Deal to Eliminate Personal Property Tax that Benefits Big Business and Governments is a Bad Idea

Just Another (Shell Game) or (Tax Shift) by our Elected Officials in Lansing

This looks like yet another tax shift (shell game) coming out of Lansing to me. Snyder and our Republican controlled legislature realize that the citizens of Michigan will not understand this legislation that continues to benefit big business, governments and not the taxpayers. The citizens, taxpayers and “voters” of Michigan have had enough of their spin and lies. Deal on Equipment

Be honest Lansing, eliminating the personal property tax means more money in the pockets of their big business buddy donors and corporate leaders. Heads of these companies will not buy new equipment, expand their business or hire full-time employees. They will continue the trend of part-time employees with no benefits and watch their personal income continue to rise. Empire building at taxpayer expense.

Our elected officials have lost sight of the fact government doesn’t have any money they have our money and this is evident by this statement. “No one will lose a dime,” and there is no tax increase whatsoever.” ~  Sen. Brandenburg is the chair of the Finance Committee. Brandenburg predicts the general fund money “lost” by the state will be replaced by more vigorous economic growth. Yeah and I’m going to hit the lottery too!

Does this “deal” end the taxpaying citizens’ personal property tax? I don’t think so! Couldn’t the very same benefit that they are preparing to give their big business buddies and governments create the same results they claim by eliminating our personal property tax? All this extra disposable income realized by the citizens would be pumped into local economy’s providing a “free market” stimulus to our economy.

Note: The point I’m trying to make here is that while I agree that business should not have to pay this “tax” the state of Michigan government will chose to make up this lost revenue not by eliminating government but by replacing this by taxing the people as to make it up.

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