The Bain Report: Articles that Affect You and Your Family for Mar. 29, 2010

John Dingell has a protegee here in Monroe
John Dingell supports the entire left wing agenda of the Obama administration. How is it that a Republican would praise a politician for keeping his snout in the public trough 53 years is truly breathtaking? By the same token, no one should be surprised by Randy Richardville’s actions. He has never aligned himself with true conservatives.
John Dingell has a protegee here in Monroe

Time to Vote out the Incumbents?
Only way we will have Real Change and True Representation!
This is not only a Washington problem but here in Michigan as well. To many lawmakers interested in what’s best for themselves and their Party and not their constituents who they are supposed to represent. Personal careers, power and re-election is first and foremost on their agenda. They pander to the Lobbyist, Special Interest, and organizations that benefit all concerned except us, We The People! Please visit the site below to see just a couple of such representatives that fit the bill. Please leave a comment in the GuestBook.
Time to Vote out the Incumbents?

P.O.P. *New Political Party*
This party is dedicated to vote every incumbent out of office in the next elections. If you’re Democrat, vote Democrat. Just don’t vote for the incumbent. If you’re Republican, vote Republican. Just don’t vote for the incumbent. We need to send a message to all politicians, that we’re tired of their B.S. If the country votes out all the incumbents, the new incoming politicians will get the message. This especially applies to Michigan elected officials at the local, county, and state levels!
P.O.P. *New Political Party.* | The Citizen

Amtrak’s Waste Is Being Rewarded
More taxpayer money given to dismal failure
Labor costs alone exceed all passenger-related revenue and on-board food and beverage costs are twice as great as revenues. Amtrak’s debt now stands at nearly $4 billion. Amtrak has been getting blank checks for the past 30 years and is near bankruptcy. Amtrak’s management says it needs $1.2 billion to continue operating next year and we’re giving them this amount. Revenues are declining faster than costs, leading to operating losses exceeding $1 billion annually. These losses are projected to grow by 40 percent within 4 years.”
Amtrak’s Waste Is Being Rewarded

The Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act: Nullification with Teeth
Wyoming has cast the first stone, and has passed a nullification act with teeth. In particular a federal agent is guilty of a felony if he attempts to enforce federal gun laws that contradict state laws. The penalty for transgression is up to $2000 in fines and up to two years in jail. It will certainly be interesting to see how all of this plays out.
The Wyoming Firearms Freedom Act: Nullification with Teeth « Craig W. Wright

Are Michigan schools poised for new race to the bottom?
Michigan schoolchildren took a double kick in the gut Thursday — and so did their state’s chances to be a viable competitor for 21st Century jobs. The first blow came when the U.S. Department of Education revealed that Michigan would not be one of the 15 states selected to compete for $4 billion in school improvement funds up for grabs in the federal grant competition known as Race to the Top. Less than an hour later, state legislators added insult to injury by refusing to fund the wide-ranging school reforms they authorized late last year in an effort to improve Michigan’s chances to snare RTTT money.
Are Michigan schools poised for new race to the bottom? | | Detroit Free Press

Is Health Care a Right?
A very interesting article that cuts to the chase. Healthcare may be a right but free healthcare at someone else’s expense is not! That’s not how a Republic works nor is it written in our constitution. To take from a free man and give to another without consent is just plain wrong.
Walter E. Williams : Is Health Care a Right? –

$20 million for Pure Michigan tourism ads OK’d by House
LANSING — The State House approved $20 million on Thursday for the popular Pure Michigan tourism advertising campaign, with $13 million to come from a new tax on car rentals at airports. The Senate has already approved another $9.5 million for the campaign from the state’s budget. Tourism businesses have called on lawmakers to spend $20 million and preferably more on the Pure Michigan campaign. More taxpayer welfare for the tourism industry. If it’s such a great revenue stream why doesn’t the tourism industry businesses fund it themselves? After all they will benefit the most! Why should the taxpayers foot the bill for private business who gain the most?
$20 million for Pure Michigan tourism ads OK’d by House | | Detroit Free Press

Why Are We Bankrupt? Here’s Exactly Why
You think the war in Iraq is costing us too much? Click link below!
Why Are We Bankrupt? Here’s Exactly Why

Conyers Is the Wrong Guy To Chair Judiciary Committee
Another funny thing hap­pened in what House Speak­er Nancy Pelosi promised would be “ the most ethical Congress in history.” Monica Conyers, the wife of House Judi­ciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, pleaded guilty last year to a federal charge of conspiracy to commit bribery that prompted her to resign from the Detroit City Council. Well, surely the wife of the Judiciary chairman knew what she was doing when she pleaded guilty. Just as surely, Conyers can help pay his wife’s legal bills. He makes too good a living to stick taxpayers with the tab for a bogus appeal.
Debra J. Saunders : Conyers Is the Wrong Guy To Chair Judiciary Committee –

