support of 40% of voters, poll shows
Forty percent of Michigan voters support the conservative Tea Party movement, and most of that support comes from Republicans, according to a new poll by EPIC-MRA of Lansing. Vote all the incumbents out! They represent themselves, special interest & lobbyist and their careers not the citizens.
Forced Unionization: Big Labor’s Last Stand?
Some experts suggest that’s the driving force behind the “stealth unionization” in Michigan to rope in sometimes unsuspecting independent contractors who watch children and the elderly and take state subsidies from low-income clients. There are some State Republican Senators who are staunch Union avocats such as Randy Richardville and Jason Allen just for the sake of re-election votes and campaign contributions and not what’s best for the State let alone Republican principles.
Expect Newt to rock Mackinac
States passing budget cuts onto local governments
Confronted with severe revenue shortfalls, some states have found a convenient way of softening painful cutbacks and avoiding statewide tax increases: They’ve passed the buck to their counterparts in cities and counties.
Tea Party mindset overtakes Flushing Township board
A small group of residents became fed up with the way government was going and decided to make a change. They attracted their like-minded friends who were against any tax increases and believed government needed to cut spending. That small group became a larger movement and they began to win elections. Nationally the Tea Party and other anti-establishment groups have been turning heads by winning elections, despite the odds. Established congressmen both Republican and Democrat — with the backing of heavy Washington hitters — have been uprooted in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Utah.
Senator leads probe into Michigan Economic Development Corp (MEDC)
The state senator leading a probe of the Michigan Economic Growth Authority said it’s the “rightful duty” of lawmakers to question if incentives to lure businesses to Michigan are working, and at what cost to taxpayers. This entity should be cut as part of government reform for it’s been a complete failure and waste of taxpayer dollars and this money could be better allocated towards education instead of the per pupil cuts that have been made to our children.
For balancing budget, voters want cuts — not tax hikes
Michigan voters would rather cut state programs and state employee benefits than raise taxes to balance the budget. A good start would be, Michigan Economic Development Corp., 21st Century Jobs Fund, Michigan Film Produces subsidies, the DEQ, and a plethora of other failed and useless programs and departments!
Businesses, homeowners appeal Michigan tax bills
A record number of Michigan property owners are appealing their property tax assessments as small-claim homeowners and high-stakes businesses seek relief in a difficult economy. We are all overpaying our property taxes!
Warren Board Member: “MEA Will Eat Their Young”
The MEA turned against him in his reelection bid because Wagner wasn’t beholden to the union, he claims. Media reports indicate that his MEA-supported opponent raised ten times as much money as the typical school board candidate traditionally takes in. “Individual teachers have said to me, ‘We will gladly take a pay cut, we will gladly pay for a portion of health care. We just want to keep our jobs.’ But the MEA’s mantra is ‘no’.”
New poll shows doubts about Michigan’s economy
A new poll shows that barely a third of Michigan residents think the state’s battered economy has begun to turn around. “Aside from the stress and terrible insecurity about being able to make the mortgage and utility payments and buying the bare necessities, any luxuries have just gone right out the window,” he said. “I’m not much of a consumer anymore.” Until we have a change in leadership in Lansing we will stay stagnant! We cannot expect results from the same one’s who have helped create the mess we are in now. We need creative thinkers and a complete reform of government not the business as usual we have had.
Lake turbine plan hits rough seas
“It’s frustrating — you pay a premium for the land because it sits on the water and then you pay those taxes each year,” said the 46-year-old, who works as a property manager. “And they can just come in and, on their own whim, decide to throw 50 windmills out in front of our homes.” At least one group has formed to challenge SouthPoint over its interest in Lake Erie. The Citizens Against Lake Erie Wind Turbines has moved from circulating petitions to creating a legal defense fund to battle the company.
House committee aims to retain university funding
However, the Republican lead Senate can cut per pupil funding! Michigan’s 15 public universities would escape a cut in funding from the state in the next fiscal year under terms of a budget bill advancing in the Democratic-run state House.
Michigan teachers mull retirement deal
Tens of thousands of senior Michigan teachers will have to decide this summer if a bill aimed at luring them into retirement is a good deal. To help them decide there is what amounts to a 3% pay cut if they stay. Remaining school employees will have to pay an additional 3 percent of their salaries into retiree health plans starting July 1, and new teachers will be put in a retirement plan that combines traditional pension benefits with a defined contribution plan.
This Country needs a Civics lesson
Here’s former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s thoughts on what Americans know about civics: Barely one-third of Americans can even name the three branches of government, much less say what they do. The Founding Fathers, the framers of the Constitution, wanted to form a government that did not allow one person to have too much authority or control. While under the rule of the British king they learned that this could be a bad system. Yet government under the Articles of Confederation taught them that there was a need for a strong centralized government.
Google Michigan jobs fall short
Businesses React to Rising Cost of ObamaCare: They’re Cutting Benefits
Remember the part in the ObamaCare pitch when they said if you like your current healthcare, it won’t change? Turns out it might. Companies are already announcing that their healthcare premium costs are going through the roof.  Some are responding by firing people. Some are cutting benefits. And some are presumably eating it.
Michigan lawmaker’s proposal to license journalists a slippery slope
First a deposit on newspapers, now this? This is the chubby face of tyranny. A Michigan State Senator has introduced an Orwellian bill that would provide for the licensing of journalists. There is no doubt that this thing is aimed squarely at delegitimizing the New Media, silencing bloggers, and creating a protected class of state approved “journalists.”
Soaring costs force Canada to reassess health model
Pressured by an aging population and the need to rein in budget deficits, Canada’s provinces are taking tough measures to curb healthcare costs, a trend that could erode the principles of the popular state-funded system.
Fears Mount That Europe’s Debt Crisis Will Hit the U.S.
“The European banking crisis has already crossed the Atlantic,” says Ted Truman, a former assistant Treasury secretary for international affairs and now a senior fellow at the Petersen Institute for International Economics in Washington, D.C. “It has affected equity markets around the world and there is a general level of uncertainty. The fact that markets are down 10-15% means that American consumers are less wealthy.” As if to underline the point, the European Union reported Tuesday that the euro zone unemployment rose by 0.1% to a 10-year high of 10.1% in April. Spain, where the construction industry has imploded after a housing bust, registered 19.7% unemployment, also up 0.1%.
Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories.
Thomas Jefferson

The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and Your Family” for June, 14, 2010

Races draw a crowd of Candidates
“People are upset, and they want change, real change,” said Robert Harbaugh, an adjunct political science professor at Adrian College and Jackson Community College. “It’s a reflection of their dissatisfaction with government.” The sentiment from talking to many citizens is how can we as an electorate expect the establishment career minded incumbents who helped create these problems fix them? We can’t! We need fresh creative thinkers, serious solutions, and serious leadership that we do not currently have now! We need real citizens with real life experiences. The lobbyists and special interest have corrupted the representation that we deserve and expect! In George Washington’s farewell address, he warned against the “spirit of party”; because he foresaw how money being necessary to sponsor candidates, could also corrupt candidates. Races draw a crowd of Candidates
With so much at stake, not voting is not an option
In much of the state where one party is dominant, the primary is the really key election. That’s where your votes can make the first difference. And just because you vote in one party’s primary in August doesn’t mean you have to belong to that party or even vote for the same candidate come November.
No more, no more politics, he begs you
Followers of politics in Wayne County’s northwestern suburbs were stunned when state Rep. Marc Corriveau, D-Northville, dropped out of the running for the state Senate seat held by term-limited Bruce Patterson, R-Canton. That means Corriveau, who had been considered an odds-on favorite in the Senate race, won’t run for re-election to his House seat, either. Which begs the question, why would an incumbent be willing to spend up to a million dollars for one last 4 year term? The word out of the Democratic camp in Monroe is that one such elected official made a statement in a phone call to his Democratic opponent encouraging him to drop out of the race because he was willing to spend just that? The position pays $79,000 per year! Looks like typical government fuzzy math, spend a million for $320, 000 in return.
Michigan’s fiscal crisis will worsen
Filling the $1.7 billion state budget hole this year won’t come close to solving Michigan’s nagging fiscal crisis, economic experts warned Monday. The problem will only grow worse over the next few years, analysts told about 300 business and civic leaders at the Business Leaders for Michigan’s summit on the state’s economic future. What is clear to me is the current budget is not sustainable, said Gary Olson, director of the Senate Fiscal Agency.
Budget cuts don’t slow new initiatives
Budget cuts haven’t stopped officials at the Michigan Economic Development Corp. from rolling out a new initiative for the state’s 21st Century Jobs Fund. Not everyone agrees that the new funds are the best way to spur economic growth.
Michigan’s 21st Century Jobs Fund a Failure
Taxpayer money could be better allocated for essential discretionary purposes. This entity while sounds good on the surface has been a complete failure. It’s just a useless spoke in the wheel of our career minded incumbent’s in Lansing that use this fund as part of their shell game with taxpayer money. They have been robbing this fund for other purposes and looks like that may be what it’s intent is? Michigan Economic Development Corporation administers the jobs fund. The MEDC is another failure within itself and should be eliminated along with many other state bureaucracies we have in Michigan government. We need real and honest government reform not just talk!
State Taxpayers Eat $350K Loan for East Lansing Property Purchase
This is just another of many examples of the failed MEDC at taxpayer expense. The way Phil Bellfy sees it, it may not be illegal, but that doesn’t make it right. Bellfy is a Michigan State University professor and vocal critic of an East Lansing Downtown Development Authority deal he says doesn’t smell right. Tim Dempsey, East Lansing’s Director of Planning and Community Development, said the MEDC forgave half the loan. Sen. Richardville consistently votes in favor of this entity.
Reforming education retirement benefits has turned into a money grab
Talks aimed toward a compromise between differing House and Senate proposals have become bogged down by demands from the Michigan Education Association, which holds sway with Democratic lawmakers and also uses campaign cash and endorsements to influence key Republicans.
After Mass Layoffs, Survivors Get Rising Workloads
After the mass layoffs that took place amid the Great Recession, it’s not surprising that those workers who remain report they’re laboring harder than ever. But the number of employees enduring the stress of increased workloads is staggering. This has been confirmed from a friend who has worked for Ford Motor Company for 25 years. He said, they are trying to get the work of three people out of him in an effort to get him to take the buyout!
Michigan state senator proposes cutting pay and benefits for lawmakers every time they cut school funding
Now here’s a radical idea in the minds of our legislators! Problem is, if they wouldn’t cut their own salarys and benefits like they did for incoming newly elected freshman lawmakers what is the chance they would accept this proposal? NONE!
Private Pay Shrinks to Historic lows as Government Payouts Rise
Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year, a USA TODAY analysis of government data finds. The trend is not sustainable, says University of Michigan economist Donald Grimes. Reason: The federal government depends on private wages to generate income taxes to pay for its ever-more-expensive programs. Government-generated income is taxed at lower rates or not at all, he says. “This is really important,” Grimes says.
Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Sentenced To Prison
Kilpatrick was escorted out of the courtroom in handcuffs and will be transported to Jackson, where he will be processed and soon learn which prison will become his new home. I wonder who is shaking in their boots right about now wondering if he will try and cut some kind of deal as to shorten his sentence? There are many others players involved in this web of corruption and deceit!
Gov. Granholm signs teacher retirement bill
But what school leaders don’t yet know is what will be their district’s contribution to the pension fund. That could rise from an amount equal to 17 percent of each employee’s salary to more than 19 percent, an increase that would cost Grand Rapids Public Schools about $3 million. The losers here are the children, parents, teachers, districts, and taxpayers. The winners are the incumbent career politicians who made this all possible. This is nothing more than a shell game and passing the buck! The state lottery comes to mind on this one!
Anti-liberalism voters speak out
More and more people are beginning to wake up to the fact that there is an extremely high economic price to pay for big and intrusive government. Locally, liberal Democrat State Representative Kate Ebli, RINO Republican State Senator Randy Richardville and liberal Democrat U.S. Representative John Dingell are the incumbents whose voting record clearly show they support big government, higher taxation, and over regulation and need to be voted out of officer for Michigan and our Country to proper! 
Mich. Senate bill would cut revenue sharing payments
Local governments are warning they will be forced to make deeper cuts to law enforcement agencies, fire departments and other services if Michigan lawmakers reduce their tax-sharing payments in the fiscal year starting Oct. 1, 2010.
What seniors need to know about ObamaCare
As soon as 2011, America’s 77 million Baby Boomers will begin to retire. All of them will require health care. Many will turn to Medicare. And many will approve of President Obama’s new health care law, which contains superficially appealing provisions such as more taxpayer subsidies for the Medicare drug benefit. With all these cuts in Medicare at both the Federal and State levels this doesn’t bode well for our senior population! At the
 State level our very own Senator Randy Richardville voted in favor of Medicare cuts! We should remember this come election time in the upcoming Primary in 2010!
Geithner, Paulson make case for overhaul
Now here’s a team! Geithner and Paulson are to the political arena what Laurel and Hardy was to comedy. What a joke! The two leading architects of the financial bailout made the case Thursday that Congress must give regulators more power to curb risk-taking on Wall Street.
The Stock Market in May — Worst Since 1940
The stock market had its worst May performance this year since 1940: Most of the indexes were down 8%. Contrary to what the liberal media and government is saying that the economy is improving, the American public is not falling for this propaganda.
Three American cities on the brink of broke
Several downtrodden cities are on the verge of defaulting on their debt, putting financially encumbered states and taxpayers on the hook to pick up the tab. Rampant unemployment, tepid consumer spending, and deeply underfunded public pensions are the leading causes of the balance sheet issues cities are having today. With years of political chicanery and poor financial decision-making by incumbent city officials are what led to this problem.
Military Families Struggle with Mounting Debts
At the same time Obama wants to cut their pay! The military deserve more from their leadership! We are asking young men and women to serve during time of war and they are stepping up to the plate. Military personnel including military retirees ought not have to take a hit in order to support Obama’s social spending programs. The recession has clearly done nothing to help the situation. Unemployment among new veterans has also risen, and now stands at about 14.7%, significantly higher than the national average which hovers near 10%. How does your elected official stand up for our military personal?
A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government.
Thomas Jefferson

The Bain Report: :Articles that Affect You and Your Family” for June, 7, 2010

Retired Police Officer Says Cox Was At Party
Explosive new details have surfaced about the alleged party involving Kwame Kilpatrick and murdered exotic dancer Tamara Greene.  Sworn testimony from Retired Detroit Police officer Sandy Cardenas says officers responding to 911 calls told her that Mike Cox was actually at the party. Cox, who would later call it an “urban legend,” denied the allegation.
Michigan Republicans Bludgeon 21st Century Jobs Fund, Pure Michigan
Michigan Senate Republicans moved Wednesday toward a budget that slashes funding for local governments, roads and economic development programs, the 21st Century Jobs Fund and the Pure Michigan advertising campaign – but doesn’t raise taxes.
CDC ALERT: Warning about a new virulent strain “voters” take special notice
The Center for Disease Control has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of this old disease. The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim. It’s pronounced “Gonna re-elect ‘im.” It’s sad because it is so easily cured with a new procedure just coming on the market called Votemout it’s pronounced… “Vote-em-out!”
Steele not comfortable with Rand Paul
I guess he wouldn’t be. As the moderate leader of the National Republican Party who by the way, threw everything but the kitchen sink against Rand Paul in the election to defeat him. The Republican Party still doesn’t get it! True conservatives who believe in the founding principles, traditions, and the values that the party was founded upon have had enough of the direction our party has taken. We have too many liberal left leaning Republicans who have strayed and lost their way.
Richardville Named Legislator of the Year is like giving Bernie Madoff Financier of the Year
A perfect analogy of giving Monroe’s Senator Randy Richardville  this award is like giving “Bernie Madoff Financier of the Year”! I can see why this association would give him this award this only serves and succeeds in satisfying certain segments of the business community’s sweet tooth! On 5/11/10, MMA President and CEO Chuck Hadden presented Senator Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) with the “Legislator of the Year” award. Senator Richardville’s amendment is nothing short of a clear example of corporate welfare. Specifically, this doesn’t pertain to all businesses; it is specific to the manufacturers that have lobbied extensively. These are the same manufacturers who were able to game the Michigan business tax, lowering their tax liability, and are receiving checks in the mail, shifting the tax burden to the rest of the business population all the while shedding jobs. Now they refuse to be fair. They speak for immunity from lowering their rebate checks, and let all others endure the cuts! This is all about picking business winners and losers!
Nobody’s safe in elections this year
This past week’s political message is that not even switching parties brings salvation in an era of unbridled anti-incumbency. In 2010, the most important letter behind any politician’s name isn’t D nor R, but I — as in incumbent. And it’s a trend that could intensify in stormy primaries and intraparty fights stretching beyond Labor Day. The road to re-election has never been more perilous than in 2010 for status quo establishment incumbents.
Bedford votes to lay off 46 teachers
The Bedford Public Schools Board of Education voted to lay off 46 teachers during a special meeting Tuesday night. The district needs to cut $3.1 million from its 2010-11 budget. The citizens of Bedford need to realize that their Monroe Representative in Lansing (Senator Randy Richardville) voted in favor of cutting education. Tell him how you feel at the ballot box Aug. 3rd, 2010.
In the Middle in Arkansas, and Hit From Both Sides
A Senator in Arkansas is discovering that, with the overheated political passions battering incumbents this year, being in the middle only gets you hit from both sides. Republicans and conservative Democrats have had enough of the center left of either party! What was once considered politically smart for re-election to be a liberal moderate is a thing of the past. The out of control state budgets, tax and spend, subsidizing mentality of this type of representation will pay the price in the 2010 elections! 
Incumbents Rocked by Voters in early Primary’s
If Tuesday’s primaries around the country were any indication, incumbents and establishment-backed candidates should be worried. It remains to be seen if the voters here in Monroe County and the State of Michigan have suffered enough as to send the same message to Lansing that we deserve and expect better representation?
SEIU and Randy Richardville
That some Michigan Republicans sponsored a bill to give tax payer money to SEIU is an outrage. To many citizens of Monroe it is not surprising that Randy Richardville is one of those Republicans. People who are aware of Randy Richardville’s record as a politician consider him to be a self serving opportunist.
$4 Million Taxpayer Giveaway to SEIU
Senator Jason Allen has introduced SB 731, which would take a shady, sneaky and probably illegal deal giving the sister organization of ACORN, SEIU, a $4 million dollar
taxpayer giveaway and make it legal. Co-sponors include: Roger Kahn, Bruce Patterson, Raymond Basham, Valde Garcia, Tony Stamas, Judson Gilbert, Martha Scott, Dennis Olshove, Irma Clark-Coleman, Michael Switalski, Gilda Jacobs, Mark Jansen, Deborah Cherry, Randy Richardville, Patricia Birkholz, Gretchen Whitmer.
Richardville standing up for Banksters against Homeowners & Workers
Richardville, chair of the Senate Banking and Financial Institutions Committee, stripping out a provision in Senate Bills 4453-4455 that would help workers having their homes foreclosed on. The provision would have stipulated that if at the end of the 90 days a homeowner is eligible for a loan modification, but the lender does not give it to them for whatever reason, then the lender would be forced to take the foreclosure through the judicial process. That provision passed the House, but it was striped out and approved along party lines in the Senate with Richardville standing up for banks against workers.
Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, carried water for the home mortgage industry
LANSING — State Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, carried water for the home mortgage industry whose greed plunged the country into a financial meltdown by fighting off every attempt by Senate Democrats Wednesday to pass a meaningful moratorium on home foreclosure and help keep people in their homes.
Crony Capitalism at the State Capitol
Richardville voted TO RESTRICT THE RIGHT of shareholders to sell their own stock
The people who own a Michigan insurance company have been effectively deprived of their power to sell their own investment under a new law hurriedly introduced and overwhelmingly approved by the Legislature this spring. Another term for it is “crony capitalism” — when business and politicians gang up to thwart the marketplace and the rule of law.
Rand Paul Wins in Kentucky Race for Senate, Major Victory for Tea Party
The conservative tea party movement has scored a major victory as its candidate won the Kentucky senate Republican primary in the latest sign of the anti-establishment anger stirring up American politics. We can only hope that Michigan voters follow suit? Remember it was Kentuckian James Winchester that brought his force of 700 Kentuckians and 200 regulars to the River Raisin to help defend Michiganians.
IMF Warns U.S. Debt Nears 100 Percent of GDP, Greece In Better Shape 
The United States’ national debt will soon reach 100 percent of gross domestic product, the International Monetary Fund predicts in a new report. The sharp rise in U.S. debt started in 2006 and by 2015, the IMF suggests, debt could reach more than 100 percent of GDP.
GOP Representative Will Resign Over Affair
Indiana Republican Rep. Mark Souder announced Tuesday he would resign from Congress, effective Friday, because he had an affair with a staffer. Don’t think for a minute we don’t have some representatives here in Michigan that has shown questionable moral character such as this! I’ve heard rumors and behind rumors lie’s a bit of truth! Moral character does matter! 
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation a Colossal Failure
Here’s a good place to start significant reforming and cutting the size of Michigan government. An example according to the MEDC, Google brought in 163 jobs in 2007 and then 61 in 2008, far short of the 200-a-year pace needed to meet the 1,000 jobs Granholm said the deal would yield. Using the MEDC’s tax credit formula, it is estimated Google received about $800,000 in tax credits for 2007 and 2008 for the 224 jobs. The Republican controlled senate consistently votes in favor of these taxpayer subsidies including our own Sen. Richardville.
Politician’s with Union support have strings attached
A letter from a union leader shows that endorsements from organized labor don’t come without strings attached. What they want is a candidate’s pledge that they will continue flushing Michigan’s economy down the hole before they will support them, said Leon Drolet, chairman of the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance. “Smart unions realize they can’t rely on Democrats to maintain control of all branches of government forever. They know how to shave off just enough Republicans to prevent reforms.”
Could a proposed Restaurant Tax be coming to Monroe?
Some restaurant owners are concerned that an alcohol tax under consideration could end up sending patrons outside the city limits for their night out on the town. House Bill 5059 allows municipalities the option of putting on the ballot a 50 cent tax on alcoholic drinks sold by the glass. What’s next a meal tax?
A wise and frugal government, which shall leave men free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned – this is the sum of good government. 
Thomas Jefferson

The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and Your Family” for May, 31, 2010

Instead of Revamping Financial Structure, State just keeps moving money around
Michigan legislators have created budget overspending crises every year since 2002. Since tax rates rarely went down and since most spending is directly under their control, these deficits are largely a matter of the legislators wanting to spend more than they did the previous year. One example is Senator Richardville budget bills approved increases of $1,332,045,900 billion for fiscal 2008 verses 2007!
Richardville Votes to Transfer Road Tax Money to other purposes
It’s no wonder we have terrible roads! When the money we pay in taxes specifically for roads is diverted for other state spending! In a Monroe Evening News article in 2009 Senator Richardville stated the problem was with how the funds were allocated in the formula of Public Act 51. What he didn’t tell you was that he voted in favor of robbing these funds!
Passed in the Senate (37 to 0) on October 20, 2009, to reduce the amount of infrastructure project spending from the transportation economic development fund by $12 million in the Fiscal Year that ends Sept. 30, 2009, and another $12 million in the next fiscal year. House Bill 5073 diverts this money to other state spending. 
Cost of treating autism shocking
Legislation is pending so Senator Randy Richardville and a panel of experts and speakers will travel to several other cities in the coming weeks to gather facts on the disorder so to better understand the complexities of autism. This is nothing more than grandstanding on Senator Randy Richardville’s part for re-election! He is riding the coat tails of Representative Kathy Angerer who has been the one championing this issue. Representative Angerer is so devoted on the issue of autism she decided it was more important than to run for office. He did the same thing with the Secretary of State Office closure in Temperance where once again Representative Angerer took the lead!  He is also very much aware that right here in Monroe we have an individual with impeccable credentials in the field of autism and he has never once inquired with this individual about this issue! Seems to me if he was so concerned with the issue of autism he would have taken advantage of this person’s knowledge and experience in the field of autism! This is nothing short of pandering to the voters in this re-election year!
Credentials are an attestation of the qualifications, competence, or authority issued. Said individuals resume includes: 33 years of experience in education and Administration. Administrator of the largest center for students with Autism in the country. Responsible for balancing the centers budget. Committee participation in school systems. Board member Monroe County Mental Health Authority. Member of Wayne County Association Supervisors Special Education. Member of Council for Exceptional Children. Presentation speaker at the International Conference on autism in Beijing China. Presentation speaker to the Wisconsin Council for Children with Autism, Presenter to the Special Transportation In-service for Wayne County. Holds the following degrees: Associates Degree, Bachelors of Science Degree, Masters of Arts Degree, Education Specialist Degree, Eastern Michigan University Ypsilanti, MI.
Michigan Tax Burden Grows Despite Claims to the Contrary
Per capita figures make Michigan seem worse off by comparison to other states since population is less responsive to economic changes than are tax revenues. Still, Michigan’s per capita tax burden increased over the past decade.
Citizens in Utah unseat RINO (Republican in Name Only) Senator
This needs to happen here in Michigan! We have far to many Republican Representatives in Lansing who are beholding to the special interest, lobbyist, and unions and not the citizens they are supposed to represent!
Randy Richardville vs. R. Al Bain
R. Al Bain is contesting incumbent Randy Richardville in the Republican primary for State Senator Richardville’s 17th district seat. R. Al Bain is very well known in conservative circles in Monroe. Mr. Bain is known to be a staunch constitutionalist. R. Al Bain would never vote for let alone sponsor legislation that robs citizens of Michigan in order to give money to special interest groups as Senator Richardville’s record has shown!
Activists stunning Republican platform win in Maine
The effect it will have on Maine politics could be quite epic in scope. It has certainly stunned the Republican Party Establishment and the Maine media.
Lawmaker Says $150 Million in Unearned Tax Credits Given Out by State
Based on a review of the Auditor General’s report there is likely $100 million — $200 million of tax credits actually given out that were not earned by the businesses receiving them. The Auditor General only looked at 7 percent of the tax credit certificates in one year and found $2.6 million of likely unearned, but awarded tax credits anyway. The businesses didn’t really create the jobs they said they had in order to get the credits or the MEDC just gave them credits without checking on job creation numbers… but that was money out the door — money that should have remained in our state’s coffers to help alleviate the budget crisis.
Limits to be placed on ObamaCare insurance coverage for dependents
Regulations drafted by the Obama administration show that there is a limit to the new requirement that health plans allow families to keep young adults on their policies up to age 26. In addition, families can be charged more for coverage of the young adult to the extent individuals can be required to pay more under their health plan.
Obama Threatens Veto of Obamacare as Cost Estimates Soar Above $1 Trillion
The politically explosive revelation, which is likely to give new impetus to the GOP’s repeal movement, came after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said the law potentially could add at least $115 billion to government healthcare spending over the next 10 years.
Obama Administration Targets Military for Pay Reductions
President Barack Obama — who came to power with the help of government employee unions across the nation and has lavished on them hundreds of billions in stimulus funds to keep them on federal, state and local payrolls with no strings attached — is moving to cut spending on salaries for military personnel. Our own Republican Senator Randy Richardville here in Monroe voted to cut the Military Veterans Benefits in the 2009-2010 appropriations Bill by 37.7 million dollars! Begs the question, what’s the difference between Obama’s administration and Richardville? Not much! They both support the Service Employees Internation Union (SEIU)!
U.S. reverses stance on treaty to regulate arms trade
The decision, announced in a statement released by the U.S. State Department, overturns the position of former President George W. Bush’s administration, which had opposed such a treaty on the grounds that national controls were better. The Obama administration is attempting to use tactics and methods of gun control that will inflict major damage to our 2nd Amendment before US citizens even understand what has happened.
European Debt Crisis Will Eventually Hit U.S.
A weaker European economy could reduce demand for U.S. exports, as European consumers cut back their purchases of autos, appliances and other goods.
The Welfare State’s Death Spiral
What we’re seeing in Greece is the death spiral of the welfare state. This isn’t Greece’s problem alone, and that’s why its crisis has rattled global stock markets and threatens economic recovery. Virtually every advanced nation, including the United States, faces the same prospect. Aging populations have been promised huge health and retirement benefits, which countries haven’t fully covered with taxes. The reckoning has arrived in Greece, but it awaits most wealthy societies.
Conservative wins Republican Kentucky Senate race
Opinion polls have found voters in a sour mood fueled by distrust of Washington and worries that neither party is doing enough to rescue the economy and restrain government spending.
U.S. Debt Shock May Hit In 2018, Maybe As Soon As 2013
“Nobody knows when you bump up against the limit, but you know when it happens it will really hurt,” said fiscal watchdog Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.
NFIB Confirms Health Care Law Bad For Workers
This is confirmation for every person worried about their job or looking for work, that the health care law is only making matters worse.  If it is bad for small businesses, it is bad for America, and this health care law is bad for both.  Instead of increasing costs and adding new mandates on employers, we need to lower their costs so they can start hiring again. With Michigan’s already high cost of doing business and tax burdens leveled on them, we need a total revamp of the Michigan Business Tax structure to promote jobs and make Michigan a place were businesses want to locate.
Bank of England Governor: US Faces Same Danger as Greece
The United States is facing the same fiscal problems as Greece, says Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England. King is not the only leading opinion-maker worried about the parlous fiscal state of the United States. Nouriel Roubini, appearing on Fox News, notes that the fiscal crisis started in 2007 with too much debt in the private sector.
DHS to States: Pleeease Spend This Money!
States don’t want to implement REAL ID, and the American people don’t want a national ID, but the DHS bureaucracy is rattling cages to try to get money spent purely for the sake of spending. It’s flabbergasting. As both the states and the Federal government face increasingly tough budgeting decisions, it is more important than ever that these available funds be utilized. Senator Randy Richardville serves on the Homeland Security committee.
Why the Stock Market Could Crash This Year
Investors wondering about the U.S. stock market’s future course are focusing on this question: Will the debt crisis ravaging European banks and the bursting of the Chinese housing bubble affect America’s economy and corporate profits? It’s becoming increasingly difficult to claim that these global storms won’t ever reach America’s shores. But even more worrying — the fundamentally unsound U.S. economy is in a poor state to withstand such shocks.
The People are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty
Thomas Jefferson

The Bain Report: “Articles that Affect You and Your Family” for May, 24, 2010

Tea Party Hijackers
Here’s a real slap in the face to the conservative Tea Party folks! State Republican Party Chair Ron Weiser late last month said about the Tea Party stuff, suggesting it was an “organized movement that e-mails each other back and forth.” Mr. Weiser concluded that the movement here “is not going to affect our elections in Michigan.”  Do I hear a challenge here?
Palin Urges Michigan Conservatives To Elect New Leaders
Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin urged Michigan conservatives Saturday to look at upcoming state elections as opportunity to put their candidates in place and begin changing big government, cutting federal spending and repealing the new federal health care law.
Utah Senator Ousted At GOP Convention
Falls Victim To Growing Conservative Movement
This is what needs to happen in every state in order to receive the proper representation we as an electorate deserve and expect! Once-popular Republican Sen. Bob Bennett fell victim to a growing national conservative movement with his stunning defeat at Utah’s GOP convention. Here in Michigan we can do the same thing in our primary to ensure we have the most principled candidate representing our interest and not that of the lobbyist, special interest, and Union institutional interest! Don’t be fooled by the incumbent “Spin Masters” who claim to be “Constitutional Conservatives” when their voting record and campaign contributions show a different picture!
Richardville votes in favor to reduce high school graduation standards
This only continues the dumbing down of our children in public education. We as a society and parents should regret seeing this bill move forward. We should be encouraging the most from our children, not the minimum. This is part of the old School To Work, of Bill Clinton and Marc Tuckers of the 90s. By compressing four years into two (freshman and sophomore years), Tucker’s idea is to fast-track and minimize the high-school curriculum so that students do not receive in-depth instruction in World History, U. S. History, economics, government, higher math, the great classics of the world, and advanced science. Students would be bereft of the knowledge-base needed to cope with the adult problems of the world and certainly would neither make well-informed voters nor citizens. These students also would not have the flexibility and the knowledge-base to change vocations readily nor to get into college and be successful students. Students (encouraged by their naïve parents) who unknowingly succumb to Tucker’s devious plan would end up having a very shallow educational background and would be doomed to the career pathway they chose when young and immature.
Michigan voters look to unseat incumbent Republicans and Democrats
With Michigan’s 10 year and counting problems such as the economy, job loses, budget deficits, education cuts, and a host of “Bad Legislation” the citizens (voters) are more than ready for new representation in Lansing! Michigan voters may have finally reached the end of their rope and realized that you cannot expect the ones who helped create the problems fix them! It’s time for real change not the talk of it in the past. Democrats may be more forgiving of their career politicians than the Republicans of theirs.
Senate GOP Fumbles, May Approve $25.9 Billion Taxpayer Liability to Satisfy MEA
Negotiations are continuing between the Republican majority in the Michigan Senate and House Democrats on a modest school pension reform proposal recommended by Gov. Jennifer Granholm to help balance next year’s budget. Late reports suggest that GOP Senators may be ready to surrender on one particular demand from the Michigan Education Association that could load a new $25.9 billion liability onto taxpayers.
Legislative pay evidence of a larger problem
Michigan policymakers would like to raise taxes some $557 million in order to avoid structural reforms and spending cuts. Perhaps lawmakers should look at cutting their own paychecks first. Cutting legislative pay and benefits could save Michigan $11.1 million. Currently, legislators in Michigan receive a base pay of $79,650, plus another $12,000 annually for expenses. Leadership positions receive added compensation of between $5,500 and $27,000. Only California lawmakers get more.
Three Michigan Companies Get $121,000 from Michigan Microloan Fund
Our roads are the worst, our children’s education funding is being cut, the state budget is in serious trouble, but, we can still subsidies private industry? We absolutely need better representation out of our elected representatives in Lansing!
Spending Tobacco Revenue Like There’s No Tomorrow
Have our prudent and farsighted politicians recognized the temporary nature of this windfall and placed most of it in a reserve fund? No. In fact, every penny so far has been spent and they’ve actually borrowed against future settlement revenue to spend hundreds of millions on wrongheaded “economic development” programs, tourism industry subsidies and to avoid spending cuts. But the sharks began nibbling around the edges. In 2005, the Legislature created the “21st Century Jobs Fund” business subsidy program, a hodge-podge of spending with little oversight. To pay for it they borrowed $400 million against future tobacco settlement proceeds. To avoid spending cuts in the 2007 budget, the Legislature approved another $415 million in borrowing against future tobacco money. In 2008 they pulled out this same credit card, using it to buy $60 million in tourism ads (the “Pure Michigan” and related campaigns). How did your Representative vote? Mine, Sen. Richardville (R) Monroe hasn’t missed a yes vote on this one!
Budget hijinks make mockery of public campaign financing
Michigan legislators have been playing shell games with the state budget for so long that it’s hard to muster real indignation at their latest bookkeeping maneuver: diverting $7.2 million that was specifically earmarked for a public campaign financing fund to plug chronic shortfalls in state revenues.
MEA-owned insurance carrier using rate hikes to replenish coffers?
WOW!!! What a deal for the Teachers Union. Let me see, WE paid into their retirement fund and WE paid for their insurance, and WE pay their salaries. Now because MESSA, the MEA Teachers Union lost money in the market, we get to cover their losses for them??? MESSA loses millions through bad investments, pension costs
Last year MESSA reported having a fund reserve of $365 million, and the statewide average of its rate increase for schools was somewhere around six percent. But this year MESSA’s fund reserve has dwindled to a measly $259.5 million, and the average increase is expected to be 13.3 percent. “Many American companies would like to make up for the recession losses, and MESSA is one that has – thanks to the Michigan taxpayers. It has a license to steal from taxpayers!”
Newspaper Death Act
There is no shortage of bad ideas coming out of Lansing. Senate Bill 1285 introduced by Sen. Bruce Patterson, R-Canton, would require customers to pay a deposit on each newspaper they purchase equal to one-half the retail price of the newspaper. What possible benefit to the public could there be in requiring a newspaper deposit? He must have received some bad press to waste taxpayer time as to introduce this piece of legislation! Our elected incumbent lawmakers both Democrats or Republicans should have bigger taxpayer concerns than this!
Obama, fellow Socialists to ram through new amnesty bill soon!
The democrats are counting on the sub-class of US citizens who are permanent wards of the government to save their collective behinds this coming November at the polls. They are the Americans who depend on the government for their very existence. They vote for democrats because democrats promise them their continued dole every month.  The millions of illegal aliens, once granted citizenship, will, for the most part, join the millions in this sub-class and add their votes to the democrat side of the ballot. THAT is the reason for the Comprehensive Immigration Bill… or the New Amnesty Bill.
Divisive New Driver’s Licenses
After becoming one of only 10 states to issue a new kind of driver’s license with beefed-up security features, Nevada became the first to stop issuing them — a move that has delighted privacy advocates and outraged the governor. The state called a halt to the “Real ID-compliant” licenses after temporary regulations put into place by Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons ran out and legislators under pressure from Real ID opponents failed to approve permanent ones.
Is Rising U.S. Debt Inviting Trouble? Ask Japan
As Europe’s debt woes play out in a disturbing fashion, investors on this side of the Atlantic are wondering if the same thing could happen in America. With a public debt to GDP ratio of 90% and climbing, the U.S. isn’t so far behind Greece’s 115% mark, after all.
House Passes $6 Billion Cash for Caulkers Bill
Here’s another dandy boondoggle with taxpayers money! The H.R. 5019 bill, which still needs approval in the Senate, is a two-track program. Consumers using the Silver Star program would receive up-front rebates up to $3,000 for covering installation costs of such behind-the-scenes products as water heaters, air duct sealing, windows and doors. Under the Gold Start program, homeowners would be required to arrange for an energy audit and put all the measure in place, in order to receive up to $8,000 should they hit the energy conservation milestones as it relates to dollars saved.
Foreclosure Rates Rise in Most Cities
The first-quarter foreclosure report had good news for the worst off, and bad news for almost everyone else. In 14 of the metropolitan areas hit hardest by mortgage defaults, foreclosures declined from 2009. But nationally, 77% of cities saw foreclosures rise.
Freddie Mac Sees Home Prices Sliding and Asks for More Cash 
Freddie Mac (FRE) doesn’t expect a housing recovery any time soon. In fact, the government-backed mortgage-finance giant thinks home prices will fall further before they start climbing back up. Worse, Freddie says it now needs an additional injection of $10.6 billion of government funding.
FDIC Shuts Seven More Banks at a Cost of Over $7 Billion
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation closed seven more banks on Apr. 30, bringing the total to 64 for the year. The day was particularly expensive, costing the agency (taxpayers) just over $7 billion. CF Bancorp in Port Huron, Mich. was one of them.
After the IMF Bails Out Europe, the U.S. May Have to Bail Out the IMF
The fund probably doesn’t have the resources to bail out Greece, Portugal, Ireland and Spain. Which begs the question: Who rescues the IMF if it needs more stabilization funds to put out another fire? You guessed it. The U.S. (Taxpayers) is at the top of that list.
Whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends [life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness] it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government  Thomas Jefferson

The Bain Report: :Articles that Affect You and Your Family” for May 17, 2010

Richardville goes to bat for Union Interest again
This is just another example of how Sen. Richardville imposes the burden on Local Municipalities and Taxpayers in favor of Union interest as he goes to bat for Democratic Union interest over Republican colleagues. This is right from the Deputy Sheriff Association Website Deputy Sheriff Association of Michigan – Mike Bishop Reaching into Your Pocket to Balance State Budget. Republican Senator Mike Bishop (R) put together a “reform” proposal that would alter P.A. 312, to reduce the healthcare benefits, lower pay by 5% AND freeze it at that rate for 3 years through a constitutional amendment that he hopes to put on the ballot next year. However, Sen. Richardville offered an amendment to protect this Union and thwart Sen. Bishop’s proposal that was passed and signed into law by Gov. Granholm (D). Richardville also voted against an amendment offered by Sen. Bruce Patterson (R)  2010 Senate Bill 1072 (Establish police or firefighter union binding arbitrator standards ) – Michigan Votes that would require the arbitrator to consider the financial ability of the community to pay and other general financial considerations when making their determinations. I guess the Unions campaign contributions mean more than the citizens he is supposed to represent. 
Senator Richardville opposes amendment to save Taxpayers Money
2010 Senate Bill 1163 – (Senate Roll Call 157) An election consolidation amendment that would restrict elections to August and November. Let me add that Senators McManus (R) and Brown (R) have offered similar legislation to consolidate elections. I commend them for these ideas. They are thinking along conservative lines, that government is wasting resources by holding duplicative, low-turnout elections. We should consolidate them to August and November. Senator Richardville opposed this amendment
(Senate Bill 888) that was introduced earlier this year that would consolidate elections to August and November of odd-numbered years, in conjunction with local municipal elections, in order to eliminate duplicative and costly stealth elections that continuously experience low voter turnout (defeated 10-27 vote). This would have saved Taxpayers money!
Richardville & other GOP Senators, SEIU Taxpayer Giveaways, Campaign Cash and More
Senate Bill 731 was co-sponsored by these Republican Senators: Roger Kahn, Bruce Patterson, Valde Garcia, Tony Stamas, Judson Gilbert, Mark Jansen, Randy Richardville, and Patricia Birkholz. It was also co-sponsored by the following Democratic Senators: Raymond Basham, Martha Scott, Dennis Olshove, Irma Clark-Coleman, Michael Switalski, Gilda Jacobs, Deborah Cherry and Gretchen Whitmer.
SB 731’s primary sponsor Sen. Jason Allen wants to bring SB 731 to a vote in the Senate Senior Citizens and Veterans Affairs Committee to which it was referred, and which he chairs. If the bill passes the Republican Senate it will almost certainly be quickly endorsed by the Democratic House and signed into law by Gov. Jennifer Granholm.
That would make this the second transfer of taxpayer dollars to the SEIU to receive official blessing in recent weeks. In November the Michigan Economic Growth Authority approved a questionable $2 million subsidy to a for-profit subsidiary of the union, to be located in the House district represented by Speaker of the Michigan House Andy Dillon, D-Redford Township. (The $3.7 million taxpayer wealth transfer that’s the subject of the Mackinac Center lawsuit benefits the UAW and AFSCME, two other politically powerful government employee unions.)
The $3.7 million number just happens to be the same as the $3.7 million that was cut from the Veterans Appropriations for 2009-2010 budget! Just a coincidence? This is just another shell game played with the taxpayers dollars by our representatives in Lansing all for campaign contributions and to benefit the Unions.
Richardville: Votes NO for Medicaid, college scholarships, schools, revenue sharing to local governments in Supplemental budget FY 2009-2010
Opposed an amendment for 2009 House Bill 4311 (Appropriations: Supplemental budget ). The amendment failed in the Senate (14 to 20) on November 5, 2009, to appropriate some $800 million for various spending items that were proposed but not included in the final FY 2009-2010 state budget, including $375 million more for Medicaid, $140 million for college scholarships, $159 million for schools, $55 million for revenue sharing to local governments, and more. [Vote Details and Comments]
Protest by Senator Cassis (R), under her constitutional right of protest (Art. 4, Sec. 18)
Senator Cassis (R), protested against the adoption of the amendments offered by Senator Richardville to Senate Bill No. 838 and moved that the statement she made during the discussion of the amendments be printed as her reasons for voting “no.”
Republican Senator Cassis’ statement is as follows:
I would like to comment on this specific amendment which removes language pertinent to the personal property tax credit, the R and D credit, the compensation credit, and the IT credit. My “no” vote reflects concerns regarding special interests continuing their special protections, their special earmarks, and this, in my opinion, reflects clear examples of corporate welfare. Specifically, this doesn’t pertain to all businesses; it is specific to the manufacturers. The manufacturers are the ones who have lobbied extensively tonight to pull out this savings to help balance the budget. These are the same manufacturers who were able to game the Michigan business tax, lowering their tax liability, and are receiving checks in the mail, shifting the tax burden to the rest of the business population, all the while, shedding, shedding jobs. Now they refuse to be fair. They speak for immunity from lowering their rebate checks, and let all others endure the cuts that are in this budget. I cannot in good conscience support these endeavors.
School Pension Reform Stalls in Senate
A plan to reform public school pensions and set them more in line with private-sector retirement standards — and thus save Michigan taxpayers an estimated $3.5 billion over the next 10 years — stalled in the Michigan Senate as that chamber prepared to leave for its spring break. Sen. Jud Gilbert, R-Algonac, is the sponsor of Senate Bill 1227, the school pension reform plan. He told the MIRS News that at least three Republicans were refusing to support the bills. Just two of those GOP votes would have provided the margin necessary for passage. Days earlier, MIRS quoted a “well placed source” that identified four Republican senators as possible “no” votes on SB 1227: Sen. Roger Kahn, R-Saginaw, Sen. Mike Nofs, R-Battle Creek,  Sen. Randy Richardville, R-Monroe, Sen. Nancy Cassis, R-Novi. Kahn, Nofs and Richardville have each received political donations from the MEA in recent years. Nofs’ past support from the union — and his historical willingness to break from the GOP pack and cast votes in line with MEA concerns — led one Michigan Tea Party organization to circulate literature critical of the lawmaker’s record during his recent election. And late last year, both Nofs and Kahn were the only two Senate Republicans to refuse to vote for a proposal to change the Teacher Tenure Act and create a standard for removing “consistently ineffective” teachers. This education reform was also opposed by the MEA. Sen. Randy Richardville offered a watered down amendment that passed to the benefit of the MEA and consistently ineffective teachers.
Special Deals Yield Far Fewer Jobs Than Projected
On Aug. 31, 2009, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s Michael LaFaive and James Hohman reviewed data from 219 credits from 1995 to 2004 involving the Michigan Economic Growth Authority. The MEGA agreements are tax incentives designed to induce businesses to locate in Michigan. In return for the tax incentives, the businesses pledge to create new jobs. The Mackinac Center found company projections of jobs seldom matched the real-life jobs created. In fact, their investigation of MEGA deals found that of the 61,043 jobs projected in news releases, companies only created 17,971 jobs. The Mackinac Center study states that for every 1,000 jobs companies projected they would create, about 294 jobs were actually created, on average — about 29 percent.
Lawmaker Says ‘Willful Neglect’ Is the Rule at Embattled State Agency
The state’s “flagship” economic development program may have doled out an estimated $150 million in tax credits erroneously in the last five years to companies that didn’t meet the criteria due to a lack of oversight, according to State Rep. Tom McMillin, R-Rochester Hills.
Dr. David Kaiser on intentionally de-industrializing our economy
We have spent two or more decades intentionally de-industrializing our economy. Why?
We have intentionally dumbed down our schools, ignored our history, and no longer teach our founding documents, why we are exceptional, and why we are worth preserving. Students by and large cannot write, think critically, read, or articulate. Parents are not revolting, teachers are not picketing, school boards continue to back mediocrity. Why?
States Facing $90 Billion In Budget Shortfalls
Federal Stimulus money which was intended mainly to create new jobs but states gobbled up a good portion to plug their budget deficits. Now that stimulus money has been used up. Unlike the federal government, state governments cannot print extra money to cover their shortfalls. State governments cannot print extra money to cover their shortfalls. With the stimulus money gone, states are faced with an estimated $90 billion deficit. That can only be plugged with sharp cuts in services. State legislators will tell the citizens we have no choice but to raise your taxes! 
Is the Economy Headed for a Double Dip Recession? 
There has been a lot of speculation that the economy could be headed for a double-dip recession. Thursday’s 1,000 point fall didn’t help.
Stocks extend plunge on concerns about Greece
The stock market has had one of its most turbulent days ever. The Dow Jones industrials plunged nearly 1,000 points in half an hour amid concerns that Greece’s debt problems could halt the world financial recovery.
Hitler’s Anti-Tobacco Campaign
The nazis greatly restricted tobacco advertising, banned smoking in most public buildings, increasingly restricted and regulated tobacco farmers growing abilities, and engaged in a sophisticated anti-smoking public relations campaign.
Michigan’s Smoking Ban
Business owners may be fined and restaurant and bar owners may lose their food or liquor licenses for violations of the smoking ban. What’s next no texting in restaurants and bars? Many people understand that when the government is allowed to go beyond what the constitution allows all of the citizens are losers. Nothing in the constitution of the United States allows the government to ban the use of a legal product in privately owned establishments. That is province of the owner of the establishment.
Anger Over Arizona Law Sends Thousands Into the Streets
including the estimated 12 million living illegally in the U.S.
A congressman was among 35 people arrested during a protest at the White House. U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., was taking part in a civil disobedience demonstration.
Illegals Rally for Immigration Reform
Let me see if I understand this correctly? Illegals who are here illegally are protesting for immigration reform that would allow them to stay here legally after they came here illegally. Is this legal? So if I break the law and just say I won’t do it anymore then everything’s OK! If they are here illegally then deport them and let them do it the right way like all immigrants have in the past! No free passes for law breakers!
Federal Reserve Quietly Lobbies Against Audit the Fed
The Huffington Post ran a detailed article this morning outlining the Fed’s deceptive tactics against transparency. The effort to beat back the audit relies on playing two members of the same caucus — Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) — off each other. In order to obtain the documents, HuffPost agreed not to reveal the name of the Federal Reserve official who did the specific lobbying in question.
Watch Reps. Alan Grayson and Ron Paul Discuss “Audit the Fed” Amendment
Costly IRS Mandate Slipped into Health Bill
A few wording changes to the tax code’s section 6041 regarding 1099 reporting were slipped into the 2000-page health legislation. The changes will force millions of businesses to issue hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of additional IRS Form 1099s every year. It appears to be a costly, anti-business nightmare.
Joe the Plumber Elected to GOP Post in Ohio
The man — Samuel Wurzelbacher — is now a party committeeman, one of 400 who oversee the GOP in Ohio’s Lucas County, The Associated Press reported. He won his spot by a 38-23 vote in his Toledo precinct. This should serve notice to all RINOS within the Republican Party that the voters are paying attention!
GM Didn’t Really Pay U.S. Back
GM still owes $45.3 billion to the U.S. and $8.1 billion to Canada, money it received in exchange for shares in the company. GM said it hopes to repay those amounts with an eventual public stock offering, the AP reported. “It looks like [GM’s] announcement is really just an elaborate TARP money shuffle.” The repayment dollars haven’t come from GM selling cars but, instead, from a TARP account at the Treasury Department.” The Treasury Department is not being straightforward with taxpayers about its management of the $700-billion taxpayer-funded bailout program. It’s a shell game!
The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government, and to protect its free expression should be our first object  
Thomas  Jefferson