Why Donald Trump’s Mouth is a Nuclear Weapon against the “Party of One”

Democrat Republican Logos ProblemAmerica has two big problems. America is under attack by a vicious one-two combination. America has been ruined by two parties. And Trump’s mouth solves both problems. Trump’s mouth is a nuclear weapon. July 30, 2015 by Wayne Allyn Root.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty®. The biased, clueless liberal mainstream media are in shock and awe. They have no idea why so many Americans love Donald Trump. But the answer is so simple and clear. Just ask any conservative. Trump is a breath of fresh air. Trump is the answer to what ails America, simply because he kills two birds with one stone. Trump with Ronald Reagan

Democrats clearly hate American exceptionalism, capitalism, and entrepreneurship along with Judeo-Christian values.

They hate business owners (see “You didn’t build that”) and blame American patriotism, white people, business owners and Christians for every problem in the world today.

The Democratic Party is riddled with socialists, Marxists and communists hell-bent on “fundamentally changing America.” The Democratic Party is filled with: Frauds (see Obama, Jonathan Gruber and the lies used to sell Obamacare), Traitors (see Obama, John Kerry and the new Iran nuclear treaty), Thieves and con men (see Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.)

Reckless wasters of taxpayer money (see Obama’s Kenya trip that cost us over $50 million dollars for one day in a country that offers America nothing)  and outright criminals (see Clinton’s upcoming criminal investigation over her 32,000 deleted emails — some of them classified — and Obama’s use of the IRS to target, persecute and even attempt to imprison political opponents and critics.)

But the GOP may be worse. If there’s anything worse than evil, its pathos. The GOP leadership is riddled with cowards; wimps; and naïve, feckless, country club powder puffs that have no clue how to fight back against the Democrats’ ruining America and destroying our children’s future with debt.

Yes, Democrats are ruining America and destroying our children’s future. But Republicans are standing by helplessly, scared, petrified, allowing it to happen. Reagan Trump Revolution

I suspect many of the Republican leaders in Washington are either being bribed or blackmailed. Exhibit A is Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

These guys are all either bought and paid for or someone is holding a gun to their heads (along with a photo of them in bed doing something shocking).

Don’t believe me? See Dennis Hastert. They are all doing something morally wrong or breaking some law, and Obama’s partners in the NSA and IRS are always watching.

America is being lost because the GOP is bringing knives to a gunfight. The only way to save America is to bring a nuclear weapon to a gun fight. And Trump’s mouth is a nuclear weapon.

It’s time to stop being “nice.” Nice is OK for playing golf with Muffy at the country club. But nice doesn’t work in politics. Nice guys finish last in politics. Nice is getting our country ruined. Nice is killing middle-class jobs. Nice is wiping out middle-class incomes. Nice has led to negative GDP growth. Nice has led to more businesses closing than opening each day for the first time in America’s history.

Nice has left the border wide open to an illegal alien invasion, the bankruptcy of America and a terrorist attack like 9/11.

Nice has led to disaster and disgrace all over the globe. The world no longer has any respect for, or fear of, America. We are in decline and disarray. We are headed for collapse and disaster.

Into this crisis steps “the nuclear mouth,” Donald Trump. He isn’t afraid to put America first. He isn’t afraid to tell the truth. He isn’t afraid of what the media thinks. He isn’t afraid of being called a “racist” for pointing out how Obama has damaged and destroyed America. He isn’t afraid to question Obama’s very mysterious, questionable and troubling past, much of it sealed away in darkness.

Trump isn’t afraid to fight like our future is on the line because he understands it is. He isn’t afraid to offend. He isn’t afraid to expose the cowards and frauds in his own GOP leadership for what they are. He refuses to be “politically correct” when he sees corruption and idiocy. He won’t back down or apologize for telling the truth.

Of course, the evil Democrats, corrupt and cowardly GOP leadership, and biased mainstream media hate him. They are all rooting for another Mitt Romney. Let’s compare Romney to Trump. They are both rich white guys; famous, successful businessmen; and Republican presidential candidates, past and present. That’s where the similarity ends.

Romney is a very nice guy. Romney has manners. Romney would never offend anyone. Romney let the media run roughshod over him. Romney would never say something rude or offensive about Obama or Clinton. Romney would never accuse them of crimes against the American people. Romney would never prosecute Obama or Clinton if he were elected. And there’s one other difference: Romney lost.

It’s no coincidence that Romney lost. The last thing we need now is nice. It’s also no coincidence that the people in power — evil Democrats, the corrupt GOP leadership and the mainstream media — all want another Romney.

They want the status quo. They want to keep the bribes and blackmail coming. They don’t want anyone to upset the apple cart. They are scared to death of Trump, who doesn’t play by traditional rules or etiquette. They are scared to death of a guy who can’t be bribed. They are scared to death of a guy who is tuned into the hopes, dreams and fears of middle-class Americans. They are scared to death of a street fighter.

Mostly, they are scared to death of Trump’s mouth — the kind of mouth that could stir up a citizen revolution and topple “business as usual” in Washington, D.C.

Yes, Trump’s mouth is a nuclear weapon. And that’s precisely why we love him. You know what I say: Bombs away!

*Wayne Allyn Root is one of America’s leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne’s new book is The Murder of the Middle Class. Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne’s web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com


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