Kick All The Incumbents Out
Not just at the Federal level but the State level as well! Look at Michigan for example. We have had the same State Representatives and Senators that not only brought Michigan to shambles in recent years but has raised taxes, created more regulation, and has been unable to fix the problems we face. It’s high time that we vote “ALL INCUMBENTS OUT” of office and try new creative thinkers to get the job done!
The Kick Them All Out Project – Imposing our undeniable will on the government through the power of our votes!

Fox News Poll: 68% Say Vote Out All Incumbents
If American voters only had the following two choices on the ballot — keep all current lawmakers in office, or get rid of all incumbents in office — what would they do? 68 percent of voters would oust all incumbents, while 20 percent would keep all lawmakers in office. Monroe County and the State of Michigan voters wake up it can’t get any worse! This is not just a Washington problem, it’s a State problem as well! – Fox News Poll: 68% Say Vote Out All Incumbents

Repeal European-style welfare state HealthCare
I write to reassure our supporters, the conservative movement, and the American people at large that The Heritage Foundation will do all within its power to keep this issue alive in the public square and make the intellectual case for the repeal of this act. We will bring all our resources to bear on behalf of those who believe America is and will always remain the Land of the Free. Email – Repeal

Dingell: A great day for all
U.S. Rep. John D. Dingell, D-Dearborn, hailed passage of the health-care reform bill, which he was lead sponsor of in the House. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Sunday had a gavel Rep. Dingell lent her. But during a photo op before the vote, she was wielding a three-foot-long, five-pound gag gavel that Rep. Dingell had presented to her earlier in the day. He said the gavel was given to him “by my friends in Monroe County” and he told Rep. Pelosi that during the vote on health reform “if they get out of order, this will bring them back.”
Dingell: A great day for all –

Bedford Township Parks millage back on the ballot
BEDFORD TOWNSHIP — Bedford Township voters will yet again decide on a tax to maintain its parks. The voters turned this down in 2008, but I guess everybody is doing much better now and can afford it? Trustee Paul Francis said the tax money generated from the request could be used for operational and maintenance expenses. “We still have to care for the parks like mow grass,” Mr. Francis said. This Township is TAX happy! Let’s see, we have the proposed road tax, now the park tax, what tax is next?
Parks millage back on the ballot –

February Existing-Home Sales Fell for the Third Straight Month
WASHINGTON -Sales of existing homes fell for a third straight month in February, pushing sales down to the lowest level since last July. There is concern the fragile housing rebound is faltering, making it harder for the overall economy to recover. The weakness in sales depressed prices with the median home price dropping almost 2 percent from a year ago to $165,100.
January existing home sales drop 0.6 percent – DailyFinance

With Healthcare Law Finished, Democrats Turn Their Attention to Cap-and-Trade Tax
With the battle over healthcare reform won, President Barack Obama’s allies in Congress are turning their attention to climate change legislation — and drawing opposition from both sides of the issue.
Newsmax – With Obamacare Now Law, Democrats Turn Attention to Cap-and-Trade Tax

Is this the ‘change’ voters believe in?
Obama persuaded a deeply divided Congress to pass sweeping legislation remaking one-sixth of the U.S. economy. He did it in a hypermedia world in a hyperpartisan city that he barely knew, that most people detest. He did it without most Americans supporting the plan. With health care, “he’s forcing change that people don’t want against their will.” And, a backlash is possible if Obama is emboldened to push other big measures that divide the country, like immigration reform and cap n trade.
The Associated Press: Analysis: Is this the ‘change’ voters believe in?

Fed Loses Secrecy Suit, Considering Options
In a supplementary brief filed by the Fed Board of Governors, the cartel also argued that since the New York Federal Reserve Board was basically a private institution, it was not obligated to comply with FOIA requests. “The FRBNY is not an establishment of the executive branch because it is a corporation whose stock is privately held,” explained the brief, also noting that it “is overseen by a board of directors the majority of whom are privately appointed” and that “none of the stock of the FRBNY is government-owned.”
Fed Loses Secrecy Suit, Considering Options

States Launch Legal Challenge to Health Care Law
The ink from President Obama’s signature was barely dry when attorneys general from 14 states filed papers in federal court today challenging the constitutionality of the newly-signed health care bill.
States File Lawsuit Against Health Care Law

“In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.” — John Adams

